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Mushroom Allergy

by marritt 1 day ago

Just purchased "The Negative Calorie Diet". It calls for mushrooms. Have allergy to them. Need substitutions ideas.

White/button mushroom = portobello?

by soniabegonia 6 years ago

I always thought they were different varieties but this says portobellos are mature white mushrooms. Is this true? ...


MikeG commented 3 days ago

God is my co-protein

by howdini 1 year ago

l think mushrooms might be my favorite food. Whenever l see a mushroom-based item on a menu, l'm sure to order it. ...


gargupie commented 3 days ago

Looking for some good restaurant mushroom dishes

by RacerX 7 months ago

I’m a huge fan of mushrooms and have been craving a good restaurant prepared dish that features them. I’d love to ...

monpetitescargot commented 13 days ago

Where to get dried mushrooms like Costco used to sell?

by helou 2 years ago

Costco used to sell a large-ish plastic container that had a nice mix of various dried mushrooms, including shitakes....


MarkSmith commented 1 month ago

Wild, Wild Mushrooms . . . Gotta Cook Them Some Wayyy.

by RhonelyInsanediego 5 months ago

Recently returned home from mushroom hunting high up in the Rocky Mountains (10,500 feet to 12,000 feet). In a coupl...


Andrew H commented 1 month ago

Buying dried mushrooms in Montreal!

by skendall87 2 months ago

Hi everyone, I am hoping to buy my Dad a collection of delicious & special dried mushrooms for Christmas. (He love...


EdT commented 2 months ago

Star porcini mushroom boullion cubes? Good?

by erica 9 years ago

I have a box of these that I brought home from Italy a few years ago and never used. I am making farro today with a ...


sisterfunkhaus commented 3 months ago

Best mushroom ragout

by Nyleve 3 months ago

Would like to make a really killer mushroom ragout for an upcoming dinner. I have frozen and dried porcini mushrooms ...


Nyleve commented 3 months ago

Flavorless mushrooms

by kittyfood 3 months ago

I splurged to buy a few expensive mushrooms -- a few porcini and one large matsutake, plus some nice organic shiitake...

Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

How to tell when Portabella Mushrooms are no longer safe to use

by lianla.rogue 4 months ago

I was craving my special spinach and mushroom quesadilla tonight, as I already bought the mushrooms and spinach on Th...


MikeG commented 4 months ago


by minncalif 4 months ago

does anyone know where I can buy powdered mushrooms in the Twin Cities. I want to add umami flavor to recipes.


Unkle Al commented 4 months ago

Fungal Foraging Manitoba?

by Allegra_K 5 months ago

I am an enthusiastic yet wary newbie to this exciting and fruitful hobby, and most of my finds go unpicked and uneate...


cancowboy commented 5 months ago

When Mushrooms Go Bad

by lattelover 4 years ago

OK, we all been there, with that box of mushrooms in the frig too long. So if they are brown and slimy, don't use th...


Dawnababes commented 6 months ago

Good grief - Hawk's wing mushrooms?

by rworange 4 years ago

USUALLY, when I see a new (and expensive) mushroom, I'll jot down the name and look it up before deciding to buy. ...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 6 months ago

storing portobello mushrooms

by Tracy L. 13 years ago

What is the best way to store portabello mushrooms, or any fresh mushroom for that matter? Should I store them in the...


PaleoMoxie commented 6 months ago

Mushroom sausages

by Teague 8 months ago

Anybody experiment with this? An exhaustive (ten minute) google search turned up no vendors in the US. Seems to me ...

MrsJTW commented 7 months ago

My Chowhound Wedding

by L.Nightshade 1 year ago

I took a break from Chowhound (and most everything else) back in March, to prepare for, and enjoy, our wedding. Some ...

mariacarmen commented 7 months ago

Finding Couscous and Mushrooms

by NateHevens 7 months ago

So Whole Foods sells couscous by the pound, and lets you weigh it out. Simply for variety, I would love to know of...

Ttrockwood commented 7 months ago

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