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cold water fudge from the Globe Store in Scranton Pa.

by Vernalisa 14 years ago

For years I use to buy this fudge from the Globe dept store in Scranton Pa. It was the creamest and best I ever ate ...


mmarchelitis commented 4 days ago

Little Nonna's

by JunieB 13 days ago

I've been slowly working my way through the restaurant recommendations I've gotten from Philly Hounds over the past 2...

JunieB commented 8 days ago

King of Prussia - any hidden gems?

by JunieB 1 month ago

I have a friend who will be attending a gathering in KOP later this week and she needs some restaurant recommendation...

JunieB commented 17 days ago

Sandwich Shop off Route 84, CT to PA

by Foodfor5 26 days ago

We are on our way home from a great ski weekend and craving deli sandwiches. We ate at a newly constructed sandwich ...

jcmods commented 19 days ago

Abe's hot dogs in Wilkes Barre

by chet 7 years ago

I was wondering if anyone ever had the delicious hot dogs from Abe's Hot dogs on South Main st in Wilkes barre, p...


InCAfromPA commented 25 days ago

Smoked Sable in the burbs?

by JunieB 1 month ago

In particular, does anyone know a good place to buy smoked sable in the Jenkintown/Abington/Elkins Park area? If not,...

JunieB commented 26 days ago

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Memories of Village Tea Room, Williamsport

by LJMiller 1 month ago

My great aunt and uncle owned Sinclair's Girls and Boys shops on same street as Village Tea Room. Went there as a ch...

Pepperoni Balls in Erie, PA?

by beckym 13 years ago

Can anyone tell me about the pepperoni balls in Erie, PA that I've heard folks raving about? Apparently, they are ava...


Godged commented 2 months ago

Casual dinner in Gettysburg PA

by aliciapt 3 months ago

We are looking for a place to take a group of college students and friends for dinner. Good burger type food would be...


JuliaTheJeweler commented 2 months ago

Red Hot 1 Sichuan in Bethlehem PA

by Guy 3 months ago

I am by no means an expert but I have been to a few Sichuan places and love the hyper-flavorful, spicy, oily, salty g...

cwdonald commented 2 months ago

Coney Island Hot dogs in new castle?!?!? [Pgh]

by Jenny 12 years ago

Last night on ON Q there was a segment on a potential race track in new castle, whilst interviewing the townspeople a...


rickjones commented 3 months ago

Best buffet near Lancaster PA?

by VikingKvinna 3 months ago

My BF and I will be traveling through PA Amish country in a few weeks, and want to go to a smorgasbord or buffet rest...


BrianYarvin commented 3 months ago

Harrisburg Chowhound shoutout!

by joshk 9 years ago

Anybody else out there? What's your take on Harriburg's ever-evolving restaurant scene? Winners? Losers? What's...

melpy commented 3 months ago

Where to find GYRO meat at grocery store or market??!!

by keby 7 years ago

I have tried Wegman's and various suburban butchers. NO LUCK!! Where can I buy Gyro meat Fresh/Frozen - Do not Care...


Gregn2484 commented 3 months ago

Historic Kennett Square PA restaurant?

by Worldwide Diner 4 months ago

Taking my kids to Chadds Ford to check out carved pumpkins. Will need a place in Historic Kennett Square for lunch o...

CindyJ commented 3 months ago

Half way between

by skytan16 4 months ago

I'm looking for some good places to go that are halfway between Moon Twp, Pa area and Evans City, Pa. Bar/restaurants...


skytan16 commented 4 months ago

Butcher recommendation in Pittsburgh?

by djbpitt 8 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, Can anyone recommend a butcher in Pittsburgh? Someone who can reliably provide excellent qualit...


bobaran commented 4 months ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Banh Street - Glenside area

by gwebber 4 months ago

Someone may have posted this already - I can't tell because this new layout has really not made it easier to navigate...

Falling Water PA

by laurenceh 5 months ago

Planning a trip in Oct. to Fallingwater. Looking for hotel and restaurant recommendations.


cleobeach commented 5 months ago

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