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Sous vide tough leftover steak?

by travelerjjm 16 days ago

I made a flank steak last night and it was uncharacteristically tough. If I sous vide it at say, 135F for an hour or ...


travelerjjm commented 15 days ago

What To Do With A Flank Steak

by BostonTparty 5 months ago

I bought a flank steak today. Any recommendations on what I should do with it ?


dinersaur61 commented 3 months ago

tri-tip beef roast (or bbq) CUT in greater Vancouver BC? (and how do you prepare it?)

by Georgia Strait 5 months ago

i've always known tri-tip as a popular recipe in Western US, esp California - like this recipe from Sunset magazine h...


vandan commented 5 months ago

Why Did My Meat Lose its Color (and did it go bad?)

by Oliverstreet 8 years ago

I bought some lovely-looking flank steak from Whole Foods this Tuesday and threw it in the fridge. Tonight (Thursday...


jjoseph commented 7 months ago

bavette - what cut is this?

by foodfirst 13 years ago

A friend asked, and though I've had a bavette I have no idea. Immediately thought of chowhound, of course. So -- what...


vinnyaccardi commented 11 months ago

substitute for flank steak?

by Sweet Pea 9 years ago

I've got a mad craving for crispy (deep fried) ginger beef tonight, but the recipe calls for flank steak, which my lo...


Bada Bing commented 4 years ago

why can i never find flank steak? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by pantone 8 years ago

so many recipes call for this cut of beef but I can never find it at the grocery store. Is there another name it goes...

Eat_Nopal commented 8 years ago

Overmarinating - Is there such a thing?

by keslacye 8 years ago

Can you marinate meat for too long? I'm considering marinating a flank steak for grilling tomorrow, but there is a...

grampart commented 8 years ago

Flank Steak vs. Skirt Steak

by lintsao 9 years ago

I found information online that flank steak and skirt steak are more or less from the same part of the cow between th...


paulj commented 9 years ago

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