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What to do with pears?

by spacesnake 6 months ago

I have a couple pears and I'm getting more soon (mother gets that ready to make meals with all the ingredients and in...

MidwesternerTT commented 6 months ago

Ugly pears available at work....what to do with them?

by tcamp 2 years ago

I'm planning on liberating these pears from the "free food" table at work. The brown spots are not soft and they are ...

kobuta commented 8 months ago

What can I do with Asian pears?

by birdmonkey 5 years ago

I searched the boards and found tons of suggestions to eat them raw but I have over 150 and need some way ton use TON...


foxspirit commented 8 months ago

Need a Jam recipe...

by Sadistick 9 months ago

An abundance of Pears has led me to make an attempt at an amazing jam I once had in France consisting of Pears and Al...


Sueki commented 9 months ago

pears, Pears, PEARS!!!!!!!

by sedimental 10 months ago

I have an abundance of fresh pears. A huge tree full of them, all stages of ripeness. Besides pear butter, and a few ...


Foxeyblue commented 10 months ago

Pears for salad?

by bxgirl 1 year ago

I plan to make a pear/gorgonzola salad, and am confused as to which are the sweetest pears to use in a salad. Bosc, A...

Cheese Boy commented 1 year ago

Recommendations for using up overripe pears

by arielleeve 2 years ago

Got a big bag of pears (i believe they are seckel, but not positive) in our CSA last week. They started to brown and ...

melpy commented 2 years ago

What can I do with unripe pears?

by geekmom 3 years ago

I bought a crate of organic pears from a farmer about a month ago. They came green and rock-hard, and most of them ha...

geekmom commented 3 years ago

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