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Gin advent calendars to count down to Christmas

by Melanie Wong 28 days ago

"...Gin fans will be rejoicing up and down the country - because you can now buy an advent calender filled with 24 di...

tim irvine commented 28 days ago

Help I can't chooses which Gin to use for a Gin and Tonic

by Sami7 1 month ago

Which brand of Gin is better for a Gin and Tonic, Tanqueray No.10 or Hendricks Gin? Also between Bombay Saphire an...


Indy 67 commented 1 month ago


Need Help in choosing which brand of Gin

by Sami7 1 month ago

Which brand of Gin should I use for Gin and Tonic, Beefeater Gin or Bombay Sapphire?

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago


St. George Terroir

by tim irvine 1 month ago

Anyone tried this? If so, anyone been brave/crazy enough to try it in a martini? It is very good, IMHO, but you can...

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

ISO Ninebark Napa Spring Punch recipe

by lexuschef 2 months ago

Earlier this year I went to Ninebark in Napa for brunch. The restaurant is now closed, unfortunately before I was ab...

davis_sq_pro commented 2 months ago

How do these gins compare flavor-wise?

by SBackes 5 years ago

I've been on the hunt for a nut-free gin due to allergies. I've heard back from 5 companies so far and definitely ha...

tim irvine commented 3 months ago

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My sister loves Italian Sailors

by pattymm 4 months ago

My sister's favorite drink is a red gin and tonic--gin and red Cinzano with a splash of tonic water and a slice of li...


Ungava Gin & Chic Choc Spiced Rum

by jammy 5 months ago

I tried these two Canadian spirits for the first time this week. Wow! Smooth, flavourful, absolutely delicious! The c...


lagatta commented 5 months ago

Bourbon and summer; gin and summer

by tim irvine 6 months ago

We love old fashioneds. (Or, for the purists or recipe police, drinks very similar to old fashioneds made with diffe...

stevewi commented 6 months ago

Would Pimms be a good way to introduce non-gin drinking friends to Gin-based drinks?

by YAYME 7 months ago

I think a Pimm's cup is delightful and I think my friends would like it if appeared in a non- threatening strawberry ...

ThatsTheSpirit commented 6 months ago


Martini Time

by munchkin1 7 months ago

Fellow Chowsters: What are the best snacks to serve with traditional gin-vermouth-olives martinis? Thanks and Cheers!


munchkin1 commented 7 months ago

Best Pairing for a Gin Martini.

by escondido123 5 years ago

I mentioned to someone that I had a yen for a gin martini and a wonderful nibble. I say a crunchy clam cake, my husb...


munchkin1 commented 7 months ago

Best "cheap" gin?

by scratchie 6 years ago

I like Tanqueray just fine, but the last time I was in the liquor store, I was considering whether I really need to b...


HungryJackass commented 7 months ago

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Montreal Gin Festival (Ginapalooza, Apr 27 - May 11)

by CaptCrunch 8 months ago

Hello Guys, Apparently there is a gin festival happening... hmmm.. right now. Also, I live on the moon and neve...


by YAYME 8 months ago

Hey guys, I made some bitters that kickass! I've been making tinctures and playing around with flavors and this what ...


Lafoofoo commented 8 months ago

What's the Deal with Dirty (and Extra Dirty) Martinis?

by invinotheresverde 6 years ago

Could someone please explain the allure of gin/vodka mixed with olive brine? I love olives, and all things salty, bu...


Alessandra_A commented 8 months ago

Lonespur Texas Gin?

by curseofleisure 2 years ago

Saw this at Spec's today and can't really find any information about it on the web. Anyone tired it? Thoughts?


paul212 commented 8 months ago


Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause you to Act Differently?

by invinotheresverde 6 years ago

In a recent thread, linguafood mentioned that gin makes her melodramatic. Is this in her head or is there a legit, p...

Tehama commented 8 months ago

Best Gin Martinis?

by Dennis 14 years ago

Hello, I am a recent convert to gin martinis. Before my conversion, my cocktail of choice while dining out was a ...


multiverser commented 9 months ago

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