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Fig Newtons, what am I chewing on/spitting out?

by masha bousha 2 years ago

This probably isn't the right board to post this but I had to ask I the only one who has noticed that ...


ratgirlagogo commented 25 days ago

Fresh figs in Peterborough area?

by Nyleve 1 month ago

I swear I saw one of the supermarkets in Peterborough advertising a case of figs just recently but I just can't find ...


Nyleve commented 1 month ago

What to do with fig leaves?

by jen maiser 14 years ago

A vendor at the Farmer's Market here in San Francisco has been selling beautiful, large fig leaves for the past coupl...


shellymort commented 2 months ago

ISO whipped topping recipe for figs

by itryalot 3 months ago

I was at an event last summer and they served fresh figs (halved) with a really nice creamy whipped topping (must be ...

njmarshall55 commented 2 months ago

Preserving (freeze, jam, jar) peaches and figs

by itryalot 2 months ago

We love peaches - peach crostatas, cakes and pies. Also love them grilled with pork, as jams and preserved. We also ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

General Discussion Be the first to comment

Fig Hunt

by valadelphia 2 months ago

I'll be traveling from Arlington, DC, to Emerald Isle, NC, in late August and hope to find a farm or roadside stand w...

Passion fruit and figs in Montreal

by meagain 8 months ago

Just wondering if anyone knows if and where these 2 fruits might be available fresh in Montreal right now. Tried PA P...


meagain commented 7 months ago

Fresh figs nyc

by misslulu 10 months ago

has anyone had any sightings of fresh figs in nyc in recent days, yes I know it's not the season. but last year I did...


misslulu commented 10 months ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Fresh Figs in Tysons/Loudoun?

by chefkate 11 months ago

Looking for fresh figs in the Tysons' area or Loudoun County. Does anyone know if Balducci's or Whole Foods (or even...

Fresh Figs?

by LilyChilly 1 year ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but has anyone seen any figs in stores lately? Fresh figs, that is. Never had a fre...


pandathebaker commented 1 year ago

Looking for a recipe

by lacoet 1 year ago

Hi, Just by chance does anybody have the recipe for Fresh Fig Tart in a Pistachio Crust from Alan Roettinger’s book?...

lacoet commented 1 year ago


by lacoet 1 year ago

Hi, Our fig tree is giving lots of fruit, I can keep up before they go too soft. Last year I froze a batch and I ha...


JudiAU commented 1 year ago

Dried Fig Shortage?

by eleeper 1 year ago

Is there some reason I can't find dried figs anywhere? Well, maybe not anywhere, but Costco seems to have discontinu...


51rich commented 1 year ago

Fresh Figs - Who's Got 'Em?

by mordacity 7 years ago

It is , I'm pretty sure, fig season. And yet there are none at the farmers' markets I frequent and Whole Paycheck onl...


arepo commented 3 years ago

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