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Pickled Cucumbers

by dubdeezzyy 3 months ago

Anyone know where to buy Pickling Cucumbers in the South Houston area. I've heard they aren't the same as regular cuc...


Jaymes commented 3 months ago

What to do with an overgrown cucumber

by Scott_R 4 months ago

Found a cucumber in my patch that had escaped my notice and is now about 18" long. What to do with it? I'm thinkin...


magiesmom commented 3 months ago

Persian cucumbers, my new favorite salad ingredient

by coll 3 years ago

Never knew about these before (only started loving cucumbers in general the last few years). My local store had them ...


BuildingMyBento commented 4 months ago

Need Recipe -- Gin, Cucumber, Jalapeño Cocktail

by Tehama 4 months ago

Hi all! Last weekend I had the most delightful cocktail I'd love to replicate. It was gin based and the 'mix' was ...

Icantread commented 4 months ago

can anything be done about cucumber beetles?

by AmyH 4 months ago

I have a recurring problem with cucumber beetles. My plants look great but then the cucumber beetles cut the stems an...

AmyH commented 4 months ago

Crunchy Pickle Tips?

by foxspirit 4 months ago

I'm going to try my hand at some bread & butter pickles today. I've made pickles before and generally what I do is sl...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Gigantic cucumber?

by tcamp 4 months ago

If it were a zucchini, I'd shred, squeeze out moisture and freeze for baking, fritters, etc. but what do I do with a ...

weezieduzzit commented 4 months ago

Remove a Cucumber’s Bitterness by Chopping and Rubbing the Ends

by edgarallanho 1 year ago

Has anybody done this before? What's the science behind rubbing it? Could you just rub it on anything?


KanloopsTrout commented 4 months ago

Source of cukes for pickling?

by DUH CAR 4 months ago

Any hidden gems for sourcing a mess o'cukes for pickling in the next week or so?

biggreenmatt commented 4 months ago

Room temperature squash storage

by daves_32 5 months ago

I have been getting a lot of summer squash and cucumbers from my csa. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting soft, ge...


daves_32 commented 5 months ago

Female cucumber flowers not blooming to get pollinated

by windersnest 5 months ago

I have mine in containers and have lots of male flowers blooming but none of the female flowers. They dry up before t...

nothingswrong commented 5 months ago

Things to do with cucumbers?

by OrganicLife 8 years ago

I Love Cucumbers! Apparently a little too much as I currently have 15 cucumber plants growing in various gardens aro...


foiegras commented 1 year ago

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