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Private Dining for ~10 - Best Recommendations?

by Seige 1 day ago

Hello strangers! It's been awhile, but I never forget who's got the real skinny on the dining scene. :) I am try...


Brad Ballinger commented 22 hours ago

New Italian - i.e. and Mucci's?

by gildeddawn 2 months ago

Anyone been to either one? I think they both look really promising, and a nice departure from the previous crop of hi...


Seige commented 1 day ago

Q-Fanatic opening in South Mpls/Richfield

by GutGrease 2 months ago

I just noticed that Q-Fanatic is opening a new location on the border between South Mpls and Richfield, near the Cub ...


PeglegEd commented 8 days ago

Filipino? Any love

by kriminalrat 3 years ago

What's the best Filipino restaraunt in town? dont see a lot of buzz....


prasantrin commented 9 days ago

Most recent top meals in Minny?

by Latinpig 2 months ago

Were have people eaten that really was outstanding? With a lot of my goto places out of business, I am looking for s...

Latinpig commented 11 days ago

Red Wagon/Maude

by ChancesR 1 year ago

Is Red Wagon Pizza replacing Café Maude or is it right next door?

LiaM commented 13 days ago

Symphony and Suds

by MplsM ary 19 days ago

"Bringing Minnesota Orchestra musicians to your favorite local brewpubs and your favorite local brews to Orchestra Ha...

The Professor commented 16 days ago

Shorty and Wags Chicken Wings

by Whamsey 3 years ago

Anyone remember Shorty and Wags Wings ? I know they are closed ..... is there a place that compares that is still op...


wackoworks commented 18 days ago

New Sri Lankan Restaurant - House of Curry in Rosemount

by american_idle 2 years ago

Since there seems to be a number of fans here of the former Sri Lankan Curry House and the former owner Heather Janz'...

ibew292 commented 18 days ago

Favorite restaurants from the past

by jeff55432 3 years ago

Today I was driving down Central Ave., and I passed by the old Pannekucken (sp?) building which, in recent years, has...

ibew292 commented 22 days ago

Co-op Creamery, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

by JimGrinsfelder 25 days ago

Had lamb hash and lamb ruben and kale caesar. The ruben was excellent. The very very tasty sauerkraut was house mad...


sandylc commented 25 days ago

Pimento Jamaican?

by steamer 2 months ago

Is this new Jamaican place on 2524 Nicollet Ave S open yet? Last I saw they were selling tickets to their soft openin...

steamer commented 25 days ago

Looking for various dried peppers

by Enso 2 months ago

I need some dried ancho and dried arbol peppers for a recipe. I thought Cub might have them but no go. I live in the ...


JimGrinsfelder commented 25 days ago

Driving to Aitkin, MN

by soccermom13 29 days ago

This weekend DH and I are driving from Mpls. to Aitkin, MN, via Highway 169. If anyone can recommend any restaurants...


soccermom13 commented 27 days ago

Work Trip to Minneapolis

by rowead 1 month ago

Several colleagues and myself will be in Minneapolis next month for a conference. We are staying downtown (at the Hil...

drew13000 commented 1 month ago


by kriminalrat 5 years ago

I thought this was an interesting post by Andrew Zimmern. I like many others in Minneapolis get frustrated when sel...

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 1 month ago

Weekend in Twin Cities

by souleclectic 1 month ago

Hello! hoping for some local input here- I'm a consummate foodie who will try anything once; love my partner dearly b...

phokingood commented 1 month ago

Where to buy fresh Thai chiles this time of year in St. paul

by Pwmfan 1 month ago

I'd like to replenish my brother's supply of frozen (he froze a huge amount last fall, but has gone through them). P...


getgot211 commented 1 month ago

Looking for source of beef plate short ribs in MSP

by DarrenE78 1 month ago

I was recently in TX and had a BBQ plate short rib, aka dino rib, at Louie Mueller's. These are huge at 1.25# or mor...

ibew292 commented 1 month ago

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