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San Diego restaurants OPENINGS (2015 edition)

by honkman 9 months ago

Let's hope for many great openings and that chefs like Thomas Keller remember where they were born....

DoctorChow commented about 9 hours ago

What should I order at San Diego restaurants?

by DoctorChow 6 days ago

Here's a place where we can share our favorite things at restaurants throughout the San Diego area. My first reply...

DoctorChow commented about 10 hours ago


by DoctorChow 12 days ago

I see that Haggen is OTD in CA. Wow, that was fast! I wonder who will pick up all the stores in SD that will be vac...


pine time commented 3 days ago

Haggen's closing

by pine time 5 days ago

The scuttlebutt at my local store is that Stater Bros. or Albertson's may be in the future, but they're unsure what w...

The Chowhound Team commented 4 days ago

Nishiki Ramen

by DoctorChow 8 days ago

Just returned from Nishiki Ramen, thanks to a tip about the soft opening by RhonelyInsanediego that appeared here (an...

DoctorChow commented 5 days ago

Smoking Goat

by DiningDiva about 1 month ago

I'll not mince words...the service tonight at The Smoking Goat was hellaceously bad. Terrible...AWFUL...H-O-R-R-E-N-...


cstr commented 6 days ago

NC Hound Needs Dinner Help Near Humphry's By the Bay Venue

by picklelicious 6 days ago

I'm visiting San Diego this week, had a nice dinner at Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge on Coronado Island last night, and ...

picklelicious commented 6 days ago

Local fish/shrimp or fish tacos near Convention Center?

by caga tio 6 days ago

Hello! I am coming from Philadelphia next week to attend a conference and staying near the convention center. Are t...

DoctorChow commented 6 days ago

I'm craving...

by Beach Chick over 4 years ago

Cheese grits with shrimp Soft Shell Crab sandwich Poutine..never had it Cheeseburger on a brioche bun Watermelon ...

DoctorChow commented 6 days ago


by DiningDiva about 1 month ago

In the musical A Chorus Line there is a number entitled Dance: Ten; Looks: 3. I was reminded of that today during a ...


wiedemann5 commented 7 days ago

Any new news on Mama Testa in Mira Mesa?

by The Office Goat 8 months ago

I thought in October they said they were going in "soon" (maybe next to QT Pot?), but there's no sign of progress fro...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 7 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Khyber Pass

by DoctorChow 8 days ago

We're planning to visit Khyber Pass in Hillcrest soon. Haven't been since it was on Convoy! Has anyone eaten there ...

Search limited to # of tags?

by Midlife 17 days ago

Here's a topic I started a few days ago. The fourth tag I used was 'wine', but probably should have selected it soon...

DoctorChow commented 13 days ago

San Diego Chowhound

by DoctorChow 25 days ago

This post may well get the "removed" treatment, but hopefully some of you will see it before that happens. Actually,...

DoctorChow commented 13 days ago

Decent, new-ish wineries in Temecula?

by Midlife 22 days ago

My wife wants to visit some wineries in the area around Temecula, down to Rancho Bernardo. We've been there several t...

Midlife commented 14 days ago

Best San Diego Mexican Food?

by y6y6y6 over 3 years ago

Can I get some feedback on this? Things I missed? So my sister, nephew and parents are coming down for a visit fro...

DiningDiva commented 15 days ago

Party of 10

by Pinkwasabi about 1 month ago

We will be in Coronado for the car races and for Saturday, we need a place for a party of 10 that has terrific food.....

RhonelyInsanediego commented 15 days ago

Holiday Tamales

by ipsedixit almost 2 years ago

Do you have a favorite place to get tamales (other than la casa de la mamá)? If so, I would love to hear about it....

DoctorChow commented 16 days ago

Could you please suggest a place for a Christmas party?

by Mento 20 days ago

We need to find a place with good wine/beer and food. It needs to accommodate a group of 20 people in a private or a...

Dagney commented 17 days ago

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