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Whole roast pig

by saria 15 hours ago

We'd like to get a whole pig for Christmas, and previous threads on this have listed various Filipino places, some Ch...

Steve's Meat Market,Greenpoint

by bxgirl 6 days ago

Well, it looks like Steve's Meat Market has closed. I was introduced to that fabulous store by fellow CH'ers, and ha...

Bob Martinez commented 17 hours ago

Best Beer Sources - Downtown Brooklyn

by jen kalb 1 day ago

some of the better beer sellers in the Park Slope area have closed recently - looking for recommendations of places t...


rschwim commented 1 day ago

What's your favorite Holiday dining venue...

by gutreactions 3 days ago

It might be for personal reasons, a dose of nostalgia, or just a good time, would like to hear about your favorite Ho...


rrems commented 1 day ago

MOFAD: Museum of Food And Drink Exhibit Opens Tuesday

by marssy 1 month ago

"The exhibit blends high-tech and old school gadgets to present an interactive flavor experience, through smell, tast...

LNG212 commented 2 days ago

Mincemeat pie

by EM23 18 days ago

Any recs. for a bakery in Nassau County* or northeastern Queens for a mincemeat pie for Thanksgiving? Our old standar...


SuzyP commented 2 days ago

Vietnamese pho: sit down restaurant, Queens?

by suetibu 1 month ago

Hi, We are looking for a vietnamese pho restaurant - where we can linger (i.e. not take out) , preferably in queens b...

phofiend commented 3 days ago

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Takesushi in Sunnyside is excellent

by t112x 3 days ago

My wife is a sushi connoisseur who loved, loved, loved Takesushi's sashimi. She gave it very high marks for freshness...

Anson Mills Grits Where to?

by jcesar 8 years ago

Does anyone know where you can buy Anson Mills Grits retail in the NYC metro area? Thanks!

meatme commented 3 days ago

Great falafel at Queen of Falafel in Bushwick

by Blumie 14 days ago

Ok, let me first disclose my bias: I am a huge supporter of, and donated to the kickstarter campaign for, the adjacen...

Ziggy41 commented 3 days ago

Capizzi of Staten Island

by Ziggy41 20 days ago

If you come here on the off-chance that you may see a Staten Island post, today is your lucky day. Might as well go ...


burton commented 5 days ago

Manhattan/Brooklyn: Late Night Cafe/Dessert/Work-Hangout Spot

by psb 16 days ago

Excited to be back in NYC! I am going to be in Brooklyn for a little over a week and am asking for recommendations...


Pan commented 6 days ago

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Mega Sushi Collaboration Dinner

by sushiman 6 days ago

Congratulations to Shinji and crew of 1 or 8 for pulling off what was probably the first collaborative Sushi dinner i...

Chiang Mai 293 Van Brunt St. Red Hook Just steps away

by wewwew 5 months ago

This follows on Peter Cuce`s review at the tail of the Kao Soy thread. As he said , "Kanlaya has brought a good part ...

Rmis32 commented 6 days ago

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Outer Borough Memories

by bobjbkln 1 year ago

A similar post on the Manhattan Board has so far generated 450 responses, so I thought a NYC-non Manhattan post could...


Pan commented 8 days ago

Where can I find a St. Honore cake in NYC?

by marcyg13 9 days ago

I am trying to buy a St honore cake for my partner for his birthday. The last post gave me bakeries but they are all ...

coasts commented 9 days ago

Achiote and other mexican spices

by eateat22 12 days ago

guys Can anybody suggest a good authentic mexican grocery store in queens or manh? We picked up a lot of spices ba...

erica commented 10 days ago

Holiday Company Dinner for 14 in Williamsburg

by EGtheOG 19 days ago

I've been tasked with finding a restaurant for for a company holiday dinner for 14 in mid-December, preferably in Wil...

Ttrockwood commented 10 days ago

Mesa Coyoacan

by flo 6 years ago

This upscale Mexican "bistro" opened last week on Graham Avenue in W'burg, where Pampa Grill used to be. From the ope...


Blumie commented 11 days ago

Kings County Imperial -- maybe my new favorite NYC Chinese

by Blumie 14 days ago

Ok, let's start by having a discussion of the concept of "authentic," which I propose we banish from discussions of t...

LeHambone commented 11 days ago

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