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lemon oil and lemon extract

by spuds 12 years ago

what's the difference between lemon oil and lemon extract? i am interested in making lemon cake.


kelistoner commented 13 days ago

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Roasted Parsnips With Citrus

by outRIAAge 15 days ago

Stumped for a non-standard Thanksgiving side-dish? This comes together in about 30 easy minutes and can make anyone a...

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Make-ahead lemon drop shots

by kikster 2 months ago

I need to make a batch of lemon drop shots for a party but won't have time to make them the day of. Anyone have a tru...

Salt-preserved lemons and food safety?

by bythebay 4 years ago

I tried to preserve some lemons a few weeks back, cutting them into fourths, putting salt in them, putting salt at th...


bubbysoo commented 2 months ago


by snoboardbabe77 6 years ago

In expanding my cooking skills, I decided to start "baking" and doing desserts. I dislike measuring at all, but figur...


Tennessee43 commented 3 months ago

Need a suggestion to make a condiment with preserved lemons

by TheEnigmaFacade 3 months ago

maybe it's the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but i have a weird request: i was craving salt last night and ended ...


Querencia commented 3 months ago

Low-Sugar Limoncello?

by 99Jason 5 months ago

I'm really loving Limoncello and have a pet theory that it's one of the healthier spirits you can enjoy (polyphenols ...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 5 months ago

Limoncino or Limoncello?

by twodales 10 years ago

Having just returned from yet another (Ho Hum) trip to Italy, I have a question...Are Limoncino and Limoncello the sa...


AndreaNCarr commented 6 months ago

And where do you get these Meyer Lemon trees? AAAGH

by VAfoodie 7 years ago

The more I read, the less I know. Price seems to range from $11 (Logee's) to $80. Dwarf? Semi-dwarf? Does it matt...


hottina44 commented 6 months ago

Using preserved lemons

by Enso 1 year ago

I made a batch of preserved lemons (lemons and salt) a while ago and need to be using them at a faster rate. What way...


Bookwich commented 6 months ago

making preserved lemons- why must they be whole? and other queries....

by Shrinkrap 7 years ago

I've been making preserved lemons from my meyer lemons for years, and wonder if there is room to "hack" the recipe. F...

Shrinkrap commented 6 months ago

ISO preserved lemons on UWS

by BEmama 12 months ago

I thought I saw some @ Whole Foods on Columbus but no luck. Really appreciate any and all suggestions (except making...


MikeG commented 8 months ago

Can you freeze freshly squeezed lemon juice?

by kemi5 6 years ago

I acquired a grocery-sized paper bag full of lemons from a friend that has multiple trees. Many of them were of the j...


sr44 commented 9 months ago

Lemons gotten covered with mold

by Tonto 5 years ago

Every time I buy lemons at the market and bring them home they are covered with mold in a matter of days. Inside or ...

paulj commented 9 months ago

Why Limes>Lemons in Mexico and SE Asia?

by opinionatedchef 12 months ago

As I was slurping my spicy Tom Yum seafood soup , spritzed with lime juice, my mind popped this question. I understan...

opinionatedchef commented 11 months ago

Thumbprint cookies, lemon marmalade or curd?

by Crockett67 12 months ago

My SO apparently loves thumbprint cookies. Over Thanksgiving he raved over my sister's cookies. Being the woman who l...


bxgirl commented 11 months ago

Indoor Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

by amanda3571 1 year ago

First...whoa! What happened to CH? This place is confusing (sorry, been about 2 years since my last log in). Sec...


medlar commented 1 year ago

Bitter orange...cello?

by ixshelle 1 year ago

I just happened upon a ton of trifoliate (bitter) oranges, and I'm wondering how they'd do in a limoncello applicatio...

Caitlin McGrath commented 1 year ago

Southern Italy lemon ricotta recipe?

by LanaG 1 year ago

We spent some time in Puglia (Gallipoli) and for some reason I also think I tasted it in northern Italy but perhaps n...

jen kalb commented 1 year ago