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What to do about bad pomegranates from Costco

by BouquiGarnet 7 days ago

I absolutely love pomegranates and anxiously await the giant Costco ones every year. Sadly, this year's offerings hav...

Ttrockwood commented 4 days ago

Pomegranates - what am I missing?

by Diane in Bexley 7 years ago

Last year around Thanksgiving I brought a couple of pomegranates. Looked up how to get seeds out of the fibrous stuff...


SapphireVirgo commented 4 months ago

Pama Liqueur?

by Candy 9 years ago

In the January Vogue there is an ad for Pama a pomegranate liqueur. It came with a perfumed strip and it has an inter...


Kissa75 commented 6 months ago

What Food Trends have you noticed or forecasted for this year?

by Ottojr 2 years ago

I live on a very small island and love to follow food trends. There have been bacon, eggs, pomegranates, lunch trucks...

daislander commented 1 year ago

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