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Seattle restaurants

by munchkin1 3 days ago

OK, fellow Chowhounders! I need recs for a wonderful place in Seattle. Seafood of course, but steak also. I posted b...


FoodDee commented 9 hours ago

Indian in Seattle?

by MaddoxBT 4 years ago

I am looking at a potential relocation to Seattle and I'm wondering about Indian restaurants and markets in Seattle. ...


myy2 commented 11 hours ago

Breakfast and lunch near/north of Paine Field this Monday?

by grayelf 9 days ago

Greetings Seattle Hounds! You've been so gracious in the past offering me suggestions, here I am again. We're going t...

grayelf commented 1 day ago

Toddler Food Ideas - tips & tricks?

by myy2 4 days ago

I can use some collective intelligence and guidance here. What sort of toddler foods do you all prepare/recommend?...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

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Seattle with a 2 yr old

by Bamatravelsforfood 3 days ago

Hi Seattle Chowhounds--We will be visiting Seattle at the end of March for several days. I typically scour the boards...

Van Hound looking for driveby lunch spot again

by grayelf 5 months ago

Last time you steered me well so her...

grayelf commented 3 days ago

Where to eat (and what to do) on Bainbridge Island

by csalamone78 3 days ago

Planning on visiting Bainbridge Island tomorrow. My husband and I enjoy good food; doesn't have to be a fancy place,...


forkit commented 3 days ago

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The Guilt Trip - Amazing Indian Food in Redmond

by myy2 4 days ago

Where do I begin, the food is just incredible! Without sounding overly crazy, *this* was the best indian food m...


by jiminkirkland 20 days ago

In the past I've bought spices in too large a quantity and tried to store the excess in the freezer. Now I want to c...

eight_inch_pestle commented 7 days ago

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Enumclaw - anything worth eating?

by babette feasts 7 days ago

I'm going to the wine & chocolate festival in Enumclaw this weekend, and plan to stay overnight Friday (I'm a vendor)...


by equinoise 2 years ago

A separate post regarding Lake City Way had me nostalgic about the long-shuttered Shi'An Restaurant, formerly a board...


equinoise commented 8 days ago

What are the great Mexican restaurants in the east side?

by myy2 13 days ago

Just moved here from nyc with my hubby and 2 kids, and we love mexican food.. you know, the spicy authentic kind. We...


myy2 commented 8 days ago

The Frankfurter Hot Dog Supplier

by rjohn40787 5 months ago

Does anyone know who supplies the kosher hot dogs for The Frankfurter hot dog stand on the waterfront? Do they sell ...


Jeri L commented 8 days ago

SEA: Looking for new dim sum spot

by sasha1 1 month ago

Kiddo has been asking for a while, and most recently had some subpar dim sum in San Diego. Our trajectory so far i...


munchkin8alot commented 9 days ago

Anyone Remember Lofurno's?

by kaleokahu 5 years ago

Maybe this place has been gone too long for many people to remember, but Lofurno's was one of my favorites of all tim...


munchkin8alot commented 9 days ago

Great Mexican and Latin-American Food in Seattle?

by Citizen Taco 5 years ago

I'm working on a Food Map for greater Seattle in preparation for a scouting trip this summer and want to include some...

paulj commented 12 days ago

Alta Healthy Cafe - Kirkland, WA

by urika 3 months ago

Had no idea that there is a Szechuan restaurant at the Totem Lake hotel.... Has anyone been?


equinoise commented 16 days ago

Chef-jacket in restroom?!

by GraceW 26 days ago

While I was finishing dinner tonight--in Seattle--I saw a female in the restroom with a chef's jacket on. I am not or...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 20 days ago

Kraken Congee

by babette feasts 9 months ago

Lunch today at the recently opened kraken congee in pioneer square. Pork belly pinch buns with kalamansi aioli $8...


equinoise commented 23 days ago

Best Dan Dan Noodles Sichuan in SEA Seattle Metro

by Scott O 1 month ago

Looking for inspiration - who has the best Dan Dan Noodles in the Seattle metro area (incl. Eastside) these days? ...


Scott O commented 23 days ago

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