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Yukon Gold Scaled Halibut Recipe & Fish Alternatives

by HikerGal 4 months ago

On the June 15, 2016, MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay made a delicious looking dish with halibut and Yukon Gold potatoes ma...


mike0989 commented 4 months ago

What goes with Coconut-Crusted Halibut?

by chezron 6 months ago

I am serving Coconut-Crusted Halibut with Mango Salsa, Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Vinaigrette, and I need someting els...

chezron commented 6 months ago

I ate raw halibut and am now scared

by FineSugar 7 months ago

A friend gave me a freshly caught Pacific halibut. This thing was beautiful. We cut some up and had it raw, crudo-sty...


sr44 commented 6 months ago

Where to find the best wild Salmon/Halibut/Seafood?

by figueroa579 11 months ago

Any suggestions on where to ship/order frozen wild salmon/halibut/seafood? I recently ordered the seafood sampler fro...


ArcticChar commented 10 months ago

Halibut Cheeks?

by lindainwi 1 year ago

I was in Alaska earlier this summer and had the pleasure of trying fresh halibut cheeks. In one word... delightful. ...


GutGrease commented 1 year ago

ISO Halibut - either retail or restaurant

by MABMAQ 1 year ago

Is it too early in the season to find halibut ? Ideally would like to cook at home, but eating out is OK too.


pemma commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Halibut Cheek Crudo

by snowbordinglife 1 year ago

Dear Chowhounders, I picked up some great looking halibut cheeks and was looking for a unique preparation and...

Halibut Scraps

by sydthekyd 1 year ago

My kids just gave me the scraps/trimmings from the first halibut (30 inches) catch of the season. Any ideas on what ...


ChiliDude commented 1 year ago

Alaska Halibut 2015

by gourmanda 1 year ago

I have yet to see it at the fish monger's or grocery store. Does anyone know when the season opens this year?

kaleokahu commented 1 year ago

Price of halibut nationwide?

by breadchick 1 year ago

A poster inquired about scallop pricing around the country, and it prompted me to ask about halibut per pound. My ...


FattyDumplin commented 1 year ago

What does halibut taste like?

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I am quite the fish fanatic but have never had halibut. I eat fish so frequently that my interest in my old favorite...


ohmyyum commented 3 years ago

Need a substitute for halibut

by Clarissa 10 years ago

The fish will be dredged in flour and fried. I've been told to avoid halibut. What is a similarly sweet, non-fishy ...


Wooderson commented 9 years ago

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