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Herbs & Spices | Let's spice it up. Ginger goes sweet and savory, so get inspired with creative cooking ideas from Chowhounds, plus ask your ginger-related questions.

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Ina Garten's Indonesian Ginger Chicken???

by mochi mochi 9 years ago

Has anyone tried this recipe for Ginger Chicken? I was thinking of making it for a potluck dinner. I was thinking of ...


shrdlukia commented 2 months ago

To Peel or Not: Ginger Root

by cayjohan 9 years ago

I use a lot of ginger root in cooking. I generally scrub the root under water with a stiff brush, then grate on a cer...


gcoleman commented 4 months ago

Ginger beer in Westchester

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 7 months ago

Hi everyone, I am looking for either ginger beer that is already made or ginger beer syrup to make my own ginger bee...

Sra. Swanky commented 5 months ago

Ginger Beef (Calgary)

by Mawson Plan 7 years ago

Hello Hounds. I apologize if I am putting my foot in my mouth on my first post (I have done a basic search to find a...


Shazam commented 5 months ago

Does pickled ginger go bad?

by veronykah 6 years ago

I have some pickled ginger in my fridge, and have NO idea how old it is and it never seems to go bad, does it?

Ttrockwood commented 5 months ago

Best way to store 30 pounds of ginger root?

by drewsky1 5 months ago

I bought a 30 pound box at the co-op for $113 (organic). This is a cheap price. I put most in resealable zip lock b...


jjjrfoodie commented 5 months ago

the old NUT TREE - ginger bread cookies [Moved from SF Bay Area Board]

by 5am 7 years ago

Does anyone remember the big gingerbread cookies from the Nut Tree as fondly as I do? When the Nut Tree closed in 19...


Manny3 commented 5 months ago

Cathy Horyn's Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps - molasses or pure cane syrup?

by qwerty1 8 months ago

For those who've made Cathy Horyn's Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps, do you recommend molasses or cane syrup? Is there a notic...

paulj commented 8 months ago

Using Gari (pink pickled sushi ginger)

by repartee 4 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to use up Gari in dishes other than sushi.

Keetoo commented 9 months ago

Best Ginger Ale?

by rworange 9 years ago

I like Reeds a lot. However, I tried Stirrings recently and it was very good. Any others? Neigher Reeds nor Stirrings...


joemeligan commented 9 months ago

Japanese restaurant salad dressing

by bamasuz 10 months ago

I've tried several different recipes, but none taste like the ginger dressing served in Japanese restaurants. Please...


bamasuz commented 10 months ago

Minced garlic and ginger paste

by Foxeyblue 10 months ago

I love fresh garlic and ginger and have used them in goodness knows how many recipes and different cuisines. Recently...


bethlikesfood commented 10 months ago

Making ginger juice tip

by Puffin3 2 years ago

I like to add ginger to some dishes but don't like it to be chunky. I like it in miso soup especially. Recently I p...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 10 months ago

Fresh Ginger root vs powdered ginger

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for half a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root. It doesn't make sense to buy a piece ju...


bsayles commented 10 months ago

Candied ginger in OC?

by Midlife 10 months ago

I used to buy it at Sprouts but they seem to have stopped carrying it (I think there was a scare about lead content?)...

Midlife commented 10 months ago

Great NY Noodletown ginger-scallion sauce - makeable?

by GDSwamp 4 years ago

I've made David Chang's ginger-scallion sauce, but Great NY Noodletown's is better. Does anyone have a recipe they th...


cookiedibs commented 11 months ago

Cookwell &Co. Asian Ginger Vinaigrette

by abbydh 11 months ago

I have a bottle of this stuff and no idea what to do with it. I'm not a salad person...marinade something...? Help! S...

egit commented 11 months ago

Ginger turned blue in the freezer?

by nothingswrong 12 months ago

I regularly freeze my ginger knobs since I can't go through them fast enough. Stuck a few in the freezer a couple wee...

nothingswrong commented 12 months ago

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