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Anyone know about chiu-chow cuisine?

by yyzvoyageur over 3 years ago

Chiu-chow (or "teochew" or any of dozens of other transliterations) is a cuisine from NE Guangdong province. Two dish...

Charles Yu commented about 1 hour ago

Is there anything in Toronto that rivals Calgary's Silk Road Spice Merchant?

by Googs 5 days ago

For being comprehensive and fresh, I haven't found a place here that can compare. Of course I can mail order, but it...

mrsleny commented about 4 hours ago

Shoushin Opening

by syoung about 7 hours ago

Just to advise fellow CH'ers that Jackie Lin (formerly of Zen) is soft opening his high end Japanese restaurant, Shou...


CaLBeaR1227 commented about 5 hours ago

Solo dining in Toronto

by karela 3 days ago

I am going to be in Toronto next weekend, staying in Parkvale, and am investigating some decent dinner options for wh...


JennaBean commented about 6 hours ago

2015 Food Events

by normanwolf 10 months ago

Looks interesting. http://www.spotlighttoronto.com/spotlightcity-events-2015/

happycamper commented about 8 hours ago

TO Chowfind of the Year ?

by PoppiYYZ 7 days ago

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly service, imaginative menu, perfectly executed, and most of all, absolutely delicious. ...


pakmode commented about 8 hours ago

Bell Lightbox/Toronto theatres - Food related film screenings

by ylsf almost 3 years ago

There are some good food related films that screen at TIFF Lightbox. The "Food" series screenings: http://tiff.net...

happycamper commented about 9 hours ago

The Danish Pastry House - Oakville (Trafalgar/Cornwall area)

by ylsf over 1 year ago

I have been to this spot a few times already and I feel like it deserves its own thread. There was talk of it before...


ylsf commented about 9 hours ago

Yutaka Japanese Cuisine - Anyone been?

by Charles Yu 4 months ago

A foodie friend of mine just reported back that this new downtown Japanese find is way better than Japango down the r...


nogoro commented about 10 hours ago

Ottawa stops

by itryalot 1 day ago

Hi all - We have a very short trip to Ottawa. We don't want to be fine dining and want to try a variety of things. P...


ylsf commented about 12 hours ago

SKYVIEW Fusion Cuisine - A worthy addition to GTA's Better Chinese List

by Charles Yu about 2 months ago

Recent renovation, the third in three years, has transformed the dining room of this upscale Chinese eatery into a br...


MattHooper commented about 24 hours ago

"Difficult" kids' recipes

by biggreenmatt 4 days ago

Arright. Here goes nothing on what may be a contradiction in terms. My 5 and 3 yr old niece and nephew are coming...


anotherjennifer commented 1 day ago

Exceptional Dim Sum in uptown Toronto - peers to Casas Imperial and Victoria? (2015 Jan edition)

by scherz0 9 months ago

Sorry for the many posts, but family just returned to Toronto after having been in HK for 3 years. While they lived h...

Charles Yu commented 1 day ago

Where to find Japanese sweets??

by Rabbit almost 8 years ago

Can anyone recommend someplace to find good, preferably freshly-made Japanese sweets? I'm particularly interested in ...

cheezwhiz commented 1 day ago

Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

by biggreenmatt over 4 years ago

I suspect the consensus is that there's no really outstanding smoked meat joints in Toronto, if not in Ontario. Yes,...


Blackhawksfan commented 2 days ago

Best pizza in Toronto?

by Brett over 10 years ago

I'm sure this debate has raged here before, but I need to know, where is the best pizza in Toronto? p.s. Please don...


abigllama commented 2 days ago

NEWLY Closed/Changed 2015 Restaurants in Toronto, July 1 - end of the year 2015

by Dean Tudor 3 months ago

Time for another round of newly closed restaurants and/or food stores in Toronto in 2015, to the end of the year???? ...


bluefirefly commented 2 days ago

Help finding non trendy, non downtown seafood restaurant please

by chungry1 3 days ago

Hi everyone, i was wondering if you guys could please help me find an appropriate restaurant for my in-laws' 40th ann...

Charles Yu commented 2 days ago

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