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by DoctorChow 3 months ago

This sounds promising:


cstr commented 8 hours ago

December 2015 Holiday Chow Delights

by cstr 2 days ago

So it's the holiday season in SD. Thanksgiving is now in the books, I need to hit the treadmill today, a total calori...


cstr commented 8 hours ago

San Diego restaurants OPENINGS (2015 edition)

by honkman 11 months ago

Let's hope for many great openings and that chefs like Thomas Keller remember where they were born....


mig0sd commented 1 day ago

Must-try in San Diego?

by Brittanyjean1987 3 days ago

Hello Hounds! Looking for food destinations in San Diego! Everything but fine dining is on the table. I love seafo...


Brittanyjean1987 commented 1 day ago

New Yorkers Annual trip to San Diego

by stuart954 2 days ago

we have a credit card, cash and a car, we are staying in carlsbad but of course will travel for great food price not ...


stuart954 commented 1 day ago

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Where to buy local grass fed beef?

by Brittanyjean1987 2 days ago

In San Diego, preferably north county, but I'll travel if necessary.

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Embarcardero fresh fish market

by janeyoc 2 days ago

I heard this opened last year on Saturday mornings. Is it worth going to? Are there crazy lines still? Visiting do...

North county seafood lunch

by Brittanyjean1987 5 days ago

Hi all! Is there anything in north county that fits this description? Lunch Not too fancy Fresh, local seafood Qu...


cstr commented 2 days ago

K Sandwiches

by DiningDiva 4 months ago

Is on fire. Looks like a pretty big fire. Fire fighters dispatched about 9 pm.

DoctorChow commented 3 days ago

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants...2015 Edition

by DiningDiva 10 months ago

I'm starting the 2015 edition for closed restaurants. Please use this thread for all further posts So in addition...


cstr commented 3 days ago

Where can one get grass-fed beef?

by Rohit 5 years ago

Other posts have been discussing grass-fed versus corn-fed beef. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain grass-fe...


cstr commented 4 days ago


by DoctorChow 7 months ago

I saw today's article about Bracero on Eater. And of course you did too.

Dagney commented 6 days ago

Fun dinner ideas

by smile81 9 days ago

Will be having a birthday dinner celebration on friday with visiting family from college age to retirees. I'm trying...

honkman commented 8 days ago

San Diego, home to the third largest Iraqi community in the US--but where's the cuisine?

by lotsofissues 9 years ago

Mostly Assyrians, some Kurds. Where are the restaurants? I found this generic Middle Eastern restaurant was a pol...


sam1358 commented 9 days ago

Early Thanksgiving Dinner?

by lilinjun 11 days ago

Anybody know where it's possible to get a good thanksgiving dinner this weekend? We're out of town next weekend, but ...


cstr commented 11 days ago


by DoctorChow 2 months ago

I see that Haggen is OTD in CA. Wow, that was fast! I wonder who will pick up all the stores in SD that will be vac...

DoctorChow commented 12 days ago

K sandwiches permanently closed?

by keena 13 days ago

I saw today on the web that K sandwiches is now listed as permanently closed. Please say it's not so. I thought the...

DoctorChow commented 13 days ago

San Diego - Save Albie's?

by DiningDiva 1 month ago

(I will preface this by saying that since I had to choose a totally bogus "community" to put this post in, if you're ...


cstr commented 14 days ago

Ensenada Mexico New Years

by clarewwebber 16 days ago

Ok ... I need major help !!! We r taking out boat to Ensenada and would like to maybe spend New Years there but also ...


wanker commented 14 days ago

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