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Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas - recs?

by WildSwede 9 hours ago

Hello, we will be in PV, Mazatlán and CSL next week. Any recs for good places to get regional food? Also, any thought...

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Evoka in Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico, Worth a Detour

by postcardsfromsanantonio 2 days ago

This is part of a longer post from my blog about daytripping in Tlaxcala: ... But we pressed on, a lunch destinati...

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Christmas in Guadalajara

by RevrendAndy 3 days ago

Now that we have a new Guadalajara thread, I will be there for 3 nights next month. We will be there beginning Xmas e...

Thanksgiving in Guadalajara

by sweetwankle 3 years ago

suggestions? I was hoping to avoid a high cost dinner at a hotel. thanks!


guadreporter commented 8 days ago

Ensenada Mexico New Years

by clarewwebber 11 days ago

Ok ... I need major help !!! We r taking out boat to Ensenada and would like to maybe spend New Years there but also ...


wanker commented 9 days ago

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La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

by postcardsfromsanantonio 9 days ago

Somehow it seems like cheating. The food offered in a restaurant inside a former industrial structure sculpturally re...

San Miguel de Allende restaurants?

by kathrynanne 19 days ago

Hi everyone. It has been a few years since I last visited SMA, and I am looking for what you consider the city's best...

erica commented 12 days ago

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NYE Suggestions

by aidan07 13 days ago

Any suggestions on a nice place for dinner for NYE? I would really like to go to Azul Historico as the restaurant lo...

Máximo Bistrot Local- Mexico, D.F.

by andreapa 14 days ago

A month ago I made reservations for tonight at Máximo Bistrot through Open Table. However, when I walked by the resta...

cristina commented 13 days ago

"D mi Pueblo de oro" Tequila

by jbranch56 6 months ago

The finest tequila, bar none, that I have ever enjoyed was given to me by an employee returning from a family visit t...


jbranch56 commented 18 days ago

Baking supplies in Mexico City

by Masfar 4 years ago

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy supplies for baking or cake decorating. Things like bak...


CTgüera commented 26 days ago

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Tequila Ingredient Safe as Hurricane Bears Down on Mexican Crops

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

“This hurricane will be like a glass of water in the middle of the day for our beloved agave."

Merida recs

by Al Ehrhardt 1 year ago

We will be in Merida for several days in November with three or four dinners. We are arriving Friday evening and sta...


cmalstead commented 1 month ago

Christmas in Mexico City

by mimmom 2 months ago

Will be in Mexico City for a week at Christmas, and have gathered a number of dining recommendations from various sou...


bronwen commented 1 month ago

Desperately Seeking Cookies

by omgalletas 5 years ago

Well, one particular kind of cookie I recall from my childhood. I grew up in the bordertown of El Paso, Texas with m...


ajgarza1201 commented 1 month ago

Colonial Mexican Heartland--Eating?

by erica 1 month ago

I have been invited to San Miguel in late February and would like to do some traveling around from there. My main i...

cristina commented 1 month ago

Shopping for Seafood in Mexico

by andreapa 1 month ago

I would like some tips on purchasing seafood from market vendors in Mexico. I'm temporarily living in Mexico City and...

andreapa commented 1 month ago

Guanajuato Eats??

by ChattyKathyCooks 2 months ago

Hi - just wondering if anybody has any restaurant recommendations for Guanajuato? We are headed there in November fo...

ChattyKathyCooks commented 1 month ago

Searching 4 CD fridge with no icemaker for Mexico

by Ldog 2 months ago

I'm having trouble finding a product that meets my needs. I'm retired and renovating a home in Mexico, near San Diego...


Ldog commented 1 month ago

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Got a passion for the flavors of Mexico?

by chef_hef 2 months ago

Hola Chowhounds! I live in Mexico and have spent 2 years researching the fresh ingredients of the country - indigeno...

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