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Question about juice for sherbert and also, any good recipes?

by lisaimmarco 3 months ago

Hi all, Well, it's Muscatine grape season and I am going to make sherbet using one of those cheapo ice cream maker...


lisaimmarco commented 3 months ago

Corinth/Champagne grapes?

by Webs 3 months ago

These seem to be scarce in Montreal this summer. I've only found some on the Esposito on Sherbrooke in NDG but they a...


Webs commented 3 months ago

Concord grapes ... where to find in LA?

by chow_rk 2 years ago

Looking for concord grapes. So far, I was able to find them twice in 3 years around here. Wondering if anyone know ...


namaste019 commented 3 months ago

Concord grape dessert bars

by bluebird24 3 months ago

I've got a concord grape vine, and years ago I made concord grape dessert bars. It was a bit of work making this (or...


bluebird24 commented 3 months ago

National PI(e) Day

by Candy 9 months ago

Saturday, 3/14 is National Pi(e) day. What kind of pie will you make? I'm trying decide between Concord Grape pie or...

geminigirl commented 9 months ago

Have a lot of concord grapes. Good ideas? And tips?

by karykat 5 years ago

I just came back from visiting family with a big garden and they had a LOT of very ripe concord grapes. Which I lo...


Susangria commented 1 year ago

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