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Kauai Trip Report (Mostly Poipu)

by kathryn 2 years ago

We stayed in Poipu in a condo for five days over the new year, and ate mostly on the south side but we did drive arou...

bernalgirl commented 6 hours ago

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Advice-Maui (Wailea) Restaurant suggestions

by Property manager 9 days ago

We are going to Maui (Four Seasons) in the next few weeks for a week. Open for restaurant suggestions. Looking fo...

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Air potato recipes/ideas?

by nicecupoftea 10 days ago

Anyone got any good ideas for preparing air potatoes (those brown aerial tubers that might be dioscorea batata)? They...

local source for huitlacoche?

by macaraca 3 years ago

Was listening to HPR and heard a feature on the Latin Nights pop up. There was a mention that the chefs had a local ...


nicecupoftea commented 10 days ago

Raymond left Pah Ke's

by indelibledotink 1 month ago

Rumored falling out btwn sisters in law led to his leaving. If you hear rumors he ever opens his own resto, please...

killersmile commented 1 month ago

Maui on a Sunday night

by Suzie4399 1 month ago

Hi all, We arrive to Maui at 9pm tomorrow (Sunday) night... Probably won't be able to arrive to a restaurant until a...


kathryn commented 1 month ago

2016 Oahu Dining Report (Long)

by kathryn 4 months ago

Most of the eating was done in Honolulu with a few places hit during a self-driving circle tour. BREAKFAST Hau ...


kathryn commented 1 month ago

Macadamia nut cream pie (Winward side f Oahu)

by superluckycat 1 month ago

Hi - we are based in Waimnalo and having a beautiful week. The final notch on our memory belt is macadamia nut cream ...


honu2 commented 1 month ago

Buying beef in Oahu

by superluckycat 2 months ago

Hi - we are a family group traveling there for a weekend staying in a rental house, any recommendations on places we ...


honu2 commented 2 months ago

Family Dinner for 16 in Honolulu or Kailua

by greeneggsnham 2 months ago

We will be visiting Oahu in late March for an extended family get together including our extended family visiting fro...


UES Mayor commented 2 months ago

Fine Dinner Rec for Vegetarians?

by rcpatt1206 2 months ago

Hi all, Wow! It's been YEARS since I've been on Chowhound, but I return on a mission to help find a really nice di...


Joebob commented 2 months ago

Big Island Restaurants

by SuziHB 2 months ago

Greetings! I am looking for your recommendations for delicious, fresh, memorable food on the Big Island. Most of the ...


kathryn commented 2 months ago

Easter in Kauai

by tkennedy63 2 months ago

Hi All! We will be heading to Kauai in the end of March with another family (6 kids, 6 adults) and will be there for...


tkennedy63 commented 2 months ago

Team Dinner near HHV

by adi 4 months ago

HI A group of us will be traveling to a conference in Honolulu in February. I am looking fro recommendations for a g...


adi commented 2 months ago

Restaurants between Aulani and various places

by smgord 3 months ago

We are staying at Aulani and will be driving to: (1) Pearl Harbor; (2) Sea Life Park; (3) Waikiki; and (4) Waimea Fal...


Joebob commented 3 months ago

Recommended places to eat on Oahu

by webmisstress 3 months ago

We are currently visiting Oahu for two months. Staying in Ko Olina in Kapolei. We have a car. I am looking for recomm...


Joebob commented 3 months ago

Traditional Smoking Wood in Hawaii

by KaimukiMan 4 years ago

I was reading a few old posts about making kalua pig and lau lau, Most of them mentioned the importance of using k...


GaryBBQ commented 3 months ago

Will everything be closed on New Years Day

by mmlyip 4 months ago

We are arriving Oahu on the new year's day (staying around ala moana). I was hoping to stop by the supermarket to sto...


UES Mayor commented 4 months ago

2015 Maui Trip Report (Long)

by kathryn 4 months ago

BREAKFAST  Kihei Caffe, Kihei: Went for breakfast nearly every day. My husband is a creature of habit and stuck to...


kathryn commented 4 months ago

A week in Waikiki

by adi 4 months ago

Hi we will be attending a conference and staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in February. It will be my first ti...


kathryn commented 4 months ago

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