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Oven shut off while pork butt was cooking - now what?

by debhub 9 months ago

Newbie and first time poster ... and I don't know where this post will go or who will see it. Here's the scenario:...


iporrkmonster commented 1 month ago

Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt????

by Rippin200 6 years ago

Get confused with the two different cuts. I love slow cooked pulled pork but my grocery store only sells bone in pork...


SHE_COOKS commented 2 months ago

pork shoulder vs pork loin

by julesincoq 6 years ago

I have only cooked pork shoulder twice (a couple of attempts at pulled pork) and I found it to be very fatty. I trimm...


ThreeGuysandRoaster commented 2 months ago

RE: Smoked Picnic Shoulder - how do you cook it?

by angustia 4 years ago

I grabbed a smoked picnic shoulder that was on sale, and would like to cook it this weekend. What's the best dish fo...


babybump16 commented 2 months ago

Please help. 9 lb whole pork shoulder bone in picnic roast. Now what?

by MsBees 2 months ago

Hi, we typically go to my Moms every Easter for a great Italian feast. Unfortunately this year hubby is recovering f...


MsBees commented 2 months ago

Slow cooked pork shoulder not so tender

by Just Joe 6 years ago

So i took a bonless pork sholder, put a sweet mosquite rub on it. wrapped in in tin foil, thru it into the over at 27...


BerkeleyMum commented 2 months ago

Smoking Pork Butt BBQ and Time Management

by Imby 10 years ago

We are hosting a BBQ/Cookout this weekend, and I intend to smoke a pork shoulder, NC-style, on my Weber kettle. I ha...


Dogboa commented 2 months ago

Flat flavor- where did I go wrong?

by UnderPressure 3 months ago

Pork shoulder, trimmed fat, seasoned with cumin, chipotle, salt, onion and garlic powders. Seared all sides. Then a...

coll commented 3 months ago

Costco NYC (general area) sell Pork Shoulder or butt?

by olympusnyc 4 months ago

Making super bowl chili and will need pork shoulder or butt. Would you know if Costco carries? (Harlem, LIC, Yonker...

jen kalb commented 3 months ago

I may have over smoked my butt

by gomocooks 4 months ago

I defrosted one of my pork butts about 3 days ago. I'll admit I was too lazy to worry about the smoker so I ignored ...


gomocooks commented 4 months ago

Yearly "pork" sale at Fortino's and likely other Loblaw branded stores

by ylsf 5 months ago

Every year around January Fortino's (and usually other Loblaw branded stores) that is great for people that make thei...

dachopstix commented 5 months ago

Should I brine a pork shoulder roast for slow cooking?

by Augieang 5 months ago

I have a 4 pound shoulder roast and want to use the slow cooker for this. I want it very tasty but not using it for b...

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment


by penick_99 5 months ago

Just put 2 5lb shoulders in for 30 minutes at 450 then down to 325 for 3+ hours. Does anybody know if I should cove...

Pulled/slow-roasted pork for a complete novice

by greedygirl 7 years ago

So following all the great suggestions on my "Help me organise a BBQ" thread, I've decided to give pulled pork a go...


tarahendrix86 commented 5 months ago

New grill, timing question for Boston Butt(s) and whole chickens

by fogette 6 months ago

I have a dual fuel grill with a smoker attachment. I'd like to do two Boston Butts on the gas side and two birds on ...

BiscuitBoy commented 6 months ago

boston butt roast--how to cook?

by bettycrocker5 3 years ago

We're having guests over for dinner in 5 hours. My husband came home with a 3lb. boston butt roast. I'd like to cook ...


Hannah23 commented 6 months ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Jerked Pork Steaks on the Gas Grill

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Just wanted to share this photo from a 4th of July party. My friend rubbed 2" thick bone-in blade cut pork shoulder s...

Electric smoker help

by wildcat2012 4 years ago

this is the fist time i am ever using a electric smoker and i was looking for some help. i am doing a pork shoulder t...


terryblackwell commented 7 months ago

Looking for Cured Pork Shoulder!

by garrize 8 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for cured pork shoulder to make a French dish. Does someone know where I can find some in NY? Thanks...


garrize commented 8 months ago

Pork Butt (No pulled pork, BBQ or smoked recipes)

by Rocky Road 4 years ago

I just picked up a 4 lb bone-in pork butt on the cheap today. I've used the search function here and almost all titl...


Splendid Spatula commented 8 months ago

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