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"D mi Pueblo de oro" Tequila

by jbranch56 5 months ago

The finest tequila, bar none, that I have ever enjoyed was given to me by an employee returning from a family visit t...


jbranch56 commented 2 days ago

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Got a passion for the flavors of Mexico?

by chef_hef 4 days ago

Hola Chowhounds! I live in Mexico and have spent 2 years researching the fresh ingredients of the country - indigeno...

Mexico city, Puebla, Oaxaca trip with food sensitivities

by Bluebirdmb 17 days ago

Wow I'm really confused about the new site, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm posting for my parents because the...

cristina commented 9 days ago

Need Driver/Van for Lunch at Deckman's (Valle de Guadalupe)

by encocotte 3 months ago

What we'd like is a driver from TJ who can get us to Deckman's for lunch and back to TJ. OR is there a service that ...

DoctorChow commented 10 days ago

MEXICO CITY - Any Jewish restos?

by Lochina 24 days ago

Probably a long shot, but I'll be there over the High Holidays and want to see if I can break my fast in any type of ...

cristina commented 22 days ago

MEXICO CITY - 3 Nights

by vtr7180 about 1 month ago

I will be in the DF with my husband in a couple of weeks for 3 nights and about four days. I love Mexican food and a...


Leely2 commented 29 days ago

Puerto Vallarta - Any great seafood markets or new restaurants?

by carln about 1 month ago

Im heading to PV in a couple of weeks and am wondering if there are any good places to buy fresh seafood down there? ...


jesset commented about 1 month ago

Puerto Morelos....

by coolaugustmoon about 1 month ago

Hello! Boston 'hound here. Nothing super recent thread wise for PM. Multi generational family trip in January. We...


Maggie19 commented about 1 month ago

Rick Bayless | A Sad Day in Mexico

by Melanie Wong about 1 month ago

"In Mexico yesterday turned out to be a very sad day–some would say a day of immeasurable cruelty. A judge overturned...


thimes commented about 1 month ago

Trip to Rosarito

by Neekoman 2 months ago

Bought that Travelzoo deal for two nights at the Rosarito Beach Hotel and we're hoping to use it soon. Anyone have...


Neekoman commented about 1 month ago

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San Miguel de Allende MX

by Mariannestjohns about 2 months ago

Good restaurant suggestions please.

Questions About Authentic Mexican Tacos

by PontiusPalate 4 months ago

Greetings: A number of Mexican taquerias have recently popped up here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, espec...

cristina commented 2 months ago

Mexican Beef

by newintown2 over 6 years ago

Hi...can anyone help me with this question. I have asked around and get varying answers. Is Mexican beef corn fed o...


moorereeds commented 2 months ago

Trouble in Paradise at La Fonda, Ensenada, Baja

by Gypsy Jan over 1 year ago

Haven't been there, done that for some time, but there is a recent report with pictures showing federal authorities t...


4eieio commented 2 months ago

Mexico City - on a Monday night in July!

by Dave MP 5 months ago

We are flying through Mexico City in July and have a long layover, so I'm hoping to get into the city for a bit. I wa...

Dave MP commented 2 months ago

Dulce Patria - alternatives?

by comiendosiempre 4 months ago

We are heading to Mexico City and looking for an alternative to Dulce Patria. We ate in DP shortly after it opened y...


comiendosiempre commented 3 months ago

anyone import tequila from mexico?

by ac106 almost 8 years ago

Heya all, I live in Mass and cannot receive shipments of liquor domestically. However I have read that people have...


Toffeechip commented 3 months ago

Good Eats in Cozumel

by vlynx4 over 7 years ago

We are headed to Cozumel in June. We would like some suggestions on good places to eat. Thanks!


jacquelina444 commented 3 months ago

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El Futuro de la Transformación de Alimentos - Cuidad de Mexico/DF Survey

by derrick.mead 3 months ago

Ziba Design en Portland, OR desea conocer a gente en Ciudad de México que sean apasionados en preparar comidas y bebi...

Mexico City report (short trip March '15)

by dostrovs 3 months ago

Trying to reciprocate to Chow community for all the good information I get here for my trips. Here is my feelings ab...


Leely2 commented 3 months ago

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