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San Francisco Sourdough Pretzels

by Kenellen 1 day ago

Is there a retail source for these pretzels inside or near the outside of the Loop?

HEB has a really good ad this week

by James Cristinian 3 months ago

Prime bone in rib eyes for 7.97. I'm there, they haven't had prime rib eyes on sale in a long time, just strips. No...


James Cristinian commented 8 days ago

One week in Houston

by t19103 12 months ago

Instead of starting several threads, I have decided to ask all of my Houston questions (except the Cuban one that I h...


txpickyeater commented 8 days ago

Hidden gems

by bert123 2 years ago

I've been in Houston almost two years now, having arrived from New York. While I was initially excited by the though...

brucesw commented 10 days ago

Hot Tamale's (not Mexican)

by txpickyeater 1 year ago

Grew up first with Mississippi Delta style Hot Tamales rather than Mexican. I can find the mexican style in Houston b...

brucesw commented 10 days ago

Mexican Hot Dogs - "Hotdoguero" stands in Houston?

by Jaymes 6 years ago

Does anyone know of any 'hotdoguero' stands or carts in Houston selling Mexican hot dogs?

brucesw commented 14 days ago

Artisanal Hot dogs in Houston

by ryback 5 years ago

Having lived in New Jersey where I had a choice of at least 3 german butchers in a five mile circle of my house I mis...

brucesw commented 16 days ago

Indian restaurants

by kittyfood 1 month ago

For our upcoming visit to Houston in early November, we would like suggestions on where to find good Indian food. Any...

brucesw commented 17 days ago

Al Aseel - Palestinian/Halal

by brucesw 3 years ago

I went here once before, just as it was changing ownership and name from Bird’s House. It has also been named Taste o...

brucesw commented 18 days ago

Hi Zorra, LazyMF, Stewart, Tex Nosh, jscarbor: Anyone still around?

by AviLovesHummus 1 month ago

Its been a long time! After 10 years, I've returned to Houston not long ago and would love to meet with any of you fo...


AviLovesHummus commented 18 days ago

Houston Ideas, please

by gnosh 2 months ago

I'm visiting Houston in December with my husband and teenage son. We'll be arriving around dinner time, staying downt...


Jaymes commented 19 days ago

Houston Help

by klebb 26 days ago

I'm heading to Houston with my family between Christmas and NYE to visit my grandparents. I think we are staying d...


James Cristinian commented 20 days ago

What store has dried New Mexican Chiles in Houston?

by Nata Tariko 23 days ago

I have a recipe for Tamales from an old friend that calls for dried New Mexican Chiles and dried Ancho Chiles. I have...

paulj commented 21 days ago

Recommendations needed for 35 Frozen Turkeys for November 19th

by Nata Tariko 22 days ago

Looking for 35 frozen turkeys for pick up on November 19th. My budget is about $20.00 a turkey and I would like 16 -...


acgold7 commented 22 days ago

bagels, lox, etc

by stuart954 1 month ago

visiting my cousin in houston and promised id bring bagels lox, whitefish salad etc etc where is the best place to g...

brucesw commented 24 days ago

Hollister Grill seems to have bitten the dust

by James Cristinian 28 days ago

It's sad, the owner Chuck is a really nice guy and the service was always warm and friendly. I drove by Sunday and...

Lambowner commented 27 days ago

Galleria-- Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no car: don't make me eat hotel food!

by aaamanda 1 year ago

Hi all, I'll be in town for the next few days, staying in the Galleria (which seems to be unfortunate, food-wise)....


specvman86 commented 1 month ago

Get Your Guinea Pig Right Here! Cue the Cuy

by Lambowner 2 months ago

http://www.houstoniamag.com/articles/2015/10/7/guinea-pig-is-now-on-the-menu-at-andes-cafe I dunno, is this too much?

paulj commented 1 month ago

DOTM - October - Charcuterie

by Jaymes 2 months ago

After some chichat, charcuterie seems to be the favored candidate. A quick google search will lead you to several "B...

texasredtop commented 1 month ago

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