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Philadelphia May 2016 - quick trip report

by beetlebug 8 hours ago

Just spent a whirlwind weekend in Philadelphia. Mostly, I had some amazing food and loved my too short trip. First...


Strocophate commented 34 minutes ago

Smoked Sable in the burbs?

by JunieB 4 months ago

In particular, does anyone know a good place to buy smoked sable in the Jenkintown/Abington/Elkins Park area? If not,...

JunieB commented 3 hours ago

Grass Fed Tallow

by tzanghi 3 years ago

Anyone know where I can find grass-fed beef tallow either in the city or in South Jersey? On a side note, if you...


dreamer54 commented 1 day ago

wyebrook farm

by arepo 3 days ago

I owe a vote of thanks to those who recommended this fine and creative farm to table venue. Our dinner experience Th...


arepo commented 2 days ago

BYOB in Philly Burbs for special occasion

by Stevefood 2 days ago

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some great BYOBs for my wife & I 10th anniversary? Thank you!


arepo commented 2 days ago

Greengage plums

by asmith 4 days ago

I read an article by David Karp about the deliciousness of greengage plums. Has anyone seen local greengage sin Augu...

Bacchus101 commented 3 days ago

Humiliating experience at Dettera

by AmblerGirl 4 years ago

I went out with three girlfriends to Ambler restaurant week last night. We had an absolutely amazing and fantastic d...


arepo commented 4 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Sangkee Elkins Park

by philren 4 days ago

Any thoughts? Looking for a new place for a family birthday dinner. This is very close but doesn't seem to get the ...

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Heng Thai

by arepo 10 days ago

Has anyone been to this restaurant in Springfield Delaware County? The menu looked interesting and friends want us t...

We lose another great BYOB

by cwdonald 2 months ago

First reported by Eater Philadelphia, and now confirmed by Michael Klein, Farm and Fisherman will close their Pine St...


urbanfabric commented 11 days ago

Blue Sage's New Restaurant

by Bacchus101 14 days ago

We had not been to Blue Sage for approximately 2 years: IMHO it had experienced a considerable decline in all aspects...


george2 commented 12 days ago

Any K for P Philly restaurants

by bigredesq 20 days ago

Hi - I'm planning to be in Philly for Chol Hamoed. Are there any Kosher for Passover restaurants/caterers that will ...

queenscook commented 14 days ago

Restaurants With Quiet Noise Levels

by Unkle Al 2 years ago

I would like to begin a new thread per the above subject. I think that all of us, as chowhounds. can choose restau...

Bacchus101 commented 14 days ago

Tower Theater/Upper Darby?

by leepinleemur 16 days ago

It seemed like all the posts regarding Tower Theater area were old. Which places are still around there? Anything n...


Boognish commented 15 days ago

Dinner suggestions for Bucks County birthday

by Megalee79 10 months ago

hi all, looking for suggestions for dinner Sunday July 5. My husband and I live near New Hope, Pa. We are willing to ...


aliciapt commented 16 days ago

Rolled Up Flank Steak in the Meat Section?

by Philly Ray 16 days ago

My wife was at the supermarket and I asked her to pick up a flank steak. When she brought it home, it was rolled up ...


masha commented 16 days ago

White Dog is a Dog

by Bacchus101 19 days ago

Previously the Wayne White Dog was an occasional favorite for dining with friends from that area. Always a bit loud,...

Bacchus101 commented 17 days ago

21st birthday

by Strocophate 21 days ago

Friends want to take their son out for his 21st birthday in a few weeks. They enjoy lots of different cuisines but a...


lepidoptery commented 19 days ago

Early Sunday Chinatown Breakfast (or Dim Sum) for a Group

by billjac 22 days ago

I'll be at the conference center near Chinatown in June and want to take a group of a dozen or so out for a breakfast...


billjac commented 19 days ago

Fresh uni trays locally in DC or Philly

by navymder 19 days ago

Looking to procure fresh uni from a local purveyor in the DC/Bmore/Philly area, anyone know anyone? Shipping and sca...


Bigley9 commented 19 days ago

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