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by Jane917 17 hours ago

I will be in Yakima next week camping with friends and touring wineries. I would appreciate suggestions for dinner. I...

Lobster tail dinner?

by Kim Cooper 1 day ago

We moved to Ferndale Washington in April of 2015. That summer, we had wonderful lobster tail dinners at CJ's in Birc...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 1 day ago

General Discussion Be the first to comment

Cascade Fresh Yogurt is back!

by Jimster 8 days ago

Hi, it seems like a lifetime that we’ve been away, but now we’re back home and headed to West Seattle Thriftway o...

Recommend Place for Brunch in Tacoma

by CarlysMom1996 12 days ago

Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to ChowHound and hoping to get some help. This coming weekend, I'm visiting my daughter....


CarlysMom1996 commented 12 days ago

Irish coarse ground wholemeal flour

by dac1 7 years ago

Does anyone know where to find Irish coarse ground wholemeal flour (e.g. Odlums) in the Portland area? It's a mus...

MacGuffin commented 1 month ago

Oregon Coast - Seafood

by jounipesonen 2 months ago

Any good places between Coos Bay and Astoria for seafood? Even if they might not be 'in season,' I hope someone has f...


jounipesonen commented 2 months ago

Salem: Mexican Groceries and Markets

by Jeff 11 years ago

Wherever can I find them? I know there must be something better than Winco's one devoted aisle. I'm after a big selec...


new2salem commented 2 months ago

Any restaurants worth the money in Olympia?

by worththemoney 5 years ago

Is the dining in Olympia really as bad as it seems or am I just missing something? I'm new to the Pacific Northwest,...

LotusRapper commented 3 months ago

Bellingham Indian food?

by sasha1 3 months ago

What are the choices and what do people like? I personally do not like anything I've had from the one at the Farmers...

LotusRapper commented 3 months ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Dim Sum?

by norad 3 months ago

I'm heading south from Salem Sunday and am looking for a dim sum place; or at least a Chinese restaurant that might h...

Best restaurants in Medford, Oregon?

by Jan 10 years ago

We will be in Medford, Oregon for a week at the end of the month. Can you recommend the best restaurants in that area...


Netsubunkai commented 3 months ago

Romantic dinner in Portland?

by k80k 7 years ago

I'm coming to Portland with my boyfriend over Valentines Day and I want to take him somewhere special that also shows...


dnrcallis1 commented 4 months ago

[SEA] Szechuan Bean Flower Restaurant

by jim 10 years ago

This one is on Aurora, 10005-10007 Aurora Avenue N, 206-525-1380. I have had multiple meals there over the past few...


pmelvoin commented 4 months ago

Bar Shu---sichuan in redmond

by jenn 8 years ago

In that we are new to the area and everyone in my office knows we have something of a jones for chinese food plus we ...


pmelvoin commented 4 months ago

Best "small plate" in Clatsop County (Oregon)

by GH1618 9 months ago

On my current trip to Clatsop County, Oregon, I've been skunked once again on razor clams, my personal favorite local...


GH1618 commented 4 months ago

Best Oyako Donburi in Bellevue

by Jeffo405 5 months ago

Looking for great Oyako Donburi in Bellevue. Alternate question: best Japanese in Bellevue. Thanks!


equinoise commented 5 months ago

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