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Recommendations for Copenhagen

by sprat07 4 days ago

We are four families (18 people!) traveling to Copenhagen late March and looking for some amazing food experiences fr...

Where to find the best Veal or Chicken Paprika in Budapest?

by krystle920 3 months ago

We have one lunch in Budapest and we're thinking we should maybe try Veal or Chicken Paprika. Any recommendations if ...


denholt commented 9 days ago

Best dinners in Prague

by insatiable appetite 8 months ago

we are 2 couples, 3 of us foodies, and we will be in Prague for 3 nights at the end of September. We already have a r...


denholt commented 9 days ago

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Vienna/Wien: Is Die Metzgerei Worth The Hype?

by denholt 9 days ago

I see that Die Metzgerei (see link below) is still enjoying #1 status under the Vienna Restaurants on Trip Advisor. ...

Prague! Krakow! Vienna! Trip Report! (loooong)

by kukubura 5 years ago

We're back from two weeks in Prague, Krakow and Vienna and are happy to report that we had an absolutely amazing time...


denholt commented 9 days ago

Istria Winter recommends?

by bou 19 days ago

Hi Chowhounders! I am traveling through Istria tomorrow and through the next couple days. Wondering if anyone has l...


AgnesGooch commented 11 days ago

[Jamtland, Sweden] Faviken

by helen b 6 months ago

Maybe it was a case of self-fulfillment - it was a veritable pilgrimage to get to, and I'd thought about and planned ...


AgnesGooch commented 11 days ago

Booking at Faviken (Sweden) - has anyone tried?

by helen b 1 year ago

UK chowhound calling. Has anyone got any experience of Faviken booking? We're planning on going in July but bookin...


AgnesGooch commented 13 days ago

One Dinner in Vienna

by veganhater 24 days ago

After reading through many previous posts, I was hoping to get some insight on one dinner in Vienna. We will be trav...


Charles Nixon commented 15 days ago

Slovenia and Istrian Croatia - Trip Report (also a little Friuli)

by _emilie_ 8 months ago

Just back from a trip though Slovenia and Istrian Croatia, along with a bit of Friuli, and wanted to share an update ...


kaiserkudo commented 30 days ago

Munich new year's eve dinner

by edinburger 4 months ago

Hello, my boyfriend and I are visiting Munich over new year and wondered where we should have dinner on the 31st? We ...

Behemoth commented 1 month ago

Offal/Innereien in Munich

by quads32 2 months ago

Three years ago when I went to Vienna, I posted asking for suggestions as to where I might eat offal in Vienna. Stur...


quads32 commented 1 month ago

European civilisation in hands of French cheesemakers, says Prince Charles

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

“... 'What will become of the Brie de Meaux, the Crottin de Chavignol or the Bleu d’Auvergne?' the 67-year-old asked....

psb commented 1 month ago

Reykjavik, Hand to Mouth

by small h 9 months ago

A brief illustrated report from Iceland, where I recently spent a few days.

estufarian commented 2 months ago

Help: New Year Vienna Restaurant Suggestions

by oliazzz 3 months ago

Hello All, My husband and I will be in Vienna on Jan 1 and Jan 2 along with our 10-month old. Any suggestions for fa...


oliazzz commented 2 months ago

Prague- recommendations

by akhorasanee 2 years ago

Hi My husband and I will be in Prague for 3 days, I would be most grateful for recommendations to eat well there. F...

vanderb commented 2 months ago

Prague with 6 ppl at Christmas - dining recs?

by JP_nyc 2 months ago

We are a family of six (3 adults + 3 kids ages 16, 13 and 9) visiting Prague at Christmastime, arriving on Xmas Day a...

boredough commented 2 months ago

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Help! Vienna with 6 ppl New Year's Eve/Day - dining recs?

by JP_nyc 2 months ago

We are a family of six (3 adults + 3 kids ages 16, 13 and 9) visiting Vienna over New Year's, arriving Wed 30 Decembe...

Rijstafel in Amsterdam

by tstrum 2 years ago

I am looking forward to having fantastic Rijstafel in Amsterdam. Tempo Doeloe is closed on the Sunday night I want t...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Vienna 3 days

by Andypre 3 months ago

Hi everyone I will be in Vienna for three nights in December and I need 4 or five local favorites place to taste the ...


somecallmelaz commented 2 months ago

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