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Location | Get advice from other Chowhounds about what and where to eat in Philadelphia, from the best cheesesteaks to can't-miss fine dining.

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5 things to know about the controversial soda tax

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

The interesting thing about Philadelphia's proposed soda tax is that it's promoted upfront as a new revenue stream an...

sal_acid commented 2 hours ago

Hawaiian Food (but not Roys)?

by bluehensfan 6 years ago

I know the odds of finding this in Philly are astronomical, but does anyone know if there is anywhere that serves Haw...


Boognish commented 1 day ago

Blue Sage's New Restaurant

by Bacchus101 1 month ago

We had not been to Blue Sage for approximately 2 years: IMHO it had experienced a considerable decline in all aspects...

Bacchus101 commented 2 days ago

Pat's or Geno's for cheesesteak?

by irishnyc 9 years ago

Heading to Philly in 2 weeks for a ballgame, and the boy and I love to search out must have food when we travel. Ple...


agozoic commented 3 days ago

Smoked Sable in the burbs?

by JunieB 5 months ago

In particular, does anyone know a good place to buy smoked sable in the Jenkintown/Abington/Elkins Park area? If not,...


middleagedfoodie commented 3 days ago

Where to find frozen passion fruit pulp or purée in Philly?

by BeerSummit 10 days ago

I'm looking for a store which carries frozen passion fruit pulp or puree in the Philly metro area. Back in NYC, I...


Boognish commented 6 days ago

Where to find a good bialy?

by george2 10 days ago

I'm in the central Bucks/eastern Montgomery County area and am hankerin' for a good New York style bialy. Anything in...


eatinman commented 7 days ago

Bucks County (or Washington Crossing)

by janet T 2 years ago

Hello, This Friday (Feb7) I'll be road tripping from N NJ down to Bucks County, Washington Crossing (Crossing Vineya...


jkml commented 8 days ago

Philly's soda tax fight

by Melanie Wong 21 days ago

"... Any way you look at it, the soda tax debate is a numbers game. The money is flowing from Big Soda like a Big Gul...

Bob Martinez commented 9 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Autograph Brassier- Wayne

by Bacchus101 9 days ago

On a first visit we were delighted to find a most attractive and inviting restaurant, the Autograph Brassier. The va...

Paris Bistro

by Unkle Al 21 days ago

We ate at Paris Bistro a couple of weeks ago and the food was very, very good, although, truth be said, I am partial...


Bob Loblaw commented 12 days ago

Suggestions for good seafood restaurant

by Beachwalker 16 days ago

Anyone have suggestions for a good seafood/steak restaurant near the Marriott west philadelphia? Headed to atlantic c...


Dempsey commented 12 days ago


by arepo 1 year ago

I have to tell you that the 6 of us just had one of the best meals we ever had anywhere in our fair city. All of us ...

Kurtis commented 14 days ago

21st birthday

by Strocophate 1 month ago

Friends want to take their son out for his 21st birthday in a few weeks. They enjoy lots of different cuisines but a...


Strocophate commented 15 days ago

Chow dinner at Bibou's

by ItalianGirl 20 days ago

Anyone interested in going to Bibou's for dinner some Saturday night in the near future? I've never been and thoug...


ItalianGirl commented 16 days ago

Best Pizza in the Area

by borntolovefood 20 days ago

After a 4-year hiatus, I went back to Shola's Studio Kitchen for his "Italian Flavors for the Spring" dinner. The 7-...


lshopper commented 20 days ago

wyebrook farm

by arepo 27 days ago

I owe a vote of thanks to those who recommended this fine and creative farm to table venue. Our dinner experience Th...

CindyJ commented 21 days ago

BYOB in Philly Burbs for special occasion

by Stevefood 26 days ago

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some great BYOBs for my wife & I 10th anniversary? Thank you!

CindyJ commented 22 days ago

Philadelphia May 2016 - quick trip report

by beetlebug 24 days ago

Just spent a whirlwind weekend in Philadelphia. Mostly, I had some amazing food and loved my too short trip. First...

beetlebug commented 23 days ago

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