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Red Hot 1 Sichuan in Bethlehem PA

by Guy 2 days ago

I am by no means an expert but I have been to a few Sichuan places and love the hyper-flavorful, spicy, oily, salty g...

cwdonald commented 8 hours ago

Coney Island Hot dogs in new castle?!?!? [Pgh]

by Jenny 12 years ago

Last night on ON Q there was a segment on a potential race track in new castle, whilst interviewing the townspeople a...


rickjones commented 1 day ago

Best buffet near Lancaster PA?

by VikingKvinna 19 days ago

My BF and I will be traveling through PA Amish country in a few weeks, and want to go to a smorgasbord or buffet rest...


BrianYarvin commented 13 days ago

Harrisburg Chowhound shoutout!

by joshk 9 years ago

Anybody else out there? What's your take on Harriburg's ever-evolving restaurant scene? Winners? Losers? What's...

melpy commented 15 days ago

Where to find GYRO meat at grocery store or market??!!

by keby 6 years ago

I have tried Wegman's and various suburban butchers. NO LUCK!! Where can I buy Gyro meat Fresh/Frozen - Do not Care...


Gregn2484 commented 22 days ago

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Casual dinner in Gettysburg PA

by aliciapt 28 days ago

We are looking for a place to take a group of college students and friends for dinner. Good burger type food would be...

Historic Kennett Square PA restaurant?

by Worldwide Diner 2 months ago

Taking my kids to Chadds Ford to check out carved pumpkins. Will need a place in Historic Kennett Square for lunch o...

CindyJ commented 29 days ago

Half way between

by skytan16 1 month ago

I'm looking for some good places to go that are halfway between Moon Twp, Pa area and Evans City, Pa. Bar/restaurants...


skytan16 commented 1 month ago

Butcher recommendation in Pittsburgh?

by djbpitt 8 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, Can anyone recommend a butcher in Pittsburgh? Someone who can reliably provide excellent qualit...


bobaran commented 2 months ago

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Banh Street - Glenside area

by gwebber 2 months ago

Someone may have posted this already - I can't tell because this new layout has really not made it easier to navigate...

cold water fudge from the Globe Store in Scranton Pa.

by Vernalisa 13 years ago

For years I use to buy this fudge from the Globe dept store in Scranton Pa. It was the creamest and best I ever ate ...


KacieC2006 commented 2 months ago

Falling Water PA

by laurenceh 3 months ago

Planning a trip in Oct. to Fallingwater. Looking for hotel and restaurant recommendations.


cleobeach commented 2 months ago

Shola and Bagels

by cwdonald 2 months ago

In a bizarre tie up, Spread Bagels is expanding to University City and has engaged Chef Shola Olunloyo to design the ...


barryg commented 2 months ago

Seeking bulk plum tomatoes in Bucks County

by famdoc 2 months ago

Looking to make a second batch of sauce (gravy, for those of you from Jersey), my current source of juicy plum tomato...


gsElsbeth commented 2 months ago

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Best Buffets Indian Resturants Norristown area

by NeedIndianFood 2 months ago

I havent seen any up to date reviews on Indian Buffets i would love to hear some recs for the norristown/ king of pr...

Best dining experience in Pittsburgh?

by Matt416 3 months ago

Heading down to Pittsburgh at the end of September from Toronto for the Ravens vs. Steelers football game. Staying n...


Chowrin commented 2 months ago

Papal Munchies

by cwdonald 2 months ago

The Pope is descending upon the city this weekend. I am curious what establishments are able to remain open given the...


lepidoptery commented 2 months ago

Brick cheese? What is it?

by nosey 5 months ago

In Pennsylvania, they use something called brick pizza cheese on their white pizza. What kind of cheese is this and i...

lunchbox commented 2 months ago

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