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by Latinpig 6 days ago

I have always been a big Stewart Woodman fan going back to his Levan days. Heidi's 1.0 and 2.0 were my favorite rest...


zfwp commented 5 days ago

Help - Cinnamon Rolls at Brunch

by Mplsjohn 15 days ago

Does anyone know the restaurant that served huge cinnamon rolls as part of their brunch. It was not a buffet style br...


jldm commented 12 days ago

Very old Cuisinart DLC 7e food processor

by soccermom13 1 year ago

I have a very old (over 33 years!) Cuisinart DLC 7e 14 cup food processor that is still going strong, but I am in dir...


alexrander commented 13 days ago

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Eating out Thanksgiving 2016

by foodquest 14 days ago

Hello. I apologize in advance if I missed a thread. I will be alone from out-of-town this Thursday. Not looking for ...


by ChancesR 3 months ago

Haven't been a regular shopper here until recently. The Csabai (Hungarian) salami is outstanding, as is the spicy be...


GutGrease commented 1 month ago

Best Scones in the Twin Cities Metro

by kimmys 7 years ago

My co-workers and I are doing our own little Scone Review in search of the best scones in the Minneapolis/St. Paul ar...


PepperJ777 commented 1 month ago

Favorite restaurants from the past

by jeff55432 4 years ago

Today I was driving down Central Ave., and I passed by the old Pannekucken (sp?) building which, in recent years, has...


eokauai commented 1 month ago

Two New Updates at A Baker's Wife

by KTFoley 3 months ago

Stopped by today for one of the only donuts I really like in the Twin Cities, and discovered two new developments sin...

daniellempls commented 1 month ago

Philly Cheesesteak in Minnesota

by tda 9 years ago

Are there any restaurants in Minnesota that are close in authenticity to the real Philly Cheesesteaks?


zfwp commented 1 month ago

Where to buy veal bones for stock? Not neck bones.

by gotsmack 4 years ago

Hi, I'm moving to Bloomington at the beginning of Feb (from North NJ) and have no idea of where to get fresh ingredie...


jay20nj commented 2 months ago

Tongue in Cheek on the East Side

by halloweengal 2 years ago

Has anybody else been to Tongue in Cheek? I went last night with my wife, niece and her husband for drinks and dinne...

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 2 months ago

Dim Sum

by ibew292 2 months ago

Looking to find out what is out there. Normally go to Sesame Cafe but want to branch out. Anything good out there?

ibew292 commented 2 months ago


by SarahInMinneapolis 4 years ago

www.startribune.com/local/137678533.html The "Burch" concept as described in the Star Tribune strikes me as fatall...


gildeddawn commented 2 months ago

Casual Dinner for Twelve

by sandylc 2 months ago

My family is coming to town for a wedding in October and I need a casual but delicious place to take them for dinner ...


eastlakovore commented 2 months ago

Homi - the best Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities

by Freeze666 4 years ago

I wanted to start a thread to show some love for the best Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities, Homi. It's located ...


kottke commented 2 months ago

Grass fed beef liver in Minneapolis/suburbs?

by radalapsker 4 months ago

I have a great supplier of ground beef and soup bones (grassfedcattleco.com) but I would like to be able to buy beef ...

phokingood commented 2 months ago

Best Food:Hmong Village or Marketplace?

by kriminalrat 1 year ago

I always go to Village (Johnson). Should I be going to Marketplace (Como)? I'm looking for the best variety and quali...

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 2 months ago