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looking for kai jiew moo saap

by ritabwh about 2 months ago

i saw this on a top 40 thai foods article. kai jiew moo saap. it is a deep fried egg omelette? does anyone know of...

grayelf commented about 20 hours ago

Catfish Corner Tartar Sauce

by SardoNumspa 3 days ago

I loved Catfish Corners tartar sauce and wondered if the company that made it for them still sells it or if anyone ha...


Jeri L commented 1 day ago

7am breakfast near UW medical center (1959 NE Pacific)

by joshua 3 days ago

I'm driving with my wife in from Portland (3+ hrs) to meet my brother for a surgery consult at 8:30am at UW medical c...


Jeri L commented 2 days ago

Events & Festivals Be the first to comment

NW Chocolate Festival October 3 & 4

by babette feasts 3 days ago

The Northwest Chocolate Festival returns to Bell Harbor Conference Center this weekend, October 3 & 4 from 10am-5pm. ...

Salad In Seattle

by JayDK 8 days ago

Rock Creek - Salade Nicoise I don't usually rave about salads and sure didn't go here for one. But I was blown aw...


christy319 commented 4 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Central Market Considering a Move to Gig Harbor

by PH Rodgers 4 days ago

After hearing that Haggen would close the Gig Harbor store that it purchased from Safeway, I contacted the folks at C...

albertson's vs. safeway

by ritabwh 5 days ago

here in Snohomish County, just north of Seattle, i gaze upon the wednesday grocery ads for albertson's and safeway. t...

paulj commented 4 days ago

Van Hound looking for driveby lunch spot again

by grayelf 10 days ago

Last time you steered me well so her...

grayelf commented 6 days ago

Good BBQ in Seattle?

by heathj about 9 years ago

Is there any good/authentic Southern BBQ in Seattle? I will take any style. Thanks!

JuniorBalloon commented 10 days ago

From the Kitchens of Holes...

by kaleokahu about 1 month ago

I developed an appreciation of dives later in life, as the pretentiousness of things has faded in importance. Some o...

grayelf commented 10 days ago

The Frankfurter Hot Dog Supplier

by rjohn40787 12 days ago

Does anyone know who supplies the kosher hot dogs for The Frankfurter hot dog stand on the waterfront? Do they sell ...

weinstein5 commented 11 days ago

Ethiopian source for Ethiopian coffee beans?

by equinoise 9 months ago

My favorite coffees tend to be single-origin varieties from Ethiopia. However, those beans offered by local roasters...


equinoise commented 13 days ago

Kitsap peninsula/county dim sum?

by lobsterravioli over 5 years ago

anyone? anyone? does such a thing exist? if not [sigh] please tell me the best in Seattle [best meaning worth the...


VisitKitsap commented 17 days ago

One dinner in Seattle- Sitka and Spruce or...

by keena 3 months ago

Stopping over for just 1 day from SD to Canada. I am trying to figure out what may be the best option for dinner. I...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 18 days ago

mom's 73rd birthday

by Boychucker 24 days ago

I haven't been to any of these restaurants but I am thinking of one of these for my mom's birthday in October: Canli...


bourbongal commented 19 days ago

Cheesesteak: Zacaggni's

by mrnelso over 1 year ago

I think Zacaggni's cheesesteak is only sometimes featured, but is worth finding. The grill is 3 feet from the window ...

dagoose commented 19 days ago

Seattle's Most Touristy, Overrated Restaurants

by BryanZ almost 8 years ago

So, the "Benny Hanna" thread got me thinking. What are Seattle's worst, most overrated, touristy restaurants? Obvio...


venice4504 commented 19 days ago


by nwhophead about 1 month ago

Anyone remember the old Quintanaroo in Edmonds? Looks like they opened a new place in Shoreline. Haven't tried it y...

dagoose commented 24 days ago

Where to buy coffee beans?

by krystle920 about 1 year ago

Looking for a good source for reasonably priced, high quality coffee beans. Thinking of something like Porto Rico in ...


JenniPenny commented 29 days ago

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