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Spring ginger season

by applepandowdy 27 days ago

where can I find young/spring/pink ginger in chicago markets?

Japanese restaurant salad dressing

by bamasuz 1 year ago

I've tried several different recipes, but none taste like the ginger dressing served in Japanese restaurants. Please...


arp29 commented 2 months ago

Ina Garten's Indonesian Ginger Chicken???

by mochi mochi 9 years ago

Has anyone tried this recipe for Ginger Chicken? I was thinking of making it for a potluck dinner. I was thinking of ...


shrdlukia commented 5 months ago

To Peel or Not: Ginger Root

by cayjohan 9 years ago

I use a lot of ginger root in cooking. I generally scrub the root under water with a stiff brush, then grate on a cer...


gcoleman commented 7 months ago

Ginger beer in Westchester

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 10 months ago

Hi everyone, I am looking for either ginger beer that is already made or ginger beer syrup to make my own ginger bee...

Sra. Swanky commented 8 months ago

Ginger Beef (Calgary)

by Mawson Plan 8 years ago

Hello Hounds. I apologize if I am putting my foot in my mouth on my first post (I have done a basic search to find a...


Shazam commented 8 months ago

Does pickled ginger go bad?

by veronykah 7 years ago

I have some pickled ginger in my fridge, and have NO idea how old it is and it never seems to go bad, does it?

Ttrockwood commented 8 months ago

Best way to store 30 pounds of ginger root?

by drewsky1 8 months ago

I bought a 30 pound box at the co-op for $113 (organic). This is a cheap price. I put most in resealable zip lock b...


jjjrfoodie commented 8 months ago

the old NUT TREE - ginger bread cookies [Moved from SF Bay Area Board]

by 5am 8 years ago

Does anyone remember the big gingerbread cookies from the Nut Tree as fondly as I do? When the Nut Tree closed in 19...


Manny3 commented 8 months ago

Cathy Horyn's Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps - molasses or pure cane syrup?

by qwerty1 11 months ago

For those who've made Cathy Horyn's Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps, do you recommend molasses or cane syrup? Is there a notic...

paulj commented 11 months ago

Using Gari (pink pickled sushi ginger)

by repartee 4 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to use up Gari in dishes other than sushi.

Keetoo commented 11 months ago

Best Ginger Ale?

by rworange 9 years ago

I like Reeds a lot. However, I tried Stirrings recently and it was very good. Any others? Neigher Reeds nor Stirrings...


joemeligan commented 1 year ago

Minced garlic and ginger paste

by Foxeyblue 1 year ago

I love fresh garlic and ginger and have used them in goodness knows how many recipes and different cuisines. Recently...


bethlikesfood commented 1 year ago

Making ginger juice tip

by Puffin3 2 years ago

I like to add ginger to some dishes but don't like it to be chunky. I like it in miso soup especially. Recently I p...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 1 year ago

Fresh Ginger root vs powdered ginger

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for half a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root. It doesn't make sense to buy a piece ju...


bsayles commented 1 year ago

Candied ginger in OC?

by Midlife 1 year ago

I used to buy it at Sprouts but they seem to have stopped carrying it (I think there was a scare about lead content?)...

Midlife commented 1 year ago

Great NY Noodletown ginger-scallion sauce - makeable?

by GDSwamp 4 years ago

I've made David Chang's ginger-scallion sauce, but Great NY Noodletown's is better. Does anyone have a recipe they th...


cookiedibs commented 1 year ago

Cookwell &Co. Asian Ginger Vinaigrette

by abbydh 1 year ago

I have a bottle of this stuff and no idea what to do with it. I'm not a salad person...marinade something...? Help! S...

egit commented 1 year ago

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