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Pickled Cucumbers

by dubdeezzyy 11 months ago

Anyone know where to buy Pickling Cucumbers in the South Houston area. I've heard they aren't the same as regular cuc...


Jaymes commented 11 months ago

What to do with an overgrown cucumber

by Scott_R 11 months ago

Found a cucumber in my patch that had escaped my notice and is now about 18" long. What to do with it? I'm thinkin...


magiesmom commented 11 months ago

Persian cucumbers, my new favorite salad ingredient

by coll 4 years ago

Never knew about these before (only started loving cucumbers in general the last few years). My local store had them ...


BuildingMyBento commented 12 months ago

Need Recipe -- Gin, Cucumber, Jalapeño Cocktail

by Tehama 1 year ago

Hi all! Last weekend I had the most delightful cocktail I'd love to replicate. It was gin based and the 'mix' was ...

Icantread commented 12 months ago

can anything be done about cucumber beetles?

by AmyH 1 year ago

I have a recurring problem with cucumber beetles. My plants look great but then the cucumber beetles cut the stems an...

AmyH commented 12 months ago

Crunchy Pickle Tips?

by foxspirit 1 year ago

I'm going to try my hand at some bread & butter pickles today. I've made pickles before and generally what I do is sl...

kaleokahu commented 12 months ago

Gigantic cucumber?

by tcamp 1 year ago

If it were a zucchini, I'd shred, squeeze out moisture and freeze for baking, fritters, etc. but what do I do with a ...

weezieduzzit commented 1 year ago

Remove a Cucumber’s Bitterness by Chopping and Rubbing the Ends

by edgarallanho 2 years ago

Has anybody done this before? What's the science behind rubbing it? Could you just rub it on anything?


KanloopsTrout commented 1 year ago

Source of cukes for pickling?

by DUH CAR 1 year ago

Any hidden gems for sourcing a mess o'cukes for pickling in the next week or so?

biggreenmatt commented 1 year ago

Room temperature squash storage

by daves_32 1 year ago

I have been getting a lot of summer squash and cucumbers from my csa. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting soft, ge...


daves_32 commented 1 year ago

Female cucumber flowers not blooming to get pollinated

by windersnest 1 year ago

I have mine in containers and have lots of male flowers blooming but none of the female flowers. They dry up before t...

nothingswrong commented 1 year ago

Tiny cucumbers

by iheartcooking 1 year ago

Has anyone ever seen those little cucumbers they use to make baby pickles like gherkins or cornichons or plain baby d...

OCEllen commented 1 year ago

Things to do with cucumbers?

by OrganicLife 9 years ago

I Love Cucumbers! Apparently a little too much as I currently have 15 cucumber plants growing in various gardens aro...


foiegras commented 2 years ago

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