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What to do with tough skirt steaks

by Monica 1 year ago

I bought some skirt steaks from Costco to make skirt steaks with chimichuri sauce but the steak was so tough and chew...

biggreenmatt commented 2 months ago

A cabbage, some bones, and a skirt steak?

by chefMolnar 3 months ago

I will have a skirt steak (uncooked) left over after tonight's dinner. I am *not* wondering what is the best way to ...

chefMolnar commented 3 months ago

Need good butcher for large order of skirt steak for this weekend - Northern Nj

by dknyc1 11 months ago

Hello all... We are in Bergen County. Having a big pool party / bbq & I do a mean steak sandwich. Had party 2 w...


ELA commented 11 months ago

Is skirt steak the same as "flap meat"?

by cherrypoprocks 5 years ago

While at the Rego Park Costco, I looked for some skirt steak, which I couldn't find. I asked someone working in thei...


lilibri commented 1 year ago

Pressure cooker skirt steak?

by Valyn 1 year ago

I've got about 3 lbs of frozen (in one big messy chunk) skirt steak. I was thinking I could thaw it and maybe braise...


acgold7 commented 1 year ago

Skirt steak

by arifree 1 year ago

Skirt steak is very salty. But I saw a recipe for lox that called for soaking in ice water for 90 minutes. I wonder i...


chicago maven commented 1 year ago

How do you make skirt steaks tender?

by mucho gordo 2 years ago

I love the beefiness of the meat but it's almost impossible to cut as well as chew. I bought some the other day, put ...


cdesigns commented 1 year ago

Cheaper Alternative to Skirt Steak for Beef Taco?

by zackly 1 year ago

What cut of beef do authentic, inexpensive taco joints use for beef taco? I can't believe they all use skirt steaks a...


seamunky commented 1 year ago

restaurants serving skirt steak in central nj

by corvette johnny 2 years ago

Does anyone have any good spots? Rodeio grill is my spot for a skirt steak fix. Smokey, salty and flavorful... I c...

corvette johnny commented 2 years ago

Where to buy skirt steak

by crawfish 9 years ago

Where can I find them? I've looked in Kensington and St Lawrence markets with no luck. Thanks


smfan commented 2 years ago

Skirt steak?? Inside or outside??

by erica 8 years ago

Heard a talk on the Colameco show on WOR-AM radio during which a show guest, NYC butcher Pat La Frieda, spoke of the ...


Fatboy_Slim commented 2 years ago

Skirt Steak! what to do? what to do?

by lexpatti 8 years ago

I keep hearing about skirt steak being a great tasting steak and want to give it a try, haven't bought this cut befor...


docflash commented 2 years ago

Where Can I Get Real Skirt Steak in W.L.A.?

by nosh 2 years ago

Sprouts -- I go to the branch on Westwood and love their produce -- has "skirt steak" advertised in their flyer. But...


nosh commented 2 years ago

Hanger,Beef Flap (Bavette),Flank and Skirt Steaks

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

Thirty years ago, none of these were seen much on restnt menus in my area (Boston.) It was flank steak that was the c...

fldhkybnva commented 2 years ago

Beef Fajitas - want to use more tender cut than skirt steak...

by ThePiglet 2 years ago

Hi guys! I want to make fajitas tomorrow and although they always turn out pretty good when I use the typical skirt ...

Will Owen commented 2 years ago

Skirt steak, etc, in the suburbs?

by curtis75 3 years ago

Any stores carry flank, skirt, hangar, flat iron steaks in the suburbs (especially western), relatively cheap?


Musky_Hunter commented 2 years ago

Best way to prepare skirt steak?

by vvv03 8 years ago

I just bought some skirt steak at the Farmer's Market. Being as it was organic, cruelty free, etc. it was ridiculous...


CDouglas commented 3 years ago

Really really thin skirt steak

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I bought some skirt steak intending to serve it as steaks tomorrow night. I happened to pull out the meat tonight an...

Melanie Wong commented 3 years ago

Skirt steak - cast iron inside, how hot is hot enough?

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I am a steak lover and finally have decided to try the ever-so-raved-about skirt steak. I've read most of the detail...

fldhkybnva commented 3 years ago

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