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"difficult" kids' recipes

by biggreenmatt 5 minutes ago

Arright. Here goes nothing on what may be a contradiction in terms. My 5 and 3 yr old niece and nephew are coming...

Labatt to buy Mill Street brewery

by ylsf about 1 hour ago

Just heard about this on the radio. Not saying I am surprised. They have really grown a lot over the last few years...

NEWLY Closed/Changed 2015 Restaurants in Toronto, July 1 - end of the year 2015

by Dean Tudor 3 months ago

Time for another round of newly closed restaurants and/or food stores in Toronto in 2015, to the end of the year???? ...


bluefirefly commented about 1 hour ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - October to end of year

by ylsf 7 days ago

This is Costco Thread for the 4th quarter of 2015 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...


Nyleve commented about 2 hours ago

Excited to have a car this weekend and ISO chowfinds!

by highlyunlikely 1 day ago

As a downtowner (Little Italy), I don't own a car, but I rented one for this weekend to visit family for Thanksgiving...


highlyunlikely commented about 3 hours ago

Mimico, New Toronto & Long Branch restaurants - revised thread!

by zukeeper over 1 year ago

Hopefully we can continue sharing our favourite haunts and new discoveries in the South Etobicoke - Lake Shore area. ...


ElizabethS commented about 3 hours ago

Is there anything in Toronto that rivals Calgary's Silk Road Spice Merchant?

by Googs about 21 hours ago

For being comprehensive and fresh, I haven't found a place here that can compare. Of course I can mail order, but it...

mrsleny commented about 11 hours ago

Where to find sour cabbage in Toronto

by SusanB 5 days ago

Any recommendations on where to buy a head of sour cabbage? I want to make cabbage rolls. Can't find it in Leslievill...


Mila commented about 14 hours ago

French ham in Toronto

by pistachio peas 1 day ago

Where can I find French ham? Ideally centrally located or west end, but overall, I'd just like to know where to find ...


pistachio peas commented about 14 hours ago

Yutaka Japanese Cuisine - Anyone been?

by Charles Yu 4 months ago

A foodie friend of mine just reported back that this new downtown Japanese find is way better than Japango down the r...

Wench Foraday commented about 16 hours ago

Sunday Brunch Buffets

by Nevy almost 2 years ago

I've been researching for the past week on Sunday brunch buffets and it seems that Toronto doesn't have the same focu...


Phoenix commented about 20 hours ago

Where can I buy cazuelas and tagines in Canada?

by t1m 2 days ago

I love cooking with Spanish cazuelas. They are great for stews and sauces on the stovetop, and for roasting in the o...


youdonut commented about 21 hours ago

Brunch for big family group?

by helenhelen 2 days ago

Going for brunch with family members, including my 96-year-old grandfather, on Monday. Any suggestions for a place th...


thebutcher commented about 23 hours ago

7 Dim Sum Danforth

by Baelsette 7 months ago

Noticed a new dim sum restaurant where tea tree used to be at Jones and Danforth. Curious to know if anyone has tr...

biggreenmatt commented 1 day ago

Making Montreal Smoked Meat at Home

by biggreenmatt over 4 years ago

I suspect the consensus is that there's no really outstanding smoked meat joints in Toronto, if not in Ontario. Yes,...

biggreenmatt commented 1 day ago

NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

by Dean Tudor 3 months ago

Time for another round of newly opened restaurants and/or food stores in Toronto in 2015, to end of the year... Wh...


ggom1 commented 1 day ago

TO Chowfind of the Year ?

by PoppiYYZ 3 days ago

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly service, imaginative menu, perfectly executed, and most of all, absolutely delicious. ...

kwass commented 2 days ago

Soups in TO, Fall 2015

by prima 9 days ago

Which soups are your current favourites? Any type, any price point,dine in/ takeout /whatever. I've been likin...


Snarf commented 2 days ago

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