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West Village Lunch Today?

by bxgirl 1 month ago

We are two couples hoping to get in to Rosemary's (they don't take reservations) for lunch today. We are willing to w...


bxgirl commented 1 month ago

Leisurely lunch downtown Toronto w/ corkage?

by gourmandee 3 months ago

Hi all, Can you suggest a place to have a leisurely lunch? I usually bring my own wine so paying for corkage isn't a...

estufarian commented 3 months ago

Boozy Lunch?

by JPinDC 5 months ago

My bff and I are going for a boozy lunch next week and I want someplace that has great snacking food and wine with be...

hill food commented 5 months ago

Recs for a good lunch in Boston/Cambridge

by stephaniet 6 months ago

Hi Everyone, My father is coming to visit me at the end of the month, and we'd like to have a nice lunch. I'm base...


stephaniet commented 5 months ago

Lunch on a weekday

by sidd 6 months ago

Hi, I am a little out of touch regarding which NYC restaurants are the best for a special lunch. Pricewise, I am...

sgordon commented 6 months ago

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Lunch at Petit Crenn | Hayes Valley - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Petit Crenn announced an expanded a la carte lunch service a few months ago. A friend joined me in April to try the m...

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Anghiari - long leisurely lunch

by CocoTO 8 months ago

Two foodies planning a day trip to Anghiari from the Greve area, looking for somewhere memorable for a beautiful lunc...

Leisurely Weekday Lunch

by ChelseaVC 10 months ago

Hello Hounds! My mom is coming for a visit in May and I'd like to treat her to a massage and a great lunch. I live ...

slowcoooked commented 9 months ago

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Two new lunch options in Vancouver

by grayelf 10 months ago

There are places I like to go for casual lunch action but I routinely find myself stumped when I'm looking for someth...

lunch this Mon in Harlem

by sparkles209 11 months ago

Was hoping for suggestions for great lunch spots for Monday in Harlem. A lot of the places I want to try are not open...


Skippy1414 commented 11 months ago

Nice lunch in Philly

by maculapr 1 year ago

Hello, we have a 6-hour layover in Philly on our way to Florence for a meeting (yeah, I know, tough luck, haha!). Loo...


Bigley9 commented 1 year ago

Interesting or decent place for lunch in Las Vegas ?

by intelguy 1 year ago

Hello folks I am from Vancouver, BC. I will be visiting Las Vegas next week. May I know is there any decent places...

uhockey commented 1 year ago

girls bday lunch near westfield NJ

by Dtp1024 1 year ago

looking for a good lunch spot for a weekday birthday lunch, including vegetarians and non-veg. Westfield is good, but...


cke25 commented 1 year ago

Restaurants for a leisurely lunch

by sgp 1 year ago

My wife and I will be in Philadelphia mid-september for a 5 night stay. Our dinners will be light meals since we will...

bluehensfan commented 1 year ago

Bouley - Excllent choice for a leisurely lunch

by Spiritchaser 3 years ago

Just had a wonderful lunch at Bouley this past Friday. It has been a little while since our last visit but after this...


fm1963 commented 3 years ago

Leisurely Lunch/Afternoon Drinks in Manhattan

by vanillailla 4 years ago

Looking for a spot to have a leisurely lunch, tea, drinks in the city tomorrow. Catching up with a friend, so looking...

Motosport commented 4 years ago

Place for a leisurely lunch/afternoon in Uptown Minneapolis?

by mhyrrbabe 4 years ago

I am planning to catch up with two old friends on an upcoming Saturday, and am looking for a restaurant/cafe where we...


suburban_mom commented 4 years ago

Looking for a leisurely lunch near AGO or Union Station

by hungryjoanne 4 years ago

My husband and I are coming into town on Thursday to take in the Diego & Frida exhibit at the AGO, and would like to ...

prima commented 4 years ago

Leisurely lunches

by cottagecook 4 years ago

Where in west Toronto (between Bathurst and Oakwood along St. Clair ) is there a good place to have a nice lunch with...


miranda commented 4 years ago