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Nueske's bacon?

by caitlinhc over 2 years ago

Looking for Nueske's in Philadelphia, Montgomery or Bucks County. I'm a true fan of Rieker's on Oxford Ave but I just...


FriedClamFanatic commented about 1 hour ago

Killing the Goose

by Bacchus101 about 7 hours ago

Well done CH staff you have taken a lively busy site and turned it into a boring barren ho-hum who cares venue. The ...

sal_acid commented about 6 hours ago

Italian Butchers

by MOREKASHA 5 days ago

Which Italian butcher in South Philly is the best for porchetta?


MainLiner commented about 13 hours ago

Casual family dinner for 8-12 people in Philadelphia's Chinatown

by chowinpa 1 day ago

Hello! Where do you recommend for a group of 8-10 adults for a casual (non-banquet or private room) dinner in Chinato...


Hungryin theBurbs commented about 13 hours ago

Philadelphia Bars Serving Glengoyne Whiskey?

by Danibean19 10 days ago

Hello! Recently returned from a trip to Scotland where my boyfriend fell in love with Glengoyne single malt whiskey. ...


gdalglei commented 1 day ago

Shola and Bagels

by cwdonald 4 days ago

In a bizarre tie up, Spread Bagels is expanding to University City and has engaged Chef Shola Olunloyo to design the ...


barryg commented 4 days ago

Seeking bulk plum tomatoes in Bucks County

by famdoc 18 days ago

Looking to make a second batch of sauce (gravy, for those of you from Jersey), my current source of juicy plum tomato...


gsElsbeth commented 4 days ago

Papa's Food Market in Wilmington

by CindyJ 10 days ago

This is so good I've just gotta share it... I just picked up 8 pounds of beautiful veal bones, cut up into manageabl...


FriedClamFanatic commented 5 days ago


by Hollysbakesale 6 days ago

So there are many places for good Pho in Philly....but I know of very few for Ramen. Any suggestions?


barryg commented 5 days ago


by JanR 9 days ago

Heirloom BYOB in Chestnut Hill closed last Saturday.

JunieB commented 6 days ago

OFFICIAL Bud & Marilyn's thread

by lepidoptery 10 days ago

Bud & Marilyn's is a "retro-American comfort food kitchen" and an homage to Turney's grandparents' Ripon, WI restaura...


lepidoptery commented 7 days ago

Papal Munchies

by cwdonald 12 days ago

The Pope is descending upon the city this weekend. I am curious what establishments are able to remain open given the...


lepidoptery commented 9 days ago

Trying to adapt to new CH format

by JunieB 11 days ago

I'm pretty good at adjusting to new formats and new technologies because I've been using computers, for business and ...

patsully commented 9 days ago

OFFICIAL Aldine thread

by lepidoptery 9 days ago

"Aldine serves progressive yet approachable American fare" in small plates format. Restaurant group/owner: George ...


lepidoptery commented 9 days ago

Tamarindo's Moving to Flourtown

by UncleMorty 7 months ago

Anybody else see the Inquirer article today where Tamarindo's is moving to Flourtown?


JanR commented 10 days ago

Dinner for group of 8 guys

by sean_f 12 days ago

Looking for something semi-casual, but ultimately fun, for a group of 8 guys (ages 25-50) celebrating a business achi...


Bride of the Juggler commented 10 days ago

LaSalle University Recommendations

by kkliniewski 20 days ago

Hello ChowHounds! My niece who is studying at LaSalle University turns 21 on Wednesday. I am planning on taking he...


philren commented 10 days ago

Sunday Dinner in Philly

by JunieB 11 days ago

My husband and I are joining two people we barely know for dinner in Center City on Sunday, October 18. At least one ...

JunieB commented 11 days ago

Anyone there???

by Bacchus101 15 days ago

There seems to be an obvious dearth of new postings. Could it be an indication that the new CH format is less than de...

marssy commented 12 days ago

Searching - Traditional Russian Food

by borntolovefood 16 days ago

When my #1 son was in high school, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He made me speechless with his ...


sadiefox commented 12 days ago

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