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Best Hot Dogs in Maine?

by Passadumkeg over 7 years ago

I'm a chili dog and kraut dog junkie. I enjoy Wasses, the 2 related shops around Augusta, one roadside shack in Wint...

Bob W commented about 2 hours ago

Maine Meat (aka MEat) in Kittery, Maine

by beetlebug 10 months ago

I went to MEat before Thanksgiving and I thought it was fantastic. I saw MEat on my way to Anju Noodle Bar and we imm...

GretchenS commented about 23 hours ago

Maine update - clams and lobster and Thai

by dfrostnh 3 days ago

Spent a few late September days in Maine and carefully timed trip and route to include some places we had never been....

Morganna commented 1 day ago

South Vermont/ Grafton area Restaurants

by Bacchus101 7 days ago

We will be based in Grafton for a few days this week. We would appreciate recommendations for local restaurants cons...


Blumie commented 5 days ago

"Polynesian" style Chinese restaurants

by BabyBee about 9 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for some verification that I am not crazy down here in Florida! My husband and I are both origi...


MainelyTrucks commented 6 days ago

portland this weekend

by jamala 10 days ago

Hi, I am traveling to Portland with my husband and another couple this weekend and wanted some last minute feedback o...


jamala commented 7 days ago

Kennebunkport in mid September dining

by jmills about 1 month ago

My wife and I will be in Kennebunkport on a Sunday night soon. I would love some suggestions of a special place to...


MangiaMuse commented 8 days ago

Lunch in Portland, ME

by Marisa23 4 months ago

My family will be driving through Portland on Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime. I'm looking for a place that would sh...


kimfair1 commented 9 days ago

Any favorite dishes at the following restaurants in Portland, ME?

by guttube 6 months ago

Hello Portland CHs, we're visiting your lovely city for three days. Below is our itinerary. After ogling sample menus...


kimfair1 commented 9 days ago

Bar Harbor Dining

by lisasev over 4 years ago

Hi, I will be traveling to Bar Harbor for the first time next month and would like some restaurant suggestions. ...


tofu4e4 commented 10 days ago

The Foundry, Manchester NH

by Msample about 2 months ago

Just heard about this new place that opened this week in the Millyard area , the former space where Jillians Sports B...


tawnynh commented 10 days ago

Primo a big disappointment

by katekinney 15 days ago

Really wish I didn't have to do this, but we were very disappointed with our dinner at Primo last Sunday. I wish we h...


thimes commented 10 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Rogue: New 2015 Dining Spot near Bar Harbor

by opinionatedchef 11 days ago

Rogue in Southwest Harbor is almost brand new, having opened in July '15. It's the new child of former Town Hill Bist...

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Pho Golden Bowl, Manchester, has re-opened

by edinaeats 11 days ago

Pho Golden Bowl has re-opened!

great little restaurat in hanover, nh

by alienor over 1 year ago

went on a sunday evening to salubre in hanover, nh. it was "date night" so thee was special pricing. we did not take...


alienor commented 12 days ago

Killington, VT

by meeps2002 13 days ago

I am looking to buy a gift certificate to some place in the Killington, VT area for a wedding present. Any recommend...


meeps2002 commented 12 days ago

La BOCA or Pie casso Pizza in ~ Burlington?

by opinionatedchef 22 days ago

We're mid-researching restnts for our end Sept/beg.Oct visit to Burl. Hoping someone has tried both these places ' p...

Morganna commented 12 days ago

Large family dinner in Rockland, ME area

by katekinney about 1 month ago

20-30 family members from around the country converging near Rockland, ME early September for parents' 65th anniversa...


katekinney commented 15 days ago

Where to eat in Portsmouth, NH?

by Marisa23 3 months ago

The hubby and I are taking two days to explore Portsmouth. Can you please recommend some must-try spots for all meals...

digga commented 16 days ago

Trip To Maine In July

by syrup09 over 3 years ago

In July I plan a trip to the east coast. I plan to visit the cities of Bangor, Presque Isle, and maybe Augusta....


syrup09 commented 18 days ago

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