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[Pittsburgh area - Beaver Falls] Oram's Donuts!

by Lambretta76 13 years ago

I posted a short review about a childhood favorite in the area (see the Frank's Pizza review for Ambridge, PA) and wa...


Chowrin commented 9 days ago

Looking for donuts in the West Island

by DanyR 4 months ago

Hi! Are there any places to get great donuts in the West Island (not Timmies)? Or a place that would deliver 1-2 doz...


JerkPork commented 2 months ago

Chicago Bakeries and Patisseries

by zinfanatic 8 months ago

I am a retired pastry chef from the SF Bay Area. I always like to seek out great pastry and bakery items when traveli...

nsxtasy commented 3 months ago

IS DunkinDonut is a yeast donut?

by kumarch 3 months ago

HI I am always keen to know wether dunkin donut is yeast raised donut or cake donut? And can any one let me know how...


kumarch commented 3 months ago

Two New Updates at A Baker's Wife

by KTFoley 4 months ago

Stopped by today for one of the only donuts I really like in the Twin Cities, and discovered two new developments sin...

daniellempls commented 3 months ago

How to bake doughnuts

by Siegal 3 months ago

Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against frying. I make fried yeast doughnuts every Chanukah. But the work, the me...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 months ago

What does one do with stale, day-old donuts? [moved from General Topics]

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

If anything? Plenty of glazed, chocolate, twists and plain. Reheating them just made them ... warm stale, day-o...


spearman commented 4 months ago

Breka Upping Their Donuts Game

by LotusRapper 6 months ago

Stopped off the Fraser store for a bienenstich. The'vey ran out (and it's only 3:30pm). Looked over their donuts sel...

Sam Salmon commented 6 months ago

Free on National Doughnut Day 2016

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

The chains offering a free donut today, June 3, 2016.

Midlife commented 8 months ago

Where are the Best Donuts in Orange County?

by Rich 12 years ago

I find donuts like Krispy Kreme & Winchell's to be way over-rated. Can anyone tell me where I could find great donuts...

Midlife commented 8 months ago

Dough Broughs?

by LulusMom 8 months ago

Anyone tried this donut food truck? My husband has seen it a few times in Carrboro (NC Triangle). What is the selecti...

LulusMom commented 8 months ago

Donuts from tube of biscuit dough - any good?

by Sarah 5 years ago

It's all over FoodNetwork and other shows -- wouldn't it just taste like a fried biscuit with a hole in the middle e...


ML8000 commented 8 months ago

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World's Fare Donuts in Hayward

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Gotta love this news story of the 100-year-old who says his fountain of youth is doughnuts. He's eaten a doughnut eve...

Transporting homemade donuts

by iheartcooking 8 months ago

Hi hounds! I would like to being my boss some homemade donuts to show my appreciation for her supporting me- they're ...

hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

Duck Donuts regional chain hits NoVa, Rockville

by Steve 9 months ago

I used to think that Made-To-Order donuts were a no-brainer. It came from years of enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts when...


bmorecupcake commented 9 months ago

Bobwhite Counter on 7th Avenue - Great Lunch

by Pookipichu 9 months ago

Went to Bobwhite Counter on 7th Avenue today for lunch, it's a more convenient location for me than their East Villag...


sam1 commented 9 months ago

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Sakura doughnut at Lucky's

by grayelf 10 months ago

I haven't had much luck (sorry) with seasonal offerings at Lucky's -- these days I'm all about their excellent cruele...

Why do most people like Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme Donuts

by PJ 12 years ago

I found these popular donuts to be very sweet, to a point where I can't even chew them on my mouth. Awful taste. In E...


likalaruku commented 10 months ago

Dunkin Donut's Flavors - All Kosher?

by oreyyo 8 years ago

As tomorrow, May 15th, is Dunkin Donut's Free Iced Coffee Day (from 10am - 10 pm), I was wondering if any of its flav...


SimonSays316 commented 11 months ago

Old fashioned doughnuts near charlotte NC

by Docshiva 11 months ago

I love old-fashioned doughnuts, especially chocolate. They're so common in the West, but out here in Charlotte, I jus...


Docshiva commented 11 months ago

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