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BERLIN restaurant rec needed asap!

by redgirl 6 days ago

We are 5 people - we need to stay relatively close (within 10 min walking?) to the Maratim hotel. Need a lovely dinne...

lecker commented 1 hour ago


by Lotus7 1 month ago

2 days here and seeking not to be missed eats! Seeking recs for 2 days worth of lunches/dinners at not be missed rest...

marssy commented 13 hours ago

Slovenia and Istrian Croatia - Trip Report (also a little Friuli)

by _emilie_ 11 months ago

Just back from a trip though Slovenia and Istrian Croatia, along with a bit of Friuli, and wanted to share an update ...

_emilie_ commented 21 hours ago

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Recent trip to Stockholm- highlights

by Belkisw 2 days ago

Was just in Stockholm for a long weekend, had three amazing dinners and one lovely lunch, so thought I would post for...

Stockholm - help me whittle it down please!

by helen b 1 year ago

We're lucky enough to have got a Faviken booking in July, and are spending a week beforehand in Stockholm. Want to do...

Heeney commented 4 days ago

Budapest itinerary?

by 9lives 11 months ago

i am arriving in Budapest from Boston in the early PM..staying at Hotel Corinthia I'll be looking for first night'...


set0312 commented 5 days ago

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Noma June 7 2016... 6 spots!

by Nope_Just_Me 6 days ago

Hi all! I'm a solo traveler from Chicago, one of the main reasons I chose Copenhagen as a destination this year was t...

St. Petersburg and Moscow

by Jhobert 12 months ago

Hi, Going to St. Petersburg and Moscow at the end of May. Anyone have any suggestions on great, small farm to table...


addiez commented 11 days ago

Dining at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

by zuriga1 26 days ago

I'd like some tips on which restaurants are the best. Do we need to book ahead of time? We'll be there the first week...


YSL commented 15 days ago

What's happening in Budapest and Bratislava restaurants?commenda

by suzieq4 2 months ago

My husband and I will be traveling around Slovakia and Hungary this summer for a few weeks. Do any of you have some ...

vanderb commented 15 days ago

Wine Prices in European Restaurants

by zackly 1 month ago

We are having a discussion on another thread about wine prices in US restaurants. Some of us think that 300+% or more...


olasek commented 16 days ago

Restaurant/Nightlife Recommendations in Santorini/Mykonos/Capri?

by arya69 19 days ago

Hi there, I'm going on my honeymoon to Santorini/Mykonos/Capri in mid-May for 2 weeks. Do you'll have any recommendat...

jen kalb commented 19 days ago

Seeking restaurants near the Amsterdam Marriott

by hopegoode 11 months ago

We love fish and shellfish and all ethnic foods. Would like to try Indonesian food, if nearby. Need to stay close to ...


LisafromCalgary commented 20 days ago

The Great Cabbage Myth

by Melanie Wong 20 days ago

"It has been suggested recently that there are 26,911 words of European Union regulation on the sale of cabbage. The ...


Harters commented 20 days ago

Vienna 3 days

by Andypre 6 months ago

Hi everyone I will be in Vienna for three nights in December and I need 4 or five local favorites place to taste the ...


jbw commented 27 days ago

Prague- recommendations

by akhorasanee 2 years ago

Hi My husband and I will be in Prague for 3 days, I would be most grateful for recommendations to eat well there. F...


jbw commented 27 days ago

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Where are the best Danish pastries in Copenhagen?

by glbtrtr 27 days ago

We still talk about the Danish pastries we had on Bornholm Island, Denmark and would love to find something as good i...

Simple restaurants in Salzburg and Vienna

by vulpine 1 month ago

I will be in Salzburg and Vienna in early April (next week) and would love to find places to eat without pretension t...

vanderb commented 29 days ago

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Istria advice (peka, gluten-free, rakija, and more)

by penoose 1 month ago

My wife and I have four days in Istria (this May) and a car. We will be staying in Rovinj. This board has already pr...

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Simple restaurant in Sopron, Hungary

by vulpine 1 month ago

I will be in Sopron in early April (next week) and would love to find places to eat without pretension that serve loc...

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