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Fresh Dates on the Stem - When can we eat them?

by liu 10 years ago

A couple weeks ago we purchased some fresh yellow dates on the stem; they were hard. I left them on the counter, yet ...

liu commented 5 days ago

Dates - what to make with them

by haiku. 7 months ago

Firstly, hope this posts correctly. I've been avoiding this site since the revamp as I struggled to make a post to a ...

al b. darned commented 5 days ago

medjool dates in Toronto

by phoenikia 7 years ago

Has anyone bought medjool dates from Nasr or Arz lately? I'm curious to hear what the going rate is. I paid $6.99/l...


Teambuy commented 2 months ago

Making dates taste better

by autumm 1 year ago

I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and I've read some info where consuming more dates can help speed up the labor and delivery pr...

MacGuffin commented 8 months ago

Breville 12 cup food processor - can I process dates, Breville instruction booklet does not recommend it.

by blustery 1 year ago

I have FINALLY purchased a food processor. Bed, Bath and Beyond now has the Breville 12 cup an I saved $60 with their...


blustery commented 1 year ago

Where to buy date varieties?

by arnoldnoe 1 year ago

I have been mailing dates (not just Medjools, but barhi, deglett, other varieties) to my sister in suburban DC from m...


Steve commented 1 year ago

Palm Springs - grapefruits? Dates? Date shakes?

by BarbaraBell 1 year ago

Going to Palm Springs March 8 for a few days and would like to bring home souvenirs. Where is the best deal for date...

hhc commented 1 year ago

Par-cooking bacon - can it be done?

by meghany 1 year ago

I am making Devils on Horseback for part of our Easter meal on Friday, and as I have a ton of other things to do, I'm...


meghany commented 1 year ago

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