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Restaurant with good fish dishes

by pkyc0 1 day ago

Hi - will be celebrating my sis's bday soon with the family. Does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants that hav...


Blumie commented 4 minutes ago

US Open chow report - fu run, sripraphai, leo latticini

by vinouspleasure 12 months ago

we look forward to the US Open in flushing every year as much for the pre/post meals as the tennis. we stopped t...

Steve R commented 14 hours ago

Wasabi Leaves in Manhattan/Outer Boroughs?

by Iconyc 4 days ago

Does anyone know where one could purchase fresh wasabi leaves? Haven't had any luck perusing random markets, so I was...


MikeG commented 1 day ago

Wedding Catering Recommednations for Couple on a Budget

by Gettin Hitched 11 years ago

hey everybody.. My man recently proposed and we really would like to get married this fall, but without breaking th...


esgray10 commented 2 days ago

Help with an Rehearsal Dinner venue

by Pbelamarich 5 days ago

Hi I am looking for a fun place to have a wedding rehearsal dinner with good food and a casual/fun atmosphere for ...


gutreactions commented 4 days ago

Restaurant Reviews and Food Critics

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

Love, LOVE this Melissa McCart! (melissa.mccart@newsday.com) This review of Beginnings is PERFECT! Absolutely PERFEC...

Gastronomos commented 4 days ago

Indonesian Food Bazaar - Sunday, April 3

by geckoFeet 5 months ago

Hey, everybody. Excellent news: Perhaps a little over-optimistically, the Indonesian Mosque people have decided th...

geckoFeet commented 5 days ago

Barano - Worth a trip to Williamsburg

by rrems 19 days ago

Chef/owner Al DiMeglio, formerly of Rubirosa, Olana and Osteria del Circo, has opened this new restaurant on Broadway...


rrems commented 5 days ago

Please critique list of bakeries for a visitor who loves bread!

by indiefoodie 20 days ago

Hello, I'm trying to compile a list of bakeries and if possible, the breads they do well for someone who'll be in NYC...

Ttrockwood commented 5 days ago

Good meal at Mialino. Great meal at Lilia.

by Blumie 23 days ago

My friend and I had dinner at the bar at Mialino on Thursday night, and then in the dining room at Lilia, the new Ita...

Multifoiled commented 5 days ago

Country ham in New York City

by John Francis 3 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can get a southern country ham in Manhattan or Brooklyn? It has to be bone-in. There have ...


ARTFULL281 commented 7 days ago

Labor Day Weekend Itinerary Help

by mattstolz 10 days ago

My wife and I are finally taking a break from work and coming to visit NYC! I've been working for a week putting tog...


vinouspleasure commented 8 days ago

Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen

by Blumie 25 days ago

Ate here for the first time last night before a show at the Jalopy Theater. (Note, the Jalopy Tavern, directly adjac...


Blumie commented 9 days ago

Do we have Italian style bars in NYC?

by topshot2219 2 months ago

I'm looking for an Italian bar (see link) My priority locations are Brooklyn and New Jersey

coasts commented 10 days ago

Help Choosing a Birthday Dinner for 2 - fun and creative (other preferences inside)

by tex.s.toast 12 days ago

Looking for help selecting a restaurant for my birthday dinner with my spouse. We're open to any level of formalit...

thegforceny commented 11 days ago

Quiet kosher restaurant (Long Island or Queens)

by EmpireState 4 months ago

Does such a thing exist? I think that I've been to every kosher restaurant in Cedarhurst or Great Neck but maybe I...


AdinaA commented 12 days ago

Scandinavian style herring?

by Bigbird 8 years ago

Since we were in the Scandinavian countries several years back, I have been trying to purchase Scandinavian style her...

vikingkaj commented 13 days ago

Where to get cakes without icing/frosting?

by indiefoodie 19 days ago

Hello, I tried to search for this but couldn't find anything (apologies if this has already been discussed) but does ...

Multifoiled commented 14 days ago

Southern Spice ( New Hyde Park), the new Sunday buffet is fantastic.

by stuartlafonda 4 months ago

Southern Spice has been much discussed and well chronicled on Chowhound. What is new is the buffet on Sunday. The own...


therealdoctorlew commented 16 days ago

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