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Taxila, Pakistan - Chapli Kabab & Freshwater "Rohu" Carp from Shahzada Khan

by klyeoh about 1 year ago

Lunch today was at Shahzada Khan, a "dhaba" (roadside eatery) along the main street of Taxila, a 1,200-year-old city ...

klyeoh commented 2 months ago

Afghan Specialties at Kabul, Islamabad

by klyeoh about 1 year ago

Afghani dinner this evening with my colleagues at the popular Kabul Restaurant at Jinnah Super Market, the bustling c...

klyeoh commented 2 months ago

Dividing South Asian Cuisine as Broadly as Possible

by Jim Leff 4 months ago

I need to divide up South Asia into the fewest number of parts, to organize writing about regional cuisine for newbie...

jen kalb commented 2 months ago

NY foodies in Bangalore

by lichow about 2 years ago

Hello Two New York Chowhounds here in Bengalaru; staying in Ashok Nagar area. We love to walk and I would welcome...

klyeoh commented 2 months ago

My list of places to eat in Mumbai ...

by dlobo 4 months ago

I've been a resident of mumbai for a long long time (45+ years), but have been in SF for the past 20+ years. Howeve...

ninrn commented 3 months ago

How to eat in India?

by AdinaA 4 months ago

This question is about people who only eat food cooled in kosher pots with kosher utensils. I'd like to spend a li...


SoCal Mother commented 3 months ago

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[Mumbai, India] Bombay Duck & stuff from Konkan Cafe

by klyeoh 3 months ago

Konkan Café at the Vivanta by Taj serves arguably the best appams in Mumbai. Ensconced within a dining room modelled ...

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Beet Aloo Bhaji

by sandiasingh 4 months ago

I have a question about Beet Aloo Bhaji. Some recipes call for chopped tomato and some do not. Beets, potatoes, cum...

[Pondicherry, India] French-Tamil Creole Cuisine at Hotel De L'Orient

by klyeoh 4 months ago

Hotel De L'Orient in Pondicherry, housed in a French mansion which dates back to the late-1760s, offers the surprisin...

klyeoh commented 4 months ago

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[Chennai, India] South Indian options at Express Avenue

by klyeoh 4 months ago

Express Avenue used to be the largest and most popular mall in Chennai until Phoenix Market City came about last year...

Mumbai Restaurant Recommendations

by ylzkycn 8 months ago

We will be spending just 1 night in Mumbai first week of March; which restaurant would you recommend for our only ni...


walkrunstumble commented 7 months ago

Chennai, India - Classic dinner at Jamavar

by klyeoh 12 months ago

Chennai has a serious contender for the title of "Best Restaurant in Town" - Jamavar at the uber-cool Leela Palace Ho...

ninrn commented 7 months ago

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Jaipur restaurants - which?

by oystertripe 8 months ago

Will be in Jaipur in February. What are some good recommendations for local cuisine, ideally near the Hilton? Thanks!

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Jaipur, jodhpur and udaipur

by amykate 8 months ago

Heading to india in February. I am looking for some recommendations for dinner in these places. I am a professional c...

Sri Lanka, Sigiriya, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya

by Patsy79 over 3 years ago

Hello All, I am heading to Sri Lanka on Saturday and am looking for some restaurant recommendations. I have had a...

Paprikaboy commented 8 months ago

Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur

by ManInTransit about 2 years ago

Heading on our own trip around these cities in September and looking for recommendations. In a flurry after we booked...


jhinky commented 9 months ago

Bengali food in Kolkata, a revelation for an SF hound

by Thomas Nash over 1 year ago

Stopping in Kolkata on the way back from travels in the Himalayas. Every place has its socially redeeming feature(s...


jhinky commented 9 months ago

Lahore, Pakistan - Best Beef Nihari Ever at Muhammadi Nehari, Mozang Chungi

by klyeoh about 1 year ago

No visit to Lahore's culinary scene would be complete without a meal at Muhammadi Nehari, the one must-eat-at spot in...

klyeoh commented 10 months ago

Help with northern India excursion?

by Rapini about 1 year ago

We are San Francisco Bay Area Chowhounds, planning a visit to seven Indian cities in late January to early February n...

klyeoh commented 11 months ago

Pondicherry, India - Le Club @ Hotel de Pondicherry: Best French in Town?

by klyeoh 12 months ago

It was a cold, wet evening in Pondicherry, this sea-fronting former French colony. We were searching for places servi...

klyeoh commented 11 months ago

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