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Hickory Pit - Gravois Mills, Mo

by Bob Pearse 14 years ago

Is there anyone out there that remembers Grady and Merle Nash's Hickory Pit on Hwy 5 Gravois Mills? (My family had ...


SonyBob commented 15 hours ago

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Davenport restaurant recommendations?

by vmarkus 7 days ago

Hi. I am picking up my mom in rural Illinois and spending the weekend in the big city of Davenport. Any new(ish) s...

STL - aww Kopperman's

by hill food 22 days ago

we knew this day was coming, but... you're just never quite ready.


lemons commented 19 days ago

Pacific Moon... good and bad news

by Andy Copeland 10 years ago

Pacific Moon Cafe is unfortunately gone. I went with some of my friends to get Dim Sum, and it was closed. I don't ...


TJ Jackson commented 1 month ago

Kansas hounds: Bierocks?

by zeke 9 years ago

Looking for places to find bierocks in Kansas. I've never had a bierock, in fact I just learned of them tonight, they...


bscarroll2015 commented 1 month ago

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Lunch in Louisville or Cincinnati

by topher83187 1 month ago

I am traveling from Buffalo NY to Hattiesburg MS in a few weeks, my plan is to stop for lunch in either Louisville or...

Dinner in Town and Country

by anotherjennifer 2 months ago

My husband, my son and I are in St. Louis next weekend for a bat mitzvah. Our plane is scheduled to get in at 7 on Fr...


lemons commented 2 months ago

cleveland, beechwood, eton chagrin, kent trendy restaurants

by pooky 2 months ago

hi. I am travelling with my 25 year old daughter to Cleveland for a few days. We are staying near Eton Chagrin area...


pooky commented 2 months ago

Seafood Markets in Kansas City

by sirregular 8 years ago

I am often looking to purchase good seafood in Kansas City, but more often than not, I'm stuck with Whole Foods Marke...


david1981 commented 2 months ago

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NE Ohio / Cleveland Dinners

by orphalese 2 months ago

Updated suggestions for NE Ohio / West side / Cleveland dinner - vegetarian friendly? I'm looking for more moderate p...

Kings Food Host Cheeseburger Recipe?

by johnelle 5 years ago

There is a lot of info on the net about the Kings Cheese Frenchie, including here on chowhound however I always was m...


mtcos commented 2 months ago

Visiting St. Louis Downtown

by rlcole4346 2 months ago

Have not been to St. Louis for a few years. Will be staying at Residence Inn downtown. Will be getting in late aftern...


lemons commented 2 months ago

Asiana restaurant (STL)

by barleywino 1 year ago

Huge menu of authentic, mostly non-Cantonese Chinese. Large portions at a very reasonable price. Very tender and fatt...

hill food commented 3 months ago

Fun and Family Friendly in STL

by hungrydrivers 3 months ago

We're coming to St. Louis tomorrow for 4 days. Two adults and one 4-year-old. We eat on the early side to accommodate...

hill food commented 3 months ago

(Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois) Eclectic and Reasonable

by vitus979 6 months ago

I've restarted a Dinner Club for friends and we've decided to alternate between upscale and reasonably priced locatio...


vitus979 commented 4 months ago

Sheepshead Cafe Iowa City

by Jillfresh 8 years ago

I have just discovered because I did a web search for Sheepshead Cafe Chocolate Almond Cheesecake. I knew it...


DianeO commented 4 months ago

Tacorito- Gone but not forgotten...Omaha/Lincoln, NE and CO

by mmgd1960 4 years ago

When I was growing up in Omaha I was a bus-girl about 35 years ago at La Fonda's aka Holly Inn. The restaurant was fo...


Maureen53 commented 5 months ago

Where to buy meat in St. Louis?

by wodicker 9 years ago

I know there is Schnucks, and I know there is a Whole Foods. Schnucks is no butcher, lets face it, and as for the la...

hill food commented 5 months ago

Where could I eat Japanese food in Lincoln?

by Philipzzz 5 months ago

I always eat Japanese food in my home country. I just wanna know where I can eat Japanese food in Lincoln.


yz95.17 commented 5 months ago

Where could I buy great coffee beans in Lincoln

by KitsonFung 5 months ago

I have been tired of Starbucks' beans. And I would like to try sth new. Could any one give me some advice?


yz95.17 commented 5 months ago

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