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by kuan 2 days ago

Look I made dosa this morning. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWdJPjLl5Vg

Crystal/Robbinsdale/N Mpls?

by lilips 2 days ago

Hi all, aside from the obvious choices like Travail, PAMPizza, and Victory 44, does anyone have any suggestions for p...


zfwp commented 2 days ago

Quieter breakfast spots

by chocolatemint 9 months ago

Hi! I've posted before on the same topic, but still cannot find the right place. Can anyone recommend a quiet and...


japanabanana commented 4 days ago

BARS Bakery is closed

by KTFoley 6 days ago

Just walked past it last night and saw that a remodel is underway. The sign says that Claddagh is opening soon, and ...


sandylc commented 4 days ago

Midwestern Reserve?

by My_Annoying_Opinions 18 days ago

Is this the only forum whose members aren't freaking out about the new look of Chowhound? Perhaps because I accidenta...


galewskj commented 4 days ago


by ChancesR about 1 month ago

Who has it? Where can I get it? Excellent versions, of course. (Preferably at a bakery, for carryout, not at resta...


sandylc commented 8 days ago

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

by BigE 10 months ago

I've heard surprisingly little about this monstrous opening; maybe I just haven't been paying attention. Any repor...


Musky_Hunter commented 8 days ago

Secret Art Deco Bar - Summit Hill

by ChancesR about 1 year ago

Several years ago, I remember hearing about an authentic art deco speakeasy in The Commodore hotel building in St. Pa...

MplsM ary commented 9 days ago

Looking for best BBQ brisket

by robslats over 5 years ago

Hey Hounders. I'm about to relocate to the Twin Cities and am looking for the best BBQ in the Cities - specifically ...


ChancesR commented 10 days ago

Masa closing

by gildeddawn 12 days ago

Last night October 24th. Bummer. I liked it. http://www.startribune.com/masa-and-mattie-s-on-main-close-their-door...


suburban_mom commented 12 days ago

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Appetites: A visual masterclass from a master chef

by MplsM ary 13 days ago

http://www.mprnews.org/story/2015/09/23/appetites-visual-masterclass-from-a-master-chef "Innovative food doesn't j...

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Cozy Kitchen

by zfwp 14 days ago

i visited the Cozy Kitchen ( 444 west Maryland saint paul MN). it was very good i had a catfish po-boy with a side of...

American Chinese with atmosphere?

by gildeddawn 2 months ago

I love authentic Szechuan as much as the next Chowhound, and I've staked out the places for it pretty well at this po...


gildeddawn commented 14 days ago

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide for Mpls

by MplsM ary 18 days ago

http://heavytable.com/out-of-towners-guide-to-minneapolis-2015/ I listed the St. Paul version with no replies. Hop...


foreverhungry commented 14 days ago

Little Szechuan (St. Paul)

by JimGrinsfelder 10 months ago

All hot pots all the time! (well, not actually all the time, but there's very little else on the menu and apparently...


chow11 commented 15 days ago

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Carrot Cake

by chow11 15 days ago

I am looking for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, a sheet cake with frosting just on top, not all over the s...

Peters wieners

by comfort foodie about 5 years ago

I know that Peters wieners are still at the state fair, but is there a store in the SE Twin Cities where I can get th...


yoohoos commented 17 days ago

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