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Bicks Zesty Onion Relish

by Jaz Cooks 3 years ago

Hi guys - when I was in Canada last time, I picked up a jar of Bicks Zesty Onion Relish. It didn't last a week at hom...


marymuggin commented 13 hours ago

Onion Fun--NOT

by munchkin1 15 days ago

I bought some "Mayan Sweets." Roughly chopped and added to a toss of cubed fresh tomatoes and sliced English cucumbe...


munchkin1 commented 14 days ago

Revisiting Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions

by iheartcooking 1 month ago

I think this has been covered quite a bit but I have discovered something new in quite delighted with and I discovere...

iheartcooking commented 25 days ago

Farmers Market Spring Onions

by bamasuz 1 month ago

I'm not entirely sure how to use these onions. They look like huge scallions, complete with the green parts. I woul...


bamasuz commented 1 month ago

Strawberry Onion

by TampaAurora 7 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of and/or used them before? I found them at a local produce stand and bought it not without th...


xmnurii commented 2 months ago

Chopping Onions beforehand, and storing them in fridge prior to use?

by katie.beginner 2 months ago

Is there any harm in finely chopping onions beforehand - say 7am in the morning - and putting it in an airtight bag i...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Where & How do you keep your potatoes & onions?

by ElsieB 8 years ago

I have tried many places in my kitchen/pantry and many dif containers. I am never satisfied. I have looked for qual...

Motosport commented 4 months ago

What Is the Most Onion-Heavy Cuisine?

by Perilagu Khan 2 years ago

It recently dawned on me that onions must be one of the very most widely used and beloved of all vegetables. (Yes, I ...

Gastronomos commented 4 months ago

Veggie Barley Soup Help!

by vscardinal 8 months ago

So I tried making barley soup with vegetables yesterday, but I totally forgot to brown my onions. I used barley, vege...


momof5x commented 5 months ago

Where can I buy frozen peeled pearl onions?

by Judy 10 years ago

The Barefoot Contessa often mentions using whole frozen pearl onions to save time and effort. I hate pealing fresh on...


bbuick commented 6 months ago

Help: Onions tasting of soap that ruin my dish!

by tarteaucitron 6 years ago

Yesterday was the second time in recent memory where I made a dish consisting of onions, only to find out when eating...


momof5x commented 6 months ago

how to get onions to soften

by arifa 7 years ago

i don't know why but i can never seem to get onions to soften when i sautee them on the stove. i have tried using lo...


Micki39 commented 7 months ago

What's wrong with raw onions?

by ipsedixit 3 years ago

Why do some people (like Scot Conant) have an aversion to raw onions in a prepared dish? Is it just the taste of r...

jmckee commented 7 months ago

Sweet Onions

by pjkobulnicky 8 months ago

Has anyone noticed that sweet onions in September and October are hot instead of sweet?

smaki commented 8 months ago

vertically sliced onions?

by bamgordon 7 years ago

Why would a recipe call for vertically sliced onions? I have several recipes that do and I can’t for the life of me u...

paulj commented 9 months ago

Liver and Onions

by Whamsey 3 years ago

I have looked on here for posts regarding this but they are quite dated, so I thought I'd start another thread. In y...


meralgia commented 9 months ago

Caramelized Onions - would like more ways to eat them

by cstout 9 months ago

I guess I have been living underneath a rock for ages, but today I fixed a Patty Melt sandwich & was totally disappoi...

chefj commented 9 months ago

Can you freeze chopped onions?

by CookforFun 8 years ago

Hi, I bought a big bag of onions for $2. There are six onions, and I live alone, so I cook for one. I know they st...


DebinIndiana commented 9 months ago

Are there any REAL remedies to getting the taste of raw onion out of your mouth?

by vvv03 4 years ago

I am one of those unfortunate souls who can't eat raw onion because it repeats on me to a degree of distraction that ...


jabshort commented 9 months ago

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