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Where to find the best Veal or Chicken Paprika in Budapest?

by krystle920 8 days ago

We have one lunch in Budapest and we're thinking we should maybe try Veal or Chicken Paprika. Any recommendations if ...


9lives commented 3 days ago

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Restaurants in Kitzbuhel for New Years

by NY TexMex 3 days ago

I am going to be in Kitzbuhel, Austria over New Years and am looking for a few restaurants to to try. I am open to a ...

Vienna 3 days

by Andypre 28 days ago

Hi everyone I will be in Vienna for three nights in December and I need 4 or five local favorites place to taste the ...

vanderb commented 3 days ago

German food

by rithann 6 months ago

While in Germany we stopped by the roadside and bought a bratwurst looking covered in sweet brown sauce, it came in a...


twinkle30 commented 4 days ago

Weekend in Vienna. First time.

by UrsusArctos 9 days ago

Hi. I'm going to be spending a weekend in Vienna before Christmas with my girlfriend. I've never been before and ...


kuku2 commented 7 days ago

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New year's eve in Athens?

by i_posh 8 days ago

Hello, As a group of 15 friends, we will be visiting Athens from 31th December to 3th of January. We need to be adv...

Posh Amsterdam NYE Dinner?

by RedBeans04 15 days ago

Can anyone recommend a posh/upscale NYE dinner for a couple visiting Amsterdam?


9lives commented 11 days ago

Munich new year's eve dinner

by edinburger 2 months ago

Hello, my boyfriend and I are visiting Munich over new year and wondered where we should have dinner on the 31st? We ...

Behemoth commented 16 days ago

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Visiting the Wachau

by carluccio 18 days ago

Spent three weeks driving and touring the area from Munich, through Franconia and Bavaria to Vienna through the Wacha...

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Help: New Year Vienna Restaurant Suggestions

by oliazzz 18 days ago

Hello All, My husband and I will be in Vienna on Jan 1 and Jan 2 along with our 10-month old. Any suggestions for fa...

Seeking guidance about Sacher/Demel baked goods + other treats at the Vienna airport

by Michaelspont 2 months ago

I would like to bring my friends gifts of Sacher and Demel baked goods, but it would be a lot easier logistically to ...


mstrstvns commented 23 days ago

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Lausanne, Switzerland

by bitter13 24 days ago

My wife and I are headed to Lausanne in late November to visit some friends. We would like to take them out to dinner...

Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia/Montenegro/Slovenia thoughts?

by Joanie 3 months ago

I see a couple recent comments on these countries including Emile's report of July, but not a ton of newer posts. I'm...

estufarian commented 27 days ago

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2x Shared Table Seats @ Noma Available - 11/05

by mpepino 28 days ago

Was just looking at Noma's calendar hoping something might open up for my time in Copenhagen, and noticed that one re...

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Prague Foodie Map

by Tasteofprague 29 days ago

Hi there! Just wanted to let everybody planning to come to Prague know we have written a Prague Foodie Map that in...

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Berlin - Foodie Dinner New Years Eve

by wmlipman 30 days ago

Would much appreciate any recent intel on fine dining in Berlin. First time visitor to the city (from Brooklyn), I a...

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Dinner in Durnstein, Austria

by carluccio 30 days ago

On a recommendation we had dinner at Wachauerstube Loiben. It was the most amazing meal, best of our 3 week trip. T...

Noma 4 seats open sat nov 28 7pm

by ejngai 1 month ago

Hi, I've been an off and on reader of chowhound for the last 10 years, but never posted before. My husband and I are ...


ejngai commented 1 month ago

Reykjavik, Hand to Mouth

by small h 6 months ago

A brief illustrated report from Iceland, where I recently spent a few days.


small h commented 1 month ago

Restaurants in Istanbul

by yossiw 1 month ago

We will be in Istanbul for 4 days and I am bewildered by the variety and number of restaurants. Some of the ones we a...

ibew292 commented 1 month ago

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