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Wok Asian Bistro - Northville

by Markcron about 21 hours ago

Wok Asian Bistro - Northville Relatively new place, open about 3 months. Makes fr...


boagman commented about 6 hours ago

Decatur, IL restaurants

by twodales about 20 hours ago

Need to spend one night in Decatur, IL. Looking for any recommendations for a dinner spot and maybe one lunch spot to...

Best brunch in Cleveland, OH

by Monica 3 days ago

I am visiting Cleveland and would like to know the best brunch spot. Thank you.

Monica commented about 21 hours ago

Frittata; Dinner Service & 7-Day/Wk Sched

by rainsux 2 days ago

According to their Facebook page, Frittata is going to be open 7-days/week and; beginning Oct 9th, will offer dinner ...

coney with everything commented 1 day ago

La Saj, Troy finally had soft opening [DTW]

by VTB 4 days ago

Very tickled. La Saj (home base near Lakeside Mall) is finally also open at Crooks near 15&1/2 (2149 Crooks Rd, Troy...


boagman commented 3 days ago

MKE special occasion - Wolf Peach or similar?

by movesalot 5 months ago

Hi - I'm looking for a restaurant for an upcoming very special occasion that is open by 3 or 4. I don't really like ...


movesalot commented 4 days ago

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

by Junebug1975 almost 2 years ago

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would...

coney with everything commented 5 days ago

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FYI: New Hellas in Farmington Hills, MI is no more...

by boagman 5 days ago

...and they've been gone for a few weeks now, apparently. It's going to be yet another incarnation of RJ's, which it...

Doner Kebab withdrawls in Detroit

by workinglunches2 over 6 years ago

After repeatedly traveling through Germany I find that I miss a good greasy Doner Kebab in Tasche or Durum while in t...


VTB commented 6 days ago


by DocJavaDude 24 days ago

(I posted previously in the General Discussion forum but somehow got moved to the Markets & Stores -- I'd prefer a "...


DocJavaDude commented 7 days ago

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Sunday Dinner near Westin Book Cadillac, Fox Theatre

by mike_grady 8 days ago

We're coming to Detroit later this fall for a show at the Fox Theatre, staying at the Westin Book Cadillac. Was thin...

Cincinnati for two days

by salesgirl19 22 days ago

I will be in Cincinnati for two days. Flying into CVG, will have a car, staying downtown, looking for recommendation...


salesgirl19 commented 9 days ago

So my 25th High School Reunion is at Andiamo Livonia...

by boagman 10 days ago

...and I've decided to go. Yes, the location isn't my favorite choice, but from what I understand, they had a relati...


Markcron commented 9 days ago

What to try at the Cincinnati Oktoberfest next month

by Eateree about 1 month ago

I will be going to my first Oktoberfest in Cincinnati next month. The website lists so many food options. Does anyo...

JohnE O commented 11 days ago

San Souci Bar; Harsens Island [DTW]

by rainsux 13 days ago

Last Sunday I dusted off olde RAINSUX and decided to join a group that was doing one lap of Harsens Island. The plan...


VTB commented 11 days ago

Family Owned or Diner type Local Restaurants

by BlueMagic 24 days ago

I am going to be in Grand Rapids this coming week and would like some suggestions for local breakfast and dinner plac...

Wahooty commented 12 days ago

Neehee's coming to Troy, MI in March, 2016

by boagman 14 days ago

Heard it today, directly from the horse's mouth, so to speak. On Rochester Road, near Long Lake Road, in the old Mar...


boagman commented 12 days ago

Fork in the Road, Mukwonago, WI

by shaja 6 months ago

In case Hounds haven't heard, Fork in the Road is closed because of a fire that occurred earlier in the week (very sa...


shaja commented 15 days ago

Elkhart, Indiana

by sammyo 21 days ago

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Elkhart, IN? Any price point and cuisine.


urbanfabric commented 15 days ago

Best Middle Eastern food in Dearborn area?

by schaf1 about 5 years ago

We've got friends coming to visit at the last minute. They love Middle Eastern chow. I know there have been other pos...


boagman commented 16 days ago

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