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Help! Where to eat without res. on VDay eve!

by elk 2 days ago

We'll be in town for one night, staying at the Radisson Blu Rittenhouse Square, and I stupidly waited too long to get...


elk commented 3 minutes ago

Le Virtu

by arepo 3 days ago

Well you were right, Chowies. The food was excellent and the noise was bountiful. You warned me. I will learn neve...


arepo commented 21 hours ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Barra Rossa- mediocre

by sal_acid 2 days ago

No reservations available at known joints, so we tried Barra Rossa. Bad move. Screwed-up the appetizer orders...stea...

Little Nonna's

by JunieB 9 days ago

I've been slowly working my way through the restaurant recommendations I've gotten from Philly Hounds over the past 2...

JunieB commented 4 days ago

Kanella alert!

by Bigley9 5 months ago

Walking the dogs around 10:30 this morning past the new Kanella on Front St. Tables set, wood fire going, sign up out...


Bigley9 commented 5 days ago

A Mano in Fairmount

by sylviag 1 month ago

Had a superb dinner last night at A Mano, the new Italian byob owned by Townsend. We give it three bells - or four! ...


sylviag commented 8 days ago

A Food Transition

by Hungrierthanever 24 days ago

Moving to a new city is stressful. 2 years ago (Jan. 31st) I landed in LA with everything I had looking to further my...

nannygoat commented 8 days ago

Wineries with Tasting Room and BYOF?

by littlecmad 18 days ago

Went to a Winery in NJ recently that had a greenhouse set up with a band at one end and a "bar" at the other end. We ...

CindyJ commented 10 days ago

King of Prussia - any hidden gems?

by JunieB 1 month ago

I have a friend who will be attending a gathering in KOP later this week and she needs some restaurant recommendation...

JunieB commented 13 days ago

Dondurma (mastic ice cream) in or around Philadelphia?

by lamb_da_calculus 16 days ago

One bone I have to pick with ice cream is that it's not very substantial. So dondurma, which is thickened with mastic...


Bride of the Juggler commented 14 days ago

Barbecue in and around Phila

by witnessprotection 6 months ago

ISO a non-chain where I can dig into a seriously smoked pile of ribs, brisket, pork belly or all of the above? Not so...

sal_acid commented 15 days ago

Best Sicilian Pizza in the Phila area

by acewex 16 days ago

Been having a craving for siclian recently. Is there anywhere that still specializes in this. I'm NOT talking about...


barryg commented 16 days ago

Casual family dinner for 8-12 people in Philadelphia's Chinatown

by chowinpa 4 months ago

Hello! Where do you recommend for a group of 8-10 adults for a casual (non-banquet or private room) dinner in Chinato...


gakski commented 17 days ago

Urban Farmer (at former Four Seasons)

by Bride of the Juggler 1 month ago

My husband and I had lunch at the Urban Farmer at the Logan (formerly the Four Seasons, in the space that was the Fou...

sal_acid commented 18 days ago

Le Virtu

by arepo 1 month ago

Okay Chowies. Let's hear your opinion on this one. Thanks

Bacchus101 commented 20 days ago

Smoked Sable in the burbs?

by JunieB 1 month ago

In particular, does anyone know a good place to buy smoked sable in the Jenkintown/Abington/Elkins Park area? If not,...

JunieB commented 22 days ago

South Philadelphia favorites?

by Patiod 6 months ago

Coming in from the 'burbs for a party Friday night (the party is all 20-somethings, so we want to eat real food befor...

Bacchus101 commented 26 days ago

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Something new..

by Hungrierthanever 28 days ago

If you're in the Whole Foods on the parkway (2001 Pennsylvania Ave) stop by the sauce and marinade isle. On a visit h...

Bucks County Take home catering

by littlecmad 1 month ago

Renting a space for my daughter's first birthday where we can bring our own food. Was considering Jamie Hollander's i...

famdoc commented 30 days ago

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