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Looking for green "ume" plums

by oranj 3 years ago

I know this posting is early as the season generally runs end of may through early june, but I am hoping to get news ...


Joel commented 16 days ago

Any Bay Area farmers selling green umeboshi plums?

by sunny 25 days ago

I'm hoping the wisdom of the internet will help us locate a farmer who would be willing to sell us a larger batch of ...


wally commented 24 days ago

Greengage plums

by asmith 26 days ago

I read an article by David Karp about the deliciousness of greengage plums. Has anyone seen local greengage sin Augu...

Bacchus101 commented 24 days ago

Does anyone have experience with growing Beach Plums in their yard?

by coll 9 months ago

Luckily my area is as sandy as they come. But while I can take a stroll on any local beach (or grocery parking lot!)...

coll commented 3 months ago

Plums in January?

by williamlex 5 months ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase fresh plums, preferably the dark purple/blue/black ones but I'll take whatever ...

hhc commented 5 months ago

How to eat umeboshi?

by UncleLongHair 8 years ago

A friend of ours got us a small package of umeboshi as a present. These are small, pickled Japanese plums, apparentl...


BuildingMyBento commented 8 months ago

How to Use Italian Plums?

by opinionatedchef 9 months ago

Have you done a chutney w/ them? Have you macerated them for a tart or strudel filling? How do I know when they're ripe?

opinionatedchef commented 8 months ago

Plum roly poly

by missycat1 2 years ago

Hi folks. I am looking for a recipe my mom used to make 50 years ago. She called it plum roly poly. I think she us...


ferret commented 9 months ago

Beach Plums?

by galka 8 years ago

I would love to hear from you- did you make jam? jelly? Stones in or out? Please give me your best recipe, thanks!

coll commented 9 months ago

Looking for Damson Plums

by m.m.good 5 years ago

I'd love to make some more Damson Plum jam with vanilla beans this fall. Last time I made it I lived in Vermont and ...


matttg commented 9 months ago

Where do *you* buy good fruit in Manhattan?

by tanno 10 months ago

I'm so tired of eating mediocre plums, disappointing cherries, bland peaches, and blasé nectarines. Where do you bu...

erica commented 10 months ago

How would you use Plum Chutney?

by escondido123 5 years ago

Just finished making a batch of plum chutney with ginger, garlic, mustard seeds,hot pepper flakes, onion, raisins, su...


spoilednancy commented 10 months ago

Where to get fresh ume

by DragLyGius 1 year ago

Well, i know mitsuwa in torrence CA does them by mail order, but i live in ohio and just shipping for the amount i wa...


mshenna commented 1 year ago

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