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Looking for different scene

by UES Mayor 21 days ago

Every year around Christmas holidays I take my family to Hy's Steakhouse for dinner and to Halekulani for Sunday brun...

indelibledotink commented 4 days ago

Maui Report

by thranduil 1 year ago

Hadn't been back to Maui in nearly a decade. This time we had a 3-year old keiki, so we decided to stick around Ka'an...


Laura D. commented 9 days ago

2015 Maui Trip Report (Long)

by kathryn 7 months ago

BREAKFAST  Kihei Caffe, Kihei: Went for breakfast nearly every day. My husband is a creature of habit and stuck to...


smiles33 commented 18 days ago

Fish and Chips?

by macaraca 1 month ago

Would like to know who has the best fish and chips on O'ahu. Have tried Nico's, Uncle's, and both ok but not great. ...


macaraca commented 1 month ago

3 days of cheap gluttony in Honolulu: a travelogue

by swyeoh 2 months ago

I spent three days in Honolulu by myself on the way to the US mainland. The weather back home in southern Australia h...


Joebob commented 1 month ago

2014 Maui Foodie Trip Report (Long)

by kathryn 1 year ago

Here's where we ate during an EPIC two weeks on Maui. BREAKFAST Kihei Caffe, Kihei: Conveniently located near ...


MOOCACA commented 2 months ago

Maui--Mill House? Spago a rip off or worth it?

by meganinlosfeliz 3 months ago

Hi, leaving for Maui tomorrow and will be in Wailea for a week in a condo. Our 3rd time in recent years so I have ea...

sal_acid commented 2 months ago

Above average espresso in Wailea or Kihei?

by meganinlosfeliz 2 months ago

Hi, currently in Maui staying in Wailea. Our plan was to drive to Memphis Belle for morning coffee (we both are espr...

meganinlosfeliz commented 2 months ago

"Americanized" Sushi in Oahu

by princess00 2 months ago

I am starting to plan our upcoming trip to Oahu. I will be traveling with my husband and our 7 year old daughter. I...

killersmile commented 2 months ago

Maui- Best local food- Kaanapali

by cpak 3 months ago

Hi, My family and I will be traveling to Maui for the first time. We will be staying in kaanapali. We have a 1 year o...


kiwisonmaui commented 2 months ago

Headed back this fall - Oahu & Kauai

by crazyspice 3 months ago

We visited Oahu 5 years ago and we are headed back this fall. It's a special anniversary, so we are staying 2 weeks. ...

crazyspice commented 3 months ago

Oahu's north shore

by cozysmom 3 months ago

We are going to be staying on the North Shore and would love any restaurant recommendations. We want to stay away fr...

indelibledotink commented 3 months ago

Kauai Trip Report (Mostly Poipu)

by kathryn 2 years ago

We stayed in Poipu in a condo for five days over the new year, and ate mostly on the south side but we did drive arou...


wabi commented 3 months ago

Advice-Maui (Wailea) Restaurant suggestions

by Property manager 3 months ago

We are going to Maui (Four Seasons) in the next few weeks for a week. Open for restaurant suggestions. Looking fo...


kiwisonmaui commented 3 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Air potato recipes/ideas?

by nicecupoftea 3 months ago

Anyone got any good ideas for preparing air potatoes (those brown aerial tubers that might be dioscorea batata)? They...

local source for huitlacoche?

by macaraca 4 years ago

Was listening to HPR and heard a feature on the Latin Nights pop up. There was a mention that the chefs had a local ...


nicecupoftea commented 3 months ago

Raymond left Pah Ke's

by indelibledotink 4 months ago

Rumored falling out btwn sisters in law led to his leaving. If you hear rumors he ever opens his own resto, please...

killersmile commented 4 months ago

Maui on a Sunday night

by Suzie4399 4 months ago

Hi all, We arrive to Maui at 9pm tomorrow (Sunday) night... Probably won't be able to arrive to a restaurant until a...


kathryn commented 4 months ago

2016 Oahu Dining Report (Long)

by kathryn 7 months ago

Most of the eating was done in Honolulu with a few places hit during a self-driving circle tour. BREAKFAST Hau ...


kathryn commented 4 months ago

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