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The Depot in Miami, is this still there?

by Larry G 13 years ago

About 20 years ago, my parents vacationed in Miami and dined at a restaurant called "The Depot" in Miami, that they j...


Habibb commented 20 minutes ago

Palm Beach County openings 2016

by freakerdude 2 months ago

Brother Jimmy's BBQ, a franchise billed as NC style from NY with 3 locations in Miami, is opening in City Place somet...

CFByrne commented 4 hours ago

Looking for Hollywood, FL Recs

by DVLPDX54 1 year ago

From the West Coast, will be in the Hollywood area for about 1.5 weeks. Looking for seafood and Cuban and other recom...

jpr54_1 commented 19 hours ago

Review of Laura's, Hollywood FLA

by wideboy1 23 hours ago

Laura’s – one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life, in the lowliest of locations. Big thanks to those Chowhound...

Pre-Cruise Breakfast in Ft Lauderdale

by starbucksbrew 7 days ago

Driving into Ft Lauderdale early before boarding cruise at 11 am. Where is a good place for breakfast? Doesn't have t...


tlubow commented 1 day ago

Looking for duck eggs south florida

by oaklane1375 5 years ago

I recently moved to coral springs area and am looking for duck eggs for personal cooking. I used to get them at Whole...

The Chowfather commented 2 days ago

Restaurant Recos in Palm Beach

by KNYC99 7 days ago

Heading down to Palm Beach in a few weeks (staying at Breakers) and haven't been in years. Would love some lunch and ...

The Chowfather commented 2 days ago

Four adventurous eaters staying in South Beach (Marriott Stanton)

by brightman 3 months ago

We are going to be there for 4 nights, so we need lunch and dinner recommendations. A dinner at Michael's Genuine is...

Icantread commented 6 days ago

Source of organic flour

by r_k 6 days ago

Does anyone know of a good source for organic stone ground flour in the Miami/Lauderdale area? Specifically, the type...

mark_e commented 6 days ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

LB's Eatery, Coral Gables, Fl

by tennesseethyme 9 days ago

Does anyone remember this restaurant near UM? They had the best fried zucchini chips that I can remember. We've bee...

"Authentic" Thai in Palm Beach County (Delray Beach)

by CFByrne 13 days ago

I know little to nothing about "authentic" Thai. But this new spot in Delray - "Eat Thai" - bills itself as such, ...


dixdiner commented 10 days ago

Palm County, FL

by meggan 13 days ago

I will be traveling to Palm Beach in March and need some recommendations for very good food in casual atmospheres. No...

freakerdude commented 10 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Eating in Miami Beach

by mandafire 12 days ago

Just a quick recap of our recent trip to Miami Beach Quality Meats- cocktails were great... which was really good,...

I wish someone would open

by LETTUCEINLOVE 18 days ago

I have a few cuisines/dishes that I really, really miss living in South Florida. Believe me, I'm not starving. I eat ...


LifeisGood58 commented 13 days ago

Grato - West Palm - Clay Conley

by jon777 22 days ago

Made it to Groto, Clay Conley's new WPB outpost on Friday night. As hoped, it was excellent -- just what you'd expec...


jon777 commented 15 days ago

JERK OCEANO, Lantana..questions

by erica 2 months ago

As a big fan of the previous incarnation, Pizza Oceano, I was one of the multitudes who were dismayed when the restau...

erica commented 17 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Child friendly restaurant suggestions

by hungryhippo123 19 days ago

Hi, I will be vacationing this week with a almost four year old in the palm beach area. Can you please suggest child ...

beef cheeks - where to buy locally (unprepared)

by richw 4 years ago

Hi - Looking for a butcher shop that sells beef cheeks. Any suggestions? Broward or Dade. Thanks!


gourmetup commented 19 days ago

Korean Market where did it go? the market that made fresh kimchi. MIA - Ft Lauderdale

by dbellas 3 years ago

there was a "huge" Korean market that was off of the Florida turnpike, pines and 441 area. they made fresh, tubs/j...

taiga commented 22 days ago

Burger & Beer Joint in City Place WPB

by freakerdude 23 days ago

I really liked the South Beach location and was glad they opened in WPB. The vibe is the same but it's in City Place,...

freakerdude commented 22 days ago

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