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Best part of Copenhagen to stay for food and culture near by?

by chris2269 3 days ago

Planning a trip to Copenhagen in October. What area of the city is best suited for food and culture? I do not need re...

glbtrtr commented 24 hours ago

3 days Stockholm & 3 days Copenhagen! How does this meal itinerary look?!

by adschnei 2 months ago

I'm headed with my wife to Scandinavia for the first time and we are the type (like most of you), who plan trips arou...


adschnei commented 9 days ago

Prague and Vienna

by pepisstud 14 days ago

I will be traveling to these cities for 4 days each at the end of August. My husband and I are good and adventurous c...

vanderb commented 9 days ago

Where to dine in Paris

by AmySowder 2 months ago

I'm going to Paris in early July, and I'd love some casual eatery suggestions, as well as a couple fine-dining ideas....


Steve commented 11 days ago

Credit card/pin only

by collardman 1 month ago

Something new this trip to Holland is the request for credit cards only at restaurants/bars. A few even have signs at...

Kurtis commented 11 days ago

Noma - 1 seat available October 26th 8pm

by cursetine 12 days ago

I have reservations for 3 for October 26th dinner at 8pm. 1 friend flaked so we are looking for someone to fill the s...


jjh33 commented 12 days ago

Hamburg hotspots, please!

by willowan 16 days ago

Hello folks. 4 nights ( Mo-Thr ) in Hamburg in September for my friends 50th birthday. Needing recs for lunches on ...

willowan commented 14 days ago

Noma July 21, 2 places free

by Daan 4 months ago

Due to unforseen circumstances, we have 2 places at our table at Noma, Copenhagen, for Thursday the 21 of July, 2016,...


rob8765 commented 19 days ago

Noma (Copenhagen) September 8th Lunch - People needed to dine with us

by osubuckeye415 1 month ago

Hello, My wife and I are traveling to Copenhagen for about a week. We were only able to get a 4 person reservation...


jjh33 commented 20 days ago

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Copenhagen - got Geranium, Kadaeu and AOC. What else?

by SeekingBeauty 20 days ago

Hi there, I'm going to Copenhagen. Got reservations at geranium, Kadaeu, AOC, and Studio already. Can't get in Nom...

Your +1 for Noma

by precogpunk 21 days ago

If you still have a seat, please let me know, or if you have two I would bring a friend. Anytime AFTER August 1st wou...


precogpunk commented 21 days ago

Noma Reservation - Sept 20, 5 spots!

by alexenny 2 months ago

Hello! We are 2 Americans traveling to Copenhagen late Sept. and apparently not the luckiest people on the Interne...


precogpunk commented 21 days ago

Croatian recommendations please

by dutchaussie 12 months ago

my wife and i will be visiting Croatia in late August and I am hoping for some reccommendations from anyone knowing g...


dubrovnik commented 23 days ago

Food in Rovinj, Istria

by jeffschuch 2 months ago

We will be visiting numerous cities in Italy in a few weeks and looking for suggestions where locals like to eat, gre...


EAOrelup commented 27 days ago

Carne de vinha d'alhos in portugal

by stangoldsmith 1 month ago

They say that vindaloo comes from carne de vinha d'alhos from Portugal. Is this such a dish? Where do I eat it in Por...


macaraca commented 1 month ago

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Noma - 1 seat available - Lunch on August 17, 2016

by okayandy 1 month ago

Hello, My friend and I are travelling from the United States and have a reservation for 3 at 1:00 PM on August 17,...

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Noma - 5 seats available - Lunch on August 4th

by torontofood 1 month ago

The title says it all. We'll be 7 in total. Any Chowhounders welcome. Email me at

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Salzburg - quick good sitdown lunch in Altstadt

by jen kalb 1 month ago

Will be in Satzburg just one day, as part of a cruise itinerary....supposedly time for lunch but plans will need to b...

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