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The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - October to end of year

by ylsf 2 days ago

This is Costco Thread for the 4th quarter of 2015 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...


youdonut commented 24 minutes ago

Anyone know about chiu-chow cuisine?

by yyzvoyageur over 3 years ago

Chiu-chow (or "teochew" or any of dozens of other transliterations) is a cuisine from NE Guangdong province. Two dish...


smfan commented about 1 hour ago

Where to find sour cabbage in Toronto

by SusanB about 2 hours ago

Any recommendations on where to buy a head of sour cabbage? I want to make cabbage rolls. Can't find it in Leslievill...

Old School

by kwass 4 months ago

I thought this deserved its own thread, since enough people are talking about it. Here's a link to Toronto Life's ...


ylsf commented about 2 hours ago

Early Bird Dim Sum

by eco987 about 5 years ago

Does anyone know of any good early bird weekend dim sum specials? I've been going to: Paridise and Crown Prince...

T Long commented about 4 hours ago

Casa Victoria - A Michelin Star Calibre, Cantonese 'Surf & Turf' Chowmeet

by Charles Yu over 1 year ago

The arrival of Summer makes organizing a Chowmeet a much less risky affair. Gone is the peril of no shows or possible...

T Long commented about 7 hours ago

Order and delivery from Toronto restaurants

by gnuf almost 3 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for sites that let you order from restaurants online, and have them deliver it to yo...


Danybear commented about 7 hours ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - July to end of September

by ylsf 3 months ago

This is Costco Thread for the 3rd quarter of 2015 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...


tweenietoes commented about 21 hours ago

7 Dim Sum Danforth

by Baelsette 7 months ago

Noticed a new dim sum restaurant where tea tree used to be at Jones and Danforth. Curious to know if anyone has tr...

Charles Yu commented 1 day ago

Tasting Menus - Do You Like Them? (And... ever NOT finished one?)

by MattHooper 4 days ago

Tasting menus are on my mind because I have a couple coming up (Momofuku Shoto, Alo). It's interesting that Tastin...

Charles Yu commented 1 day ago

Momofuku Shoto (long)

by gourmandish about 3 years ago

Hi everyone, Here is a review of my recent experience at Momofuku Shoto. Short version - I liked it a lot. Long ve...


Klafouti commented 2 days ago

Thanksgiving Turkey Meal

by romeschica 10 days ago

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving so would love to have a great meal with all the fixings - which restaurant would you ...


abigllama commented 2 days ago

Soups in TO, Fall 2015

by prima 4 days ago

Which soups are your current favourites? Any type, any price point,dine in/ takeout /whatever. I've been likin...


abigllama commented 2 days ago

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

by mkhall over 2 years ago

Hi All Didn't see any specific topic for discussing this properly, only a number of topics dedicated to specific j...

T Long commented 2 days ago

Need Stratford suggestions

by sylviag 22 days ago

We will be coming to the Stratford Festival in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for dinners? Not-ultra fancy.

hal2010 commented 2 days ago

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Mennonite bacon

by Paddy145 2 days ago

A week ago I had lunch at Aberfoyle Mill (big reccomendation) near Guelph. I tasted bacon that was the best i have ha...

In North Toronto and Midtown, where to eat fresh pizza cooked in a wood oven?

by scherz0 3 days ago

1. Please recommend only restaurants that are located roughly within the area bordered by the following major streets...


maple99 commented 2 days ago

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ISO Badia brand sriracha chili garlic sauce in GTA

by SocksManly 2 days ago

I bought a bottle of this stuff at a Mexican grocery store in Buffalo last time I was there, and it's really really g...

The Whole Foods Challange

by evansl 3 days ago

I have occasionally checked out Whole Foods, but invariably walk out with little or nothing because of their extremel...

Charles Yu commented 3 days ago

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