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Kauai Trip Report Nov '14

by JayDK 12 months ago

Are the nicest people in the world from Kauai? Just back from a week and wanted to update a few Don't Miss spots f...


JayDK commented 1 day ago

Canadians looking for Good Eats

by jonny8 10 days ago

Hi guys, I've been having some troubles figuring out where to eat during our week long trip to Oahu. We'll be stay...

killersmile commented 8 days ago

Aulani - better food options?

by mmlyip 2 months ago

Hi, we will be going to Oahu for a week in January, spending 4 nights in Aulani. Based on my research, it looks like ...


Joebob commented 30 days ago

Good Cheap eats on west side of Oahu

by Foodienancy 1 year ago

We are staying at the Ihilani on the west side and are hoping to eat at good local places if possible rather than exp...


madoka commented 1 month ago

Shopping for good food and supplies on Maui - Advice for visiting condo cooks?

by Travelwren 4 years ago

We'll be staying in a Wailea condo in March and with five good cooks along are interested in creating some memorable ...


kathryn commented 1 month ago

Maui Report

by thranduil 5 months ago

Hadn't been back to Maui in nearly a decade. This time we had a 3-year old keiki, so we decided to stick around Ka'an...


kathryn commented 1 month ago

2nd attempt-Recipe for oyster rolls anyone?

by UES Mayor 4 years ago

The ones that were served at King's Garden in Kaimuki were da bomb!!! I have searched high and low and cant'find a re...


opah57 commented 1 month ago

First visit to the Big Island

by lisaf 1 month ago

My husband and I are headed to the big island from the Seattle area for the first time. We've both been to Oahu and M...


Tripper commented 1 month ago

Spicy Indian food

by roro808 2 months ago

I have become addicted to the somewhat new Indian restaurant in downtown, Bishop Street: Gourmet Lani. Recently ord...


roro808 commented 1 month ago

Oahu and Big Island trip report

by vinouspleasure 3 months ago

my wife and two of our teens were in Oahu for four days, the big island for five. In order of consumption: Oahu ...


vinouspleasure commented 2 months ago

Sushi quality in Hawaii vs NYC

by janethepain 3 months ago

Aloha, my hubs and I are setting off on a trip to Honolulu and Maui tomorrow. I see that a lot of sushi gets recomme...


UES Mayor commented 2 months ago

5 day South Maui September Trip Report

by smiles33 3 months ago

We just had our third family trip to Maui, staying in Wailea again, so we hit many of our favorites but also relied o...


smiles33 commented 3 months ago

Thanksgiving on Maui - looking for where the locals eat

by anigmag 3 months ago

Never been to Hawaii. My husband and I avoid commercial/chain places that serve up factory food. I picked up some g...


kathryn commented 3 months ago

Never have I been so baffled: Mama's House of Horrors

by Kater 1 year ago

Ok it is not a house of horrors but what the deal with Mama's Fish House. It was one of the worst meals we have eaten...


smiles33 commented 3 months ago

Shave Ice on Oahu

by AandA 4 months ago

We are vacationing for the week in Kailua. We have loved the shave ice at Local Hawaii across the street from the bow...


UES Mayor commented 3 months ago

Kauai Farmers

by apollo132 3 months ago

Headed to Kauai in October and think I have restaurants sorted out from previous posts. Looking for local farmers tha...


wabi commented 3 months ago

Chow Fun

by jenlopez 3 months ago

I am no longer living on Maui, and really missed making Chow Fun. I found a place that sells Hula Girl Chow Fun Noodl...

DriverPhil commented 3 months ago

Hawaiian rice...What kind is it?

by Dinermite 3 months ago

I just came back from a fabulous trip in Maui and Honolulu! The food there was amazing! Reading some of the Maui ...


Ogawak commented 3 months ago

Kauai suggestions, specifically near Grand Hyatt in Poipu

by emtilt 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I'll be in Kauai for about a week starting in a few days. I've looked at a few other threads, but I was ...


isellny commented 3 months ago

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Fish Cheeks

by bluescatch 3 months ago

Aloha, We are staying in West Maui in October and would like to know of restaurants that serve grilled fish cheeks...

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