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Noma reservation - Looking for 2 seats September 10 or 13, 2016

by inspiredthyme 30 minutes ago

Hi, if you have 2 extra seats for your reservation at Noma on September 10 or 13, 2016, we'd love to join you! My...

Source for Celar cookware (to all, but especially Europeans)

by BobB 2 years ago

A while back I picked up a non-stick, induction-capable small frying pan from a manufacturer named Celar, and have fo...

monchique commented 9 hours ago

Vienna Restaurant Suggestions -- Paul Restarant, Skopik & Lohn

by stevenmargolis 7 days ago

I will be in Vienna for 3 nights in October and am looking for some new-ish, good, offbeat restaurants. I have recei...

vanderb commented 5 days ago

Croatia restaurant recommendations

by Jsierra 12 days ago

Hello, We are going in 1 month to spend 2 weeks in Croatia! We are foodies who love fresh fish and generally eat h...


Jsierra commented 6 days ago

Noma - 1 seat available for lunch 16 September

by claire_leigh 13 days ago

My friends and I have a reservation for 4 for lunch at noma on Friday 16 September. Unfortunately one of our frie...


AutumnTraveler commented 11 days ago


by DECLAN47 13 days ago

Going to Budapest for 3 days in early September with 5 friends. Would appreciate restaurant recommendations for mid t...


masha commented 13 days ago

Croatia Trip Report: Rovinj, Plitvice, Trogir, Hvar, Ston, Dubrovnik

by PekoePeony 1 year ago

This trip report is a bit late since we went last May, but hopefully it's useful. We spent 9 days driving from the n...


Jsierra commented 15 days ago

Noma Reservation - Sept 20, 5 spots!

by alexenny 3 months ago

Hello! We are 2 Americans traveling to Copenhagen late Sept. and apparently not the luckiest people on the Interne...


AutumnTraveler commented 20 days ago

Prague and Vienna

by pepisstud 2 months ago

I will be traveling to these cities for 4 days each at the end of August. My husband and I are good and adventurous c...


pepisstud commented 20 days ago

Norway Trip

by turbowine 29 days ago

Just got back from 2+ weeks in Norway. Our mission was the Hurtigruten coastal cruise but we added some extra time to...


turbowine commented 21 days ago

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Copenhagen: Noma - Reservation Sept 21st, 2016 -- 3 seats available

by AutumnTraveler 22 days ago

Hi, I have a lunch reservation for Noma in Copenhagen, set for Wednesday, Sept. 21st, and have 3 seats available d...

Iceland Trip

by turbowine 29 days ago

Just got back from 3 days in Iceland on our way home from our stay in Norway. (Read about our Norway experiences here...

jen kalb commented 24 days ago

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NOMA Lunch November 8, 2016

by kobzvnsq814 25 days ago

Looking for 3 people that would be in Copenhagen who are able to dine at Noma, one of the best restaurants in the WOR...

Noma (Copenhagen) September 8th Lunch - People needed to dine with us

by osubuckeye415 2 months ago

Hello, My wife and I are traveling to Copenhagen for about a week. We were only able to get a 4 person reservation...


Lost_in_NY commented 26 days ago

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Noma Copenhagen Sept 7th - 11

by Lost_in_NY 26 days ago

I'll be visiting Copenhagen September 7th - 11th for the very first time as a belated birthday gift (to myself)! Of c...

Stockholm Report

by estufarian 1 year ago

For some reason I don’t seem to have posted a report on my trip to Stockholm (recently found a draft). Because this w...


Bu Pun Su commented 27 days ago

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Noma - Looking for 2 seats anytime between Novemer 10th (PM) - Nov 12th

by wuthejewels 29 days ago

I am in search of 2 seats for anytime between Thursday night, November 10th - Saturday night, November 12th. Thank you!

3 days Stockholm & 3 days Copenhagen! How does this meal itinerary look?!

by adschnei 3 months ago

I'm headed with my wife to Scandinavia for the first time and we are the type (like most of you), who plan trips arou...

glbtrtr commented 30 days ago

Hamburg hotspots, please!

by willowan 2 months ago

Hello folks. 4 nights ( Mo-Thr ) in Hamburg in September for my friends 50th birthday. Needing recs for lunches on ...

Behemoth commented 1 month ago

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