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Criticize my three day Halloween itinerary

by findingsacramento about 13 hours ago

My girlfriend (vegetarian) and I (meat eater) are visiting Portland over the Halloween weekend to watch the Griz-PSU ...

Oak & Olive

by stevewi 5 days ago

Oak & Olive is south of downtown on the other side of Marquam Hill (where OHSU is) in the Hillsdale neighborhood…righ...


Befuness commented about 14 hours ago

Willamette Valley Wine Tasting (Dundee/McMinnville-Eola Amity Hills/Yamhill-Carlton)

by McDrewber 7 days ago

Hounds, Traveling to Willamette Valley for first time. Midwesterners w/ party of 4 that likes a mix of PN and Cha...


sedimental commented about 22 hours ago

Stumptown bound again from Vancouver, BC

by grayelf 26 days ago

So we're heading Portland-ward again for our 12th trip since Feb 2012. Yup, we like Portland :-). This time, it'l...


mrsjoujou commented about 23 hours ago

Portland Anniversary Dinner Suggestions w/1 yo

by jrmstr33 3 days ago

Hi all! Second time in Portland (was just there for the first time a couple weeks ago for a bachelor party) and this ...


Befuness commented 1 day ago

Brunch and Dinner at neighborhood places in Mississippi, St John and Alberta Arts areas

by tjinsf 8 days ago

Going to be Portland for a bit, have done most of the more popular tourist places. Places we like: The Farm Cafe, Ca...

grayelf commented 4 days ago

Places I've tried lately

by stevewi 22 days ago

1) Shift Drinks (corner of SW Morrison & 12th). A huge room in the Terminal Sales Building that's sparsely appointe...

stevewi commented 5 days ago

Haggen Stores Yea or Nay

by SIMIHOUND 8 months ago

Hi Portland Board, I am a So-cal CH and was wondering if you could give me hand. In my area they are shutting down a ...

Midlife commented 8 days ago

So we've been to Le Pigeon, Pine State, Pok Pok, Bunk, Apizza S, Park Kitchen

by Mento 19 days ago

and are finally coming back to Portland after a couple of years away. There is so much delicious about this city and...


Mento commented 10 days ago

Portland dining help

by mrsjoujou 12 days ago

Hi, we will be in Portland in less than three weeks for my parents birthdays. There is going to be five of us and we ...


mrsjoujou commented 10 days ago

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Portland Restaurants and Bars Opening in Fall 2015

by stevewi 10 days ago

See: -- sw

Oysters and rose'

by stevewi 15 days ago


stevewi commented 15 days ago

Memorable-go all out-experience for Portland first timers

by Lotus7 24 days ago

I'd like to make a reservation for my 3 friends and me at a can't miss place where we can go all out and experience g...

stevewi commented 15 days ago

What baked goods are you craving?

by stevewi 21 days ago

At the Portland Polish Festival today, I had a chocolate "pạczek" (pronounced "pawn-chek"... "pạczki" is

stevewi commented 19 days ago

SE Portland

by L.Nightshade 23 days ago

This is late, as we’ll be in Portland in a week. I’ve been reading the Portland board, now have some specific inquiri...

stevewi commented 21 days ago

Favorite Portland Bars

by stevewi 2 months ago

Aside from food carts, farmers' markets and farm-to-table eating establishments, Stumptown has some my-tee-fine bars....


bopdd commented 22 days ago

Portland: Round 2: Funky and Spacious.

by greenidentity about 1 month ago

Hello! I am taking my 2nd trip to Portland, from my home in Minneapolis (which I also hear is Portland's sister city?...

grayelf commented 22 days ago

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Portland institution Besaws has found a new home

by stevewi 23 days ago


Can't miss for Portland 1st Timer

by mc2201 26 days ago

Coming to Portland to run the marathon in October and check out the city for a few days after the race. Looking for s...

stevewi commented 25 days ago

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