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Visiting Ann Arbor and need some opinions

by stuartlafonda 3 days ago

My sophomore daughter has picked a few places for our visit this weekend. Mezzevino and Isalita for dinner and Angel...


Kari_M commented 18 hours ago

Cincinnati - Historic Restaurants

by jordanhamons 3 years ago

I'm finishing up my final semester at UC and I'm currently working on a project about the history of Cincinnati resta...


jogg commented 4 days ago

Poke in Ann Arbor

by cherishkan 27 days ago

Hello there, I'm new to the area, just moved from LA. I'm wondering if there is any poke bowl places in Ann Arbor? Do...


Jim M commented 6 days ago

Neehee's coming to Troy, MI in March, 2016

by boagman 5 months ago

Heard it today, directly from the horse's mouth, so to speak. On Rochester Road, near Long Lake Road, in the old Mar...


VTB commented 7 days ago

Best Dessert in Ann Arbor?

by veggiedoc 12 days ago

Newer to the area, but have enjoyed the dining scene thus far. Would love for fellow foodies in the area to share the...


trapani commented 9 days ago

Restaurant Tallent Bloomington IN closing

by David W 2 months ago

The story from the Indianapolis paper-Chef Tallent is going to work for IU and is leaving his restaurant. According ...


HoosierFoodie commented 11 days ago

Help finding "classy" place to take a date

by Moogie007 1 month ago

I need help finding a "classy" place to take my girlfriend for Valentine's day. This is the first time since we start...

rainsux commented 11 days ago

Sausage casings and pork fat in Madison, WI?

by mscommunikate 6 years ago

I want to make sausage. I live on the Isthmus. My local markets -- Willy Street Co-op and Jenny St Market -- do not c...


tommybman commented 13 days ago

Vietnamese in Clinton Twp./Shores area

by firestalker 27 days ago

MINH CHAU Restaurant 33415 Harper Ave, Clinton Township, MI We love Vietnamese food and always made the long tr...


VTB commented 15 days ago

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(Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois) Eclectic and Reasonable

by vitus979 16 days ago

I've restarted a Dinner Club for friends and we've decided to alternate between upscale and reasonably priced locatio...

Dayton, Ohio

by shazzamom 1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Dayton? I need to get a gift certificate for a Christmas gift and am in Co...


HoosierFoodie commented 17 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

RIP: Gracie See Pizza & Hogan's

by rainsux 17 days ago

Both are closing this month. Hogan's was my go-to place for nachos and for their roasted garlic appetizer. Anyo...

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MKE - Karl Ratzsch's sold

by shaja 20 days ago

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Tried Crust in Fenton, MI...

by boagman 23 days ago

Just tried Crust for the first time on Saturday, and while it's too early to be handing out any 5-star ratings, I wil...

Large Restaurant/Food Chains Founded in Michigan

by rainsux 28 days ago

The obvious: - Domino's - Little Caesar's Not so obvious: - Honeybaked Hams - Hungry Howie's Let's skip...

rainsux commented 23 days ago

Fifty Years - DTW

by rainsux 3 years ago

What Detroit restaurants have endured fifty, count'm 50, years - or more? My list, in no particular order: Scot...

rainsux commented 24 days ago

Kenosha WI -- one meal!

by Bob W 2 years ago

Hello from the East Coast. I will be spending one night at the Best Western at the Route 50 exit off I-94 next Friday...


Ester_Sue commented 24 days ago

DeLuxe fish sandwich, Champaign

by trudietootie 9 years ago

Do any of the former Illinois students or people that live(d) n Champaign remember the fish sandwichs at DeLuxe billi...


stylus commented 26 days ago

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

by Junebug1975 2 years ago

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would...


3charity5 commented 26 days ago

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