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DOTM - October - Charcuterie

by Jaymes 7 days ago

After some chichat, charcuterie seems to be the favored candidate. A quick google search will lead you to several "B...


James Cristinian commented about 5 hours ago

Houston Ideas, please

by gnosh 2 days ago

I'm visiting Houston in December with my husband and teenage son. We'll be arriving around dinner time, staying downt...


Jaymes commented about 5 hours ago

Get Your Guinea Pig Right Here! Cue the Cuy

by Lambowner 6 days ago

http://www.houstoniamag.com/articles/2015/10/7/guinea-pig-is-now-on-the-menu-at-andes-cafe I dunno, is this too much?


Jaymes commented 3 days ago

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Chinese dumpling/noodle houses

by kittyfood 3 days ago

What Chinese dumpling/noodle places are good now? We will be visiting Houston for the first time in about 12 years. L...

Houston DOTM - Nominating and voting thread - July - December, 2015

by brucesw 4 months ago

This is the nominating and voting thread for a new feature we’re going to try on the CH Houston board - Dish of the M...


Jaymes commented 9 days ago

Asia Market Restaurant - New

by brucesw 15 days ago

This is the new, stand-alone restaurant from the long-time proprietors of the Asia Market on Cavalcade. The kitchen ...


Jaymes commented 15 days ago


by Lambowner about 1 month ago

Forgive me if I've overstepped, or don't understand how it works, but today is September 1 and a new month. I declare...

brucesw commented 15 days ago

DOTM August 2015: Cocktel de Camaron, Vuelve de la Vida, Campechana

by brucesw 2 months ago

This month join us as we eat this Mexican seafood specialty and discuss the various versions we find with other hound...


Jaymes commented 18 days ago

3-Day Museum Trip: Regional Mexican and Other Dinners Wanted

by Simon 22 days ago

Hi...NYC hounds planning a 3 day museum trip to Houston later this fall/winter...it's a first visit for us...we'll be...


hobbes404 commented 20 days ago

DOTM July 2015 - Cream of Poblano Soup

by brucesw 3 months ago

This month we’re tasting and exploring Cream of Poblano soup. This will be a new experience for me so I’m looking fo...

brucesw commented 21 days ago

Madras Pavilion in Houston

by SavoryBeatsSweet about 2 months ago

Has Madras Pavilion in Houston found a new location to reopen in yet? Any other Houston kosher news?


SoCal Mother commented 23 days ago

Polish Festival September 18-20

by James Cristinian 2 months ago

This is an early heads up and there will be fun and frivolity for all you non-Polish people such as the wifeacita. ...


James Cristinian commented 23 days ago

Peruvian-style Chinese

by anonymous_guy over 4 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a restaurant in Houston that specializes in Peruvian-style Chinese food? May seem like ...

brucesw commented 25 days ago

Houston Tex-Mex: Any Updates?

by FarmRaised about 1 month ago

I know "Best Tex-Mex in Houston" is a popular and probably controversial topic, but the most recent posts on the subj...


Jaymes commented 26 days ago

Zatarain's Crawfish Boil in Delaware

by MissMoxie911 about 1 month ago

Is there anywhere I can find Zatarain's Crab, Shrimp, and Crawfish Boil (any flavor) in or around Wilmington Delaware...


Jaymes commented 29 days ago

New Site Design

by DoobieWah about 1 month ago

In case any of my Houston friends don't read the Site Talk boards, any minute now, the new Chowhound site will go liv...

Lambowner commented about 1 month ago

HEB has a really good ad this week

by James Cristinian about 2 months ago

Prime bone in rib eyes for 7.97. I'm there, they haven't had prime rib eyes on sale in a long time, just strips. No...


James Cristinian commented about 1 month ago

Mourning and missing the humble and simple fried onion ring

by waderoberts about 1 month ago

I love battered and fried onion rings. They have often constituted my dinner. Make that "good" onion rings. I do n...

Lambowner commented about 1 month ago

SW Houston Chow - Lo Nuestro - Guatemalan

by brucesw over 7 years ago

I have passed this place hundreds of times without paying any attention to it, assuming it was just another Mexican r...

brucesw commented about 1 month ago

Saltillo Mexican Kitchen

by brucesw about 1 month ago

This is the new restaurant from the owner of the short-lived but acclaimed Mexican steak house La Casa del Caballo on...

brucesw commented about 1 month ago

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