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Can you taste MSG in the food you are eating?

by Kurtis 5 years ago

I can't. For me, whenever I feel undeserved amount of thirst after the meal is when I think the possibility of ha...


joonjoon commented 3 months ago


Pho in Marpole

by LotusRapper 8 months ago

For the longest time, the number of Vietnamese restos in Marpole can be counted by Winston Churchill's "V" fingers (a...

LotusRapper commented 6 months ago

To MSG or not to MSG? That is the question

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

" . . . No matter how famous a chef gets, he or she still has to cater to the public, and many people still harbor a ...

PhilD commented 8 months ago

Care to share an MSG free recipe?

by cncnorman 3 years ago

I have recently found out that i cannot eat anything with MSG, tyramine or aspartame due to Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicr...


cncnorman commented 8 months ago

MSG Cooking Tips

by VitalForce 1 year ago

From what I’ve read (from Harold McGee, etc.) it appears that the consumption of MSG does not produce any adverse eff...


joonjoon commented 8 months ago


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