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Discuss unique regional foods with Chowhounds--things like breakfast tacos in Texas, Cincinnati chili, Maryland blue crabs, Chicago-style pizza, Minnesota hotdish, and more.

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Tim Tams in America

by letsforker 1 year ago

Hi guys! I'm from Australia and Tim Tams are an icon down here, but I was wondering what Americans think of them now...

EM23 commented 18 hours ago

Monells or Arnolds? Hattie B's or Prince's?

by roguegirl 6 days ago

Hello! Heading to Nashville for a quick trip in March. Have so many restaurants to try, i'm trying to narrow them d...


dennis855 commented 5 days ago

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Great Foods in Bangkok

by chc1980 9 days ago

Looking for updated status recommendations on great places to & fine dining..thank you!!

Best town for foodie in Sicily and/or Sardinia

by rhi_bok 2 months ago

Hi all I am planning a trip to italy in June next year. Looking for good places to spend 4-7 days in and experience ...


rhi_bok commented 10 days ago

Best restaurants located close to I-75 in Kentucky

by Mackmb 1 year ago

We're taking a trip up to Michigan and we'll be stopping in Kentucky. We would like to eat somewhere authentic to Ken...

LaLa commented 18 days ago

Eats Unique to NY

by Laaventurera 3 years ago

Fellow Chowhounders: looking for suggested must try eateries unique to NY...travelling there in Sept for the first ti...


ronijeni commented 24 days ago

What is the Pacific Northwest's signature food?

by Welfare Christmas 14 years ago

Philly has the cheesesteak. Texas has barbecue. New Orleans has gumbo. New York City has the bagel. What woul...


GH1618 commented 26 days ago

Seeking the REAL "Brooklyn Style" Cannoli Recipe

by vtheory 7 years ago

I have a serious Cannoli recipe problem, which I've been unable to resolve for several years. As many cannoli-philes...


Jrichard266 commented 1 month ago

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Bangkok food recs around Wongwian Yai Station

by chc1980 1 month ago

Hello! Staying in the Wongwian Yai Station area in Bangkok & looking for any local food recommendations as well as a...

Conaculta cookbooks

by Leucadian 10 years ago

These are Mexican regional cookbooks, in Spanish, and sometimes available in US latin bookstores, one per state I thi...


TrishaCP commented 1 month ago

Foods/dishes NZ does best?

by bloodboy 2 months ago

What are the foods, delicacies, etc. that are done especially well here in NZ? Some things I've just tried today w...


bloodboy commented 1 month ago

Regional Cakes

by dogfaceboy 9 years ago

I am a writer looking for information about cakes specific to certain regions. North Carolina is supposed to have a ...


Parell commented 2 months ago

Northwest Chinese Food in College Park Report

by Kurtis 10 months ago

Tyler Cowen's blog tipped me to this place and owe him a note of thanks here. A large hand-drawn map of China with t...


Steve commented 2 months ago

Podcast: New Jersey’s Pork Roll-Taylor Ham Wars

by patsully 3 months ago

I grew up in Central Jersey calling it pork roll, so I was surprised to learn about the Taylor Ham side of the argume...


Denise330 commented 2 months ago

Just what IS Cincinnati Chili?

by danhole 9 years ago

After reading a thread on the Chains board about Skyline Chili, I found it and tried it. I guess I am spoiled by Texa...


68834 commented 2 months ago

Philadelphia Pepper Pot

by Hugh Lipton 11 years ago

I have menudo recipes and spanish and italian for tripe but don't have one for Philadelphia Pepper Pot. I'm sur...


MMSands commented 3 months ago

Barbourville Kentucky:Mitchell's Market

by scrumptiouschef 9 years ago

There aren't a lot of regional specialty restaurant foods in Southeastern Kentucky.That being said the two that are p...


judigilpin commented 3 months ago

Cincinnati - Historic Restaurants

by jordanhamons 4 years ago

I'm finishing up my final semester at UC and I'm currently working on a project about the history of Cincinnati resta...


wdschwartz46 commented 3 months ago

Hangtown Fry San Francisco

by ohso 6 months ago

I will be in San Francisco at the end of September. There are two places that capture my attention for the iconic Han...

Ruth Lafler commented 3 months ago

Long Island Local Strawberries: Bleh this year, or was I just unlucky?

by sbp 7 months ago

I picked up a quart of local strawberries from the Northport farmer's market stall last week. Very bright red, right ...

Gastronomos commented 4 months ago