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Great meal at Gaido's in Galveston

by TroyTempest 2 years ago

Posting on Houston board because, well, a lot of Houston people go to Galveston. So, last weekend, I went to my hom...


James Cristinian commented 3 days ago

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ZZ Top & Tex-Mex food porn

by TroyTempest 4 days ago

The inside cover of Tres Hombres always made me want some Tex-Mex. Gotta scroll down to see the video.

La Fisheria made our night

by nuvisionary 9 days ago

Passion for life is what I found in a brightly packaged new restaurant here in Houston’s downtown. Allow me a moment...

Lambowner commented 8 days ago

Staying Downtown. One, maybe two, dinners

by lolabelow 12 days ago

I'll be coming back for work. Staying closer to the Phoenician Market this time. I will have one, maybe two dinners t...


nuvisionary commented 9 days ago

I Kinda Like Living in Katy!

by Jaymes 5 years ago

So over in the "Chinese in Katy" thread, there's been some chatting about Katy-area restaurants other than Chinese. ...

Lambowner commented 17 days ago

Asian groceries in SW Houston (other than Viet Hoa)

by kcadams1980 23 days ago

Hi all - I live right at the border of Meyerland & Westbury, and love East, SE, and S Asian food (any, really). Obv...

brucesw commented 23 days ago

Houston Ideas, please

by gnosh 4 months ago

I'm visiting Houston in December with my husband and teenage son. We'll be arriving around dinner time, staying downt...

Lambowner commented 23 days ago

Casual dinner with reservations and Gavelston

by SaraPA 2 months ago

We will be visiting for a long weekend in Feb, staying at the Galleria and will have a car. One night, after a long ...

Lambowner commented 23 days ago

Fresh mozzarella in Houston?

by jrneuren 1 month ago

Hi - just moved to Houston and am really missig the fresh hand-pulled mozzarella that I bought in a weekly basis back...


James Cristinian commented 27 days ago

Malpeque oysters at HEB

by James Cristinian 1 month ago

HEB Bunker Hill has Malpeque oysters for a buck each in the shell. I got four last week to sample and they were deli...

grayelf commented 1 month ago

This one is for you Doobs. Roegel's BBQ.

by James Cristinian 10 months ago

From the Chronicle and allegedly close to you executive office:


txpickyeater commented 1 month ago

HEB has a really good ad this week

by James Cristinian 6 months ago

Prime bone in rib eyes for 7.97. I'm there, they haven't had prime rib eyes on sale in a long time, just strips. No...


txpickyeater commented 2 months ago

Need a Tex-Mex itinerary

by dwkayak 9 months ago

I will be between jobs come the end of the year and have some time to take a big road trip, visiting places I've want...


James Cristinian commented 2 months ago

Closeby small town places where you like to eat for a mini roadie

by James Cristinian 11 months ago

One of our favourites is Hempstead, especially if you need driver's license renewal etcetera, a very small wait if at...

brucesw commented 2 months ago

San Francisco Sourdough Pretzels

by Kenellen 2 months ago

Is there a retail source for these pretzels inside or near the outside of the Loop?


txpickyeater commented 2 months ago

One week in Houston

by t19103 1 year ago

Instead of starting several threads, I have decided to ask all of my Houston questions (except the Cuban one that I h...


txpickyeater commented 3 months ago

Hidden gems

by bert123 2 years ago

I've been in Houston almost two years now, having arrived from New York. While I was initially excited by the though...

brucesw commented 3 months ago

Hot Tamale's (not Mexican)

by txpickyeater 1 year ago

Grew up first with Mississippi Delta style Hot Tamales rather than Mexican. I can find the mexican style in Houston b...

brucesw commented 3 months ago

Mexican Hot Dogs - "Hotdoguero" stands in Houston?

by Jaymes 6 years ago

Does anyone know of any 'hotdoguero' stands or carts in Houston selling Mexican hot dogs?

brucesw commented 3 months ago

Artisanal Hot dogs in Houston

by ryback 5 years ago

Having lived in New Jersey where I had a choice of at least 3 german butchers in a five mile circle of my house I mis...

brucesw commented 3 months ago

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