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halibut cheeks and geoduck in Seattle restaurants?

by ksons 5 days ago

Looking for restaurants that serve great halibut cheeks, and also those that serve geoduck...maybe a ceviche? Will be...


ksons commented 1 day ago

Need Seattle advice for NY and SF foodies

by nyperr 5 days ago

I'm going to Seattle next week... All first time. Will be there 4 days with a group of four foodies from New York an...

L.Nightshade commented 4 days ago

Please help a sad girl find some Mexican food in Seattle

by a_brown 3 years ago

First off, let me say how much I love Seattle. Have lived here for a year this time and have moved all over for my wh...

dave_c commented 4 days ago

Dinner near Key Arena?

by n.cole 13 days ago

We are attending a concert later in the month and would love some recommendations for places to eat dinner. I have ju...


n.cole commented 8 days ago

Seattle Savvy LA Chowhound - Expand My Horizons

by steiny33 2 months ago

Wayward Los Angeles Chowhound and Food Central Talker here. I've been visiting Seattle for the past ten years since m...


Jeri L commented 21 days ago

Seafood in Bellevue

by gourmet wife 24 days ago

Hi all, Will be heading down to Seattle Area next month with visitors from HK. We'll be doing a lot of sightseeing ...


GreenYoshi commented 23 days ago

Best Coffee in Seattle????

by DLow 5 years ago

So, moving here from Phoenix, AZ, I was excited to enjoy great coffee at all the local shops. I am sad to say that I ...


thomkat113 commented 1 month ago

Need Gooseberries in Seattle

by seabee 7 years ago

I am looking to make a gooseberry pie TODAY! I have called/visited the following places with no luck already; Whole...


julianhdraxler commented 1 month ago

Eating alone at Canlis?

by RickPat 5 months ago

I'm travelling alone to Seattle on business next month. I have only one free evening and I'd like to eat at Canlis. I...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 1 month ago

Hamburger or hot dog buns at a local bakery near Greenwood/Ballard/Fremont?

by filemeaway 2 months ago

I'm hoping to throw some brats and burgers on the grill this summer and would love to take it up a notch with buns fr...

filemeaway commented 2 months ago

Sweetbreads in Seattle

by Tom Armitage 2 months ago

Three years ago, there was a Chowhound thread captioned “Seattle Restaurants Serving Sweetbreads,” http://www.chowhou...


Fidalgo Burk commented 2 months ago

Cotija Cheese

by krombeen 2 months ago

Can anyone direct me to a store in the Seattle area that sells Cotija Cheese?

paulj commented 2 months ago

Best PNW bacon?

by Booklegger451 5 months ago

I'm planning to make this recipe, and I want to source some truly outstanding local bacon. Thoughts on who's smoking...

paulj commented 2 months ago

Indian in Seattle?

by MaddoxBT 5 years ago

I am looking at a potential relocation to Seattle and I'm wondering about Indian restaurants and markets in Seattle. ...


brandonlee.musician commented 2 months ago

Fresh or live snails for escargot?

by foodAdenturous 5 years ago

Hi all, We ate the best escargot ever at this restaurant in Boston:


kichkarivka commented 2 months ago

Late Night Eating in Bellevue

by Rachael5000 3 years ago

I am doing a figure competition in Bellevue May 3rd. The night doesn't start until 7pm so I am guessing I won't be ab...


Jeri L commented 2 months ago

Tips for 4-day visit?

by PeglegEd 5 months ago

I'll be in Seattle for 4 days in early April. I haven't been back much since I moved away in 2005. I'm looking for ...


not the bad Steve commented 2 months ago


by JayDK 3 months ago

$11 gin and tonic - great! $17 shrimp - please! It was OK. At least now I can brag that I had the most expensive shr...


JayDK commented 3 months ago

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