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The Costco Thread - Ontario - July to end of December 2016

by ylsf 19 days ago

This is Costco Thread for the second half of 2016 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...


Crepes Suzette commented 17 minutes ago

Good bottled salad dressing in GTA?

by magic 1 hour ago

I'm sick of my homemade dressings. Want to try some bottled ones. Problem is, most stink. Can anyone recommend so...

prima commented 1 hour ago

Best places to buy local produce in Toronto, as of July 2016

by prima 6 days ago

Which stores and markets do you like the most? Lately, Fiesta Farms has been my go-to. In the past, I've liked High...

happycamper commented 2 hours ago

Sakawaya Re-opened

by milhuas3 14 hours ago

Word has it that Koki Oguchi - Bushi Udon Kappo - has reopened Sakawaya in its old location. Anybody been yet? I hear...


milhuas3 commented 5 hours ago

Ed's Warehouse

by Poorboy 9 years ago

I miss the place. And the owner. RIP I had a GREAT roast beef there. Is there any place that you can get a roast be...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 11 hours ago

Salads, 2016

by prima 1 month ago

Where are your current favourite salads found in TO? Open to salads at any pricepoint. Would especially love to...


restaurantarian commented 1 day ago

Boquerones in Toronto

by prima 1 day ago

I noticed Cantabrian anchovies on Bar Isabel's menu, and a Boquerones Coca at Patria. Which other tapas restaurants...

happycamper commented 1 day ago

Need Stratford suggestions

by sylviag 11 months ago

We will be coming to the Stratford Festival in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for dinners? Not-ultra fancy.

happycamper commented 1 day ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment


by polishjeweatswonderbread 1 day ago

Al Tanoor Address: 1993 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z2 Phone: (647) 341-6000 Hours:· 12–11PM $4 or $5 ,...

Ethiopian, Vietnamese and others not readily found in NYC

by mary shaposhnik 28 days ago

Visiting Toronto from NYC, and among other things, want to get recs for foods from nationalities better represented i...

Charles Yu commented 2 days ago

Bavarian meatloaf in greater Toronto

by foothill 3 days ago

Hi everyone. I've recently moved here to Toronto and can't find any Bavarian meatloaf. Can anyone help me out...


youdonut commented 2 days ago

So sad: Vachon cakes are not what they used to be. They changed the recipe!

by Dylan 1 year ago

I remember growing up as a child in Toronto and enjoying Vachon's cakes, in particular the "Lune" moons -- half moon ...


Dylan commented 2 days ago

4 downtown'ers seek suburb treats

by derekw 5 days ago

4 downtown condo dwellers want to drive out to the 'burbs for a tasty dinner, e.g. Chinese seafood or Peking Duck din...

Charles Yu commented 3 days ago

King's Hawaiian Bread in Toronto?

by mayaishi 5 years ago

I am searching for that sweet chewiness of King's Hawaiian bread and I was wondering if anyone has seen it for sale i...


Goldenspoons commented 3 days ago

Best dish of 2016 (thus far)

by Food Tourist 5 months ago

What's the best dish you've eaten in 2016 so far? Any price point, any style dining, any time of day, but must be con...


Ted Richards commented 3 days ago

Looking for Jian Bing in Toronto/GTA

by Yongeman 14 days ago

The most recent Toronto post I've seen for these amazing-looking breakfast 'crepes' is from 6 or 7 years ago. Does an...


h3llbringer commented 4 days ago

Hot Oven Bakery @ Cloverdale Mall

by Hondapendragon 7 years ago

Hello all, I've just recently discovered this bakery and I was curious if others here have tried it and could reco...


tdelill commented 4 days ago

2016: NEWLY opened and/or changed food and restos in Toronto, July 1/16 thru Dec 31/16

by Dean Tudor 26 days ago

Time for another semi-annual round of announcements... Hidden Burger ($10 cheeseburgers, soft drinks, fries, etc.)...

petek commented 5 days ago

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