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Banh Street - Glenside area

by gwebber about 2 hours ago

Someone may have posted this already - I can't tell because this new layout has really not made it easier to navigate...

Historic Kennett Square PA restaurant?

by Worldwide Diner 1 day ago

Taking my kids to Chadds Ford to check out carved pumpkins. Will need a place in Historic Kennett Square for lunch o...

Worldwide Diner commented about 7 hours ago

cold water fudge from the Globe Store in Scranton Pa.

by Vernalisa over 13 years ago

For years I use to buy this fudge from the Globe dept store in Scranton Pa. It was the creamest and best I ever ate ...


KacieC2006 commented about 8 hours ago

Falling Water PA

by laurenceh 27 days ago

Planning a trip in Oct. to Fallingwater. Looking for hotel and restaurant recommendations.


cleobeach commented 6 days ago

Shola and Bagels

by cwdonald 6 days ago

In a bizarre tie up, Spread Bagels is expanding to University City and has engaged Chef Shola Olunloyo to design the ...


barryg commented 6 days ago

Seeking bulk plum tomatoes in Bucks County

by famdoc 19 days ago

Looking to make a second batch of sauce (gravy, for those of you from Jersey), my current source of juicy plum tomato...


gsElsbeth commented 6 days ago

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Best Buffets Indian Resturants Norristown area

by NeedIndianFood 7 days ago

I havent seen any up to date reviews on Indian Buffets i would love to hear some recs for the norristown/ king of pr...

Best dining experience in Pittsburgh?

by Matt416 about 1 month ago

Heading down to Pittsburgh at the end of September from Toronto for the Ravens vs. Steelers football game. Staying n...


Chowrin commented 9 days ago

Papal Munchies

by cwdonald 14 days ago

The Pope is descending upon the city this weekend. I am curious what establishments are able to remain open given the...


lepidoptery commented 10 days ago

Brick cheese? What is it?

by nosey 3 months ago

In Pennsylvania, they use something called brick pizza cheese on their white pizza. What kind of cheese is this and i...

lunchbox commented 11 days ago

Hershey ISO not chocolate

by loreeLB about 1 month ago

I'll be in Hershey for work 4 days in October. Anywhere good to eat for a foodie who appreciates farm to table etc. P...


MusicSue1 commented 18 days ago

Authentic homestyle Japanese in Philly?

by msmeda about 7 years ago

Having moved here a year ago, I have yet to find a good place for homestyle Japanese food. Does anyone know a good p...

dndicicco commented 19 days ago

Feature Request- When a new tag is added to a post

by cwdonald 23 days ago

Having multiple tags on a post can be useful. However, when someone, (original poster or CH moderator) adds an additi...

patsully commented 21 days ago

Best Cheesesteak near PHL Airport

by Foodandwine almost 6 years ago

I am from Los Angeles. Picking up my brother from PHL Airport this saturday and driving back to Toms River N.J. Famil...

sal_acid commented 28 days ago

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Looking for Soupies

by pacheeseguy 28 days ago

I'm trying to locate a source for Soupies, hopefully to buy wholesale. Very difficult to find anyone on the internet ...

Weekday Breakfast spots in Pittsburgh?

by acewex about 2 months ago

I forgot to ask- Does anyone have reccomendadtions for weekday breakfast spots (anywhere between Cranberry Townshi...

Jay F commented 29 days ago

Looking for "old school" Pittsburgh

by acewex about 2 months ago

Here visiting for a few days in Cranberry Township (Plan to go into the city every day). Really looking to experien...

Jay F commented 29 days ago

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

by zammdogg 5 months ago

You know the drill, hounds- my backposts are all this. I love five things in this world: odd clothing/shirts (prefera...

Jay F commented 29 days ago

cheerwine lancaster

by drsmoochum23 6 months ago

anyone here know a source where i can find cheerwine i know crackerbarrel and sheetz has it but im wonder if theres a...


JohnnyKBar commented about 1 month ago

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