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You can use this tag to discuss food in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

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Southwest Michigan Good Eating

by mericat 3 days ago

Looking for chowhounds to recommend good food in the Grand Rapids Area. Also looking for great food in Harbor Countr...


HeidiCooksSupper commented 1 day ago

Help me name my family cookbook!

by alainab 4 days ago

I'm going on a high school exchange program to New Zealand in 6 (!!) days. As part of my host family gifts, I'm putt...

Multifoiled commented 3 days ago

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Fresh Milk Products price-fixing claim period ending Jan 31

by Melanie Wong 13 days ago

If you were a resident of at least one of these states during at least part of 2003 to the present: Arizona, Californ...

So Detroit Restaurant Week is coming back Feb. 3-12...

by boagman 15 days ago

...and I really don't know what to think about that. It seems/ed that they kind of gave up the ship with it over t...

coney with everything commented 15 days ago

Noahs Supermarket (11 and Lahser)

by syrup09 17 days ago

After many years of vancancy Noah's Supermarket is talking up the space that occupied by the long departed Farme...


syrup09 commented 16 days ago

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

by Junebug1975 3 years ago

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would...


bristo15 commented 1 month ago

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by syrup09 1 month ago

Does anyone out there remember a restaurant in Oak Park mI called Dimitri's. It was located on Greenfield and L...

Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio)

by CincyBarge 4 months ago

Has anyone had the pleasure of drinking a Rhinegeist beer? I had a half and half Rhinegeist porter/ale not long ago, ...


TastyReuben commented 1 month ago

Moo Cluck Moo - DTW (Dearborn Heights)

by RedTop 4 years ago

Just read a preview of this casual hamburger joint opening. Freep covered it. Anyone been?

rainsux commented 2 months ago

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Brach's Jelly Nougats

by TastyReuben 2 months ago

Anyone know of an actual brick-and-mortar store for buying Brach's Jelly Nougats? These were little rectangles of no...

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Thanksgiving Day

by Whamsey 2 months ago

We are coming to town on Thanksgiving Day and are wondering if there are bars/restaurants open on the Holiday. Not n...

Detroit / Windsor in October '16

by PiperBob 6 months ago

I think I'll be in Detroit with my wife in October (2016) for business. We'll stay at the Westin, downtown. She reall...

rainsux commented 2 months ago

Where can I find Dromedary Dates?

by Janice Thorne 14 years ago

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and used to love these dates - they were the best in the world! Unfortunately, I haven't se...

jill kibler commented 2 months ago

Just what IS Cincinnati Chili?

by danhole 9 years ago

After reading a thread on the Chains board about Skyline Chili, I found it and tried it. I guess I am spoiled by Texa...


68834 commented 2 months ago

Gyro Detroit Area

by syrup09 5 months ago

Does anyone in the Detroit area have a favorite place for Gyros? Right now I have two: Athens Souvalki (Southfiel...

firestalker commented 3 months ago

Michigan: Spatz bread

by coney with everything 8 years ago

Every time we go Up North, we try to find Spatz bread to bring home as it's not sold around Detroit. If you haven't t...


keybdjc commented 3 months ago