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Pickled eggplant?

by dumoyer2 6 months ago

Bought a jar of Vietnamese pickled eggplant (white and about the size of a small ping pong ball. I tried one and it ...

Here is a GREAT TIP on picking out an eggplant!

by boisenewbie 7 years ago

I learned this on a food tour in Seattle and I really want to share! There are probably people who already know this...

DonShirer commented 6 months ago

eggplant recipes that don't involve tomatoes

by phoenikia 5 years ago

Most of my eggplant recipes call for tomatoes, tomato paste or tomato sauce. After a couple tomato-heavy dinners,...

DonShirer commented 7 months ago

Fermented WAY too much eggplant

by Chowemooshi 8 months ago

I got quite into fermenting this summer and got very carried away. I thought I'd ferment one eggplant for caponata o...


Chowemooshi commented 8 months ago

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Eggplants aplenty at Maple Acres

by borntolovefood 8 months ago

Made up my mind to go and grab a few cobs of corn only. But I saw so many eggplants there yesterday. They were shin...

Question about Ottolenghi's Eggplant Cheesecake

by walker 10 months ago

I ran off a copy from epicurious but I think it's different. Doesn't he have you stack the cooked eggplant slices ver...

hotoynoodle commented 9 months ago

What to do with small eggplants?

by judybird 9 years ago

My husband came home from the Farmers' Market this morning with some lovely little eggplants. They're slender like th...


Vacosta commented 9 months ago

Weeknight workaround: combining Lasagna and Eggplant Parmesan

by Bada Bing 10 months ago

I posted an earlier thread asking about what to do with a half pound (when dried) of now-cooked bowtie/farfalle pas...

tim irvine commented 10 months ago

Alternatives to batch cooking eggplant for stir fry.

by pamelak52 11 months ago

I have made this recipe a few times and I like it:


pamelak52 commented 11 months ago

Did I hallucinate this eggplant recipe?

by tardigrade 2 years ago

Back in the late 1970s I used to make a stuffed eggplant dish called Iman Biyaldi (the spelling varies). The cookboo...


LuBuRestaurant commented 11 months ago

Fantastic Moussaka Recipe!

by pikawicca 6 years ago

Since this is one of my favorite dishes, and eggplant is still in season, I decided to make the recipe in the current...


ChervilGeorge commented 11 months ago

Your best Egg Plant recipe

by HariGhotra 12 months ago

Hi all, With summer just about to get into full swing, egg plants (or what I call then Aubergines) are my top sea...

rasputina commented 11 months ago

Draining eggplant and zucchini without salt

by DeaH 2 years ago

Does anyone know a method for draining water from a vegetable like eggplant or zucchini that does not involve salting...


Querencia commented 11 months ago

New veggie side dish recipes, please!

by ferris91 1 year ago

Hi Chowhounds, I love vegetables with just a bit of butter and salt. But my boyfriend...well, not so much. His m...


Sharuf commented 1 year ago

How many slices of Eggplant Parmesan should feed 25 people?

by Cjsdelights 1 year ago

I'm hosting an event and am having Eggplant Parmesan as the main dish with a side of Spaghetti and a garden salad. I'...

sbp commented 1 year ago

eggplant Parmesan

by PSRaT 1 year ago

eggplant Parmesan - not too difficult to grasp, eh? the eggplant bit I get, the sauce bit I get. what I don't get...


ibower83 commented 1 year ago

Different variations of baba ganoush? (Home cooking help)

by cgxy96 1 year ago

I've heard of different variations of baba ganoush. Without tahini or relplacing it with nut butter instead. Since...

opinionatedchef commented 1 year ago

Homemade Baba Ganoush Dip Help?

by cgxy96 1 year ago

Hi, I love Baba Ganoush with pita chips but its too expensive to keep ordering it from restaurants so I decided to ma...

coll commented 1 year ago

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