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Late dinner options in Scottsdale?

by equinoise 19 days ago

Does anyone have good tips on a Thursday late dinner (9:30-10 PM) spot in Scottsdale? Preferably this would be withi...


SFLisa commented 14 days ago

Padron Peppers (PHX)

by anneti about 7 years ago

I have looked everywhere in Phoenix to purchase Padron Peppers. I love to make them the traditional Spanish tapa way ...

Rubee commented 24 days ago

Egg Foo Young? - Phoenix Area

by ejs1492 almost 8 years ago

Can anyone recommend really great Egg Foo Young anywhere in the Phoenix metro area? Where I grew up every Chinese re...


brilmont commented about 1 month ago

Raw Milk / Home Cheesemaking in AZ?

by Starka almost 8 years ago

I've gone through about 6 gallons of various milk brands, searching for the elusive non-ultra pasteurized kind, resul...


macscheese commented about 1 month ago

Best place to buy seafood in Phoenix

by KristiB50 about 6 years ago

I'm depressed. I just got back from Pike Place Market in Seattle and have serious seafood envy. I'm not going to ...

misohungrychewlow commented about 1 month ago

Still looking for east-y, cheap, quiet brunch-y places

by Fida about 1 year ago

I'm always on the look-out for cheap, quiet places for brunch, ideally around Scottsdale, or maybe farther west, as f...


Fida commented about 1 month ago

Scottsdale and Sedona

by jmk38 about 2 months ago

My husband and I will be traveling with 3 grown children to Scottsdale and Sedona. I would love some dinner recommen...


fourunder commented about 1 month ago

Most interesting restaurants/chefs/plates in Phoenix?

by yogieats about 2 months ago

So excited to be traveling to Phoenix in September to satisfy two passions - music and eating! Will be in Phoenix ...


rhirhic commented about 1 month ago

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Best Mexican near PHX or on way to Prescott or in Prescott?

by tennisboy about 2 months ago

Landing tonight around 5 into PHX. Have to drive to Prescott and would love some awesome mexican on the way/near eith...

Where to buy yeast in Phoenix

by t19103 about 2 months ago

Does anyone know where to buy yeast in Scottsdale/Phoenix or the surrounding area?

BillB656 commented about 2 months ago

Need suggestions for Bachelor party dinner - Old Town Scottsdale

by dman34 about 2 months ago

I'm planning a bachelor party in Scottsdale Sept 10-14. We have rented a house in Old Town. There are 10 of us. ...


KAYLO commented about 2 months ago

I'm supporting a bus meeting in Oct at the Four Season/NoScottsdale

by bornie 2 months ago

Will be approx. 30-40 in the group. Need recs on an upscale restaurant nearby if possible (off hotel premises). Tra...

BillB656 commented about 2 months ago

trip from Phoenix to San Diego

by Antonio_P 3 months ago

Hi Guys, I land in Phoenix in 10 days and I will be driving to San Diego with my family. I figured the best way is ta...


dongstadden commented 3 months ago

5 days at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. .

by Beach Chick over 1 year ago

Going for business and pleasure and looking to host a business dinner at Talavera at the resort...anyone been? Anyth...

Gelato_in_Roma commented 3 months ago

Anyone else FED UP with Bountiful Baskets?

by fluffitude about 4 years ago

I after my second to last purchase from them, I vowed to not participate again but we LOVE 9 grain bread I went ahead...


aengland commented 3 months ago

Sushi in Phoenix/Scottsdale

by Cupcakemags 3 months ago

Hi friends, Heading to Phoenix/Scottsdale this weekend. Looking for a great sushi place. Need some ambience as I'm...

ipsedixit commented 3 months ago

Where to get Pig Cheeks?

by tominphoenix 3 months ago

Does anyone know where to purchase pig cheeks in the greater Phoenix area?


tominphoenix commented 3 months ago

Beginner canning class/workshop in Tucson?

by jennyisaacs 4 months ago

Hi. My mom has a kumquat tree in her back yard and is interested in learning how to can/preserve. I've been looking a...


Markcron commented 4 months ago

Budget Friendly Anniversary Dinner

by princess00 4 months ago

My husband and I will be traveling to Phoenix with our 5YO for a short vacation. While we are in town, we would like ...


princess00 commented 4 months ago

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