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How to eat umeboshi?

by UncleLongHair 7 years ago

A friend of ours got us a small package of umeboshi as a present. These are small, pickled Japanese plums, apparentl...


BuildingMyBento commented 2 months ago

How to Use Italian Plums?

by opinionatedchef 3 months ago

Have you done a chutney w/ them? Have you macerated them for a tart or strudel filling? How do I know when they're ripe?

opinionatedchef commented 3 months ago

Plum roly poly

by missycat1 2 years ago

Hi folks. I am looking for a recipe my mom used to make 50 years ago. She called it plum roly poly. I think she us...


ferret commented 3 months ago

Beach Plums?

by galka 8 years ago

I would love to hear from you- did you make jam? jelly? Stones in or out? Please give me your best recipe, thanks!

coll commented 3 months ago

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Does anyone have experience with growing Beach Plums in their yard?

by coll 3 months ago

Luckily my area is as sandy as they come. But while I can take a stroll on any local beach (or grocery parking lot!)...

Looking for Damson Plums

by m.m.good 5 years ago

I'd love to make some more Damson Plum jam with vanilla beans this fall. Last time I made it I lived in Vermont and ...


matttg commented 3 months ago

Where do *you* buy good fruit in Manhattan?

by tanno 4 months ago

I'm so tired of eating mediocre plums, disappointing cherries, bland peaches, and blasé nectarines. Where do you bu...

erica commented 4 months ago

How would you use Plum Chutney?

by escondido123 4 years ago

Just finished making a batch of plum chutney with ginger, garlic, mustard seeds,hot pepper flakes, onion, raisins, su...


spoilednancy commented 4 months ago

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