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6 open seats at Noma for Nov. 4

by hikariliang 1 day ago

Dear friends, I am currently in Copenhagen desperately trying to get a reservation at Noma for 1, and have failed mis...


hikariliang commented about 2 hours ago

Reykjavik, Hand to Mouth

by small h 5 months ago

A brief illustrated report from Iceland, where I recently spent a few days.


SabrinaW commented about 18 hours ago

Munich new year's eve dinner

by edinburger 2 days ago

Hello, my boyfriend and I are visiting Munich over new year and wondered where we should have dinner on the 31st? We ...

Behemoth commented about 19 hours ago

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Need help with optimal timing for reservation/dinner hour in Vienna (Gasthaus Poschl)

by Michaelspont 1 day ago

I'd like to make a dinner reservation at Gasthaus Poschl for the middle of the week, and I am wondering if 8pm or 8.3...

Seeking guidance about Sacher/Demel baked goods + other treats at the Vienna airport

by Michaelspont 4 days ago

I would like to bring my friends gifts of Sacher and Demel baked goods, but it would be a lot easier logistically to ...


Michaelspont commented 3 days ago

Budapest - thoughts on the following?

by AlexRast about 1 month ago

I'm off to Budapest in mid-month; with somewhat limited time because of other engagements while there, so I won't hav...


AlexRast commented 10 days ago

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Amsterdam group business dinner

by LisafromCalgary 11 days ago

I'm looking for a nice restaurant for a group of about 10 co-workers. Price is not really a factor, and ideally the ...

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Week in Berlin

by alienor 14 days ago

we will be spending 6 days in berlin, beginning sept 29. would love to get names of mid-priced restaurants serving g...

Bern, Switzerland

by currycue 3 months ago

Not a whole lot on here for recommendations, so I thought I'd start a new thread to see if there are any new updates....


currycue commented 14 days ago

Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg - Mitte 5 Days end of July

by Tdotfoodguy 4 months ago

My wife and I will be in Berlin centred in Prenzlauer Berg and we are looking for something adventurous but not molec...

PBSF commented 14 days ago

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Dinners in Hanover, Germany?

by Hypnotic23 14 days ago

I'm heading to Hanover, Germany for a business trip in 3 weeks. Would love some suggestions for German restaurants, A...

Vienna: Sturmi, anything new?

by kuku2 3 months ago

I used to post under the name kukubura but somehow can't access that account anymore. I'm heading to Vienna for 5 day...


kuku2 commented 18 days ago

3 people needed for table at Noma 9/29/15 at 12pm

by psoucsd about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone, After months or trying and trying (and checking this site for any openings) I was able to snag a rese...


psoucsd commented 20 days ago

Need 2 more for a Noma reservation on 9/17 in Copenhagen

by mfunk9786 about 1 month ago

So six of us (was once eight, and the reservation is for eight) are going to Noma on 9/17 for dinner, and two people ...


dohgi commented 21 days ago

Copenhagen Report: Amass, Radio, BROR (and more)

by updose 23 days ago

Hi new user here. I was only able to stay in Copenhagen for two days so I tried to maximize exposure to New Nordic cu...

Joanie commented 21 days ago

Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia/Montenegro/Slovenia thoughts?

by Joanie about 1 month ago

I see a couple recent comments on these countries including Emile's report of July, but not a ton of newer posts. I'm...

Joanie commented 21 days ago

Any Opinions About "Cristel" Cookware?

by scotsgranny about 2 months ago

I want to replace my old cookware with some really good quality triple ply "clad" type cookware, but prefer something...

DuffyH commented 25 days ago


by Dapuma about 2 months ago

My buddy and I are going to Prague and then Old Trafford, and we are looking for a few places to eat and drink at in ...


nakuruin commented 25 days ago

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Noma diners needed November 12

by ozyl85 26 days ago

Hello, I am looking for 4 diners to fill a 6-person dinner reservation at Noma on November 12, at 19:30. My wife a...

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