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live seafood in dfw?

by glueiton 8 years ago

Hey all, I've lived here for 2 years now and I still have my seafood shipped in from Baltimore because I love it from...


txjake11 commented 6 hours ago

Best Vietnamese in the Dallas area?

by twinwillow 7 years ago

Where is the best Vietnamese (restaurant) food in the Dallas area? And, what dishes do you like to eat there? Some f...


neiladammcginnis commented 9 hours ago

Worchestershire powderr

by randyjl 1 year ago

Has anyone seen David Wade's Worcestershire Powder in DFW? Brookshires in Forney has it on the computer inventory but...


neiladammcginnis commented 4 days ago

Fresh Rice Noodle (flat) in DFW

by ingredientsearch 17 days ago

I'm looking to find fresh flat rice noodle (also called ho fun or thai noodles) in the DFW area. I've heard that Asia...


neiladammcginnis commented 4 days ago

Mexican restaurants in Dallas years ago (1960s-70s)

by RevImmigrant 4 years ago

I grew up in east Dallas and there was an El Chico Mexican restaurant in Lakewood not far from us. We used to go the...


mrscrow commented 16 days ago

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon (Dallas)

by Kbice 7 years ago

Spirits in Deep Ellum used to carry this but not anymore. Does anyone know where I can find it in Dallas......thanks ...


DukeCityGrl66 commented 28 days ago

Texmex (chile relleno)

by drbouba 2 months ago

Will be in Dallas this weekend for family event, staying about 15 minutes north of downtown. What would be your top...

askfoodbitch commented 2 months ago

Best hot sauce in D/FW

by textex 10 years ago

who do you think has the best hot sauce in D/FW my are #3 EL FENIX allover d/fw very good #2 poco loco in grand p...


aviator425 commented 2 months ago

How well does Pecan Lodge brisket travel?

by sheriff 2 months ago

I've got a quick business trip to Dallas next week and plan on stopping at Pecan Lodge for lunch on my way to the air...

C. Hamster commented 2 months ago

Best Chicken Fried Steak in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro Plex - Willing to Travel

by ohso 3 months ago

We'll be leaving for Dallas Forth Worth soon and I'm hoping to get to try Some Chicken Fried Steak once, or twice or...


ohso commented 3 months ago

Where to buy fresh duck breasts in Dallas?

by DTF 7 years ago

Anyone know a source for fresh duck bresasts in Dallas? I have heard that some of the Asian groceries carry them, but...


lava commented 3 months ago

Texas de Brazil vs. Fogo de Chao

by Dallassooner 7 years ago

(Hope I spelled that right.) Anyway, taking a group of four guys out for dinner tomorrow night and I was wondering w...

vilabrazil commented 3 months ago

Good Chicago food in DFW area?

by joanna.mcmaster 7 years ago

Do any of you know where to get some good Chicago food in North Texas? I want an Italian Beef sooooo bad. Hirsch's ca...


ChicagoChew commented 4 months ago

EX-Chicagoans in DFW

by naturenan 4 years ago

I coordinate dinners for Ex-Chicagoans in DFW, monthly, at various Chicago owned and Chicago food restaurants in th...


tommorrow111 commented 4 months ago

Italian Sausage in DFW?

by J.R. 2 years ago

Before you say Jimmy's, I'd like to know if anyone has any other suggestions. I'm a 20 yr Jimmy's loyalist, but for...


ChicagoChew commented 4 months ago

Corned Beef Rounds

by fishfry 8 years ago

Last year I posted " Why is all the raw corn beef I see in the stores in Dallas brisket? I have never seen a beef ro...


zackly commented 4 months ago

Poppy Seed Buns

by sike101 6 years ago

I know this has been discussed on this board somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone recommend a place to...


ricckky commented 4 months ago

Tex-Mex/Mexican near DFW Airport

by exPat727 4 months ago

I have an overnight layover next month at DFW airport, arriving around 9pm on a Friday night. Is there any place 10-...


thomkat113 commented 4 months ago