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Early weekday dinner in LIC?

by clembeauchamp 5 days ago

Hi. My daughter and I will be in Long Island City for a weekly class and we'd like to get dinner afterwards. What i...


feedme73 commented 4 hours ago

Cheap eats near Barclay Centre?

by rstuart 11 days ago

Staying at a friend's while she's gone for a few nights next week. She lives on Bergen, just south of the Barclay Cen...


rstuart commented 6 hours ago

Queens Khao Soi?

by skigirl 23 hours ago

Who has the best Khao Soi in the Woodside/Elmhurst area? The place can't be a total dive, as I'm going to be taking ...


saria commented 6 hours ago

Veal Parmigiana in Williamsburg (hint: stay away from Parm)

by Blumie 4 days ago

I'm a huge veal parm fan, and since moving to Williamsburg last year, I have hit three neighborhood spots to give it ...


stuartlafonda commented 9 hours ago

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

by Gastronomos 2 years ago


Gastronomos commented 1 day ago

Indonesian Food Bazaar - Sunday, April 3

by geckoFeet 6 months ago

Hey, everybody. Excellent news: Perhaps a little over-optimistically, the Indonesian Mosque people have decided th...

geckoFeet commented 4 days ago

Looking for an Israeli style toast....

by marissaj 4 years ago

Like this http://paninicafelv.com/menu7.html Any idea where I can get one in NYC/Brooklyn- I am not looking for a r...


edcornell2011 commented 5 days ago

Where to buy sausage casings in/near NYC

by terasec 7 days ago

I am looking to buy sausage casings. Live in manhattan but drive, so manhattan queens brooklyn and long island wil...

DrakeRemoray commented 6 days ago

Does anyone remember Weissglass milk?

by ClaireS50 7 days ago

Hello, Weissglass milk was quite well known for their delivery of milk and other ...


PSRaT commented 7 days ago

Good Prime Rib in Queens or Brooklyn?

by Anicca 5 years ago

I get a craving for a good hunk of roasted prime rib every now and again and am looking for some suggestions in que...

Robotron commented 8 days ago

Best Hong Kong cafe in Flushing?

by ah6tyfour 13 days ago

I'm looking for a good Hong Kong cafe in Flushing (since I haven't found one in Manhattan). They're really common in ...


gargupie commented 11 days ago

Arthur ave: mike's deli, Borgatti's Pasta, Calabria Pork Store, Calandra's Cheese, Terra Nova Bakery

by vinouspleasure 19 days ago

We started at mike's deli with "Da True Bronx Tale" sandwich, consisting of Mortadella, fresh mozzarella, shavings of...

Cheese Boy commented 12 days ago

Keralan buffets for Onam

by el jefe 1 year ago

It's only 2 or 3 times a year I even get the opportunity to get to one of the Keralan restaurants for a AYCE Sunday l...

EattheWorldNYC commented 12 days ago

Bronx Stuff

by mitchleeny 15 days ago

I've made a number of visits to the Bronx recently, from Katonah Avenue's Irish enclave to Riverdale's remaining Jewi...


mitchleeny commented 13 days ago

New Yorker profile of Pete Wells

by Blumie 22 days ago

An interesting read: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/09/12/pete-wells-the-new-york-times-restaurant-critic


Bkeats commented 15 days ago

Early morning Flushing with a vegetarian

by indiefoodie 18 days ago

Hello, I love eating around Flushing but I have a few constraints I need to work around this time and I was wondering...


gargupie commented 15 days ago

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Loft/Short Ribs Bay Ridge Brooklyn Restaurant Names

by JunieMoonie 17 days ago

Does anyone remember the other names for The Loft/Short Ribs/Blue Claw 9101 3rd Ave Bay Ridge Brooklyn around 1998 an...

US Open chow report - fu run, sripraphai, leo latticini

by vinouspleasure 1 year ago

we look forward to the US Open in flushing every year as much for the pre/post meals as the tennis. we stopped t...


vinouspleasure commented 19 days ago


by FLEUR 11 years ago

We had dinner at PETER LUGER last night. They gave me a menu to take home.I'll share the details The prices are : A...


jounipesonen commented 19 days ago

The $10 NYC Lunch

by vikingkaj 28 days ago

So it's not too difficult to recommend michelin star places or expensive steakhouses. But where can you get a good l...


emma20 commented 20 days ago

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