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Need recommendation for Thai food

by twcowdery 2 months ago

Is there any Thai dish that tastes kind of like Indian food? My wife loves Thai food, but isn't crazy about Indi...


Bada Bing commented 22 days ago

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Young thai coconuts, cases?

by avial 4 months ago

Looking to buy a case or two of young thai coconuts for a get together, the ones that are shaved down into a stubby c...

Desiccated coconut vs dried shredded coconut

by qwerty1 6 months ago

I'm planning to make Thomas Keller's coconut cake which asks for desiccated coconut.


qwerty1 commented 6 months ago

Thomas Keller's Coconut Cake - which one?

by qwerty1 7 months ago

I've been eying both coconut cake recipes from Thomas Keller. One with mayonnaise and the other without. I only can...


magiesmom commented 7 months ago

Now that I am Not Low Carbing, what to do with Coconut Almond Milk

by stural 8 months ago

Hi All, I have decided I would rather have friends than a svelte waistline so I have recently stopped my LCHF life...


magiesmom commented 8 months ago

coconut chiffon cake - any great recipes?

by she_eats_figs 8 months ago

I volunteered to bake a coconut cake for my brother's engagent party. Our family's favorite is the coconut chiffon ca...


magiesmom commented 8 months ago

Ziggy Marley Organics-Flavored Coconut Oils

by eatingjoy 8 months ago Didn't know this product existed or that flavored coconut oil is avail...

Ttrockwood commented 8 months ago

DIY coco lopez

by tweetie 8 months ago

on a coconut cake odyssey and ATK's recipe calls for Coco Lopez. I have made the cake and it's a keeper but would pr...

paulj commented 8 months ago

tropical muffins

by kcdpg03 8 months ago

Hello! Spring has not sprung yet here in Boston and I'm looking for a tropical muffin - specifically a coconut or may...


kcdpg03 commented 8 months ago

Using expired coconut milk

by Clarissa 11 years ago

I don't know how strict those expiration dates are. I have several cans of coconut milk (Trader Joe's) that expired ...

opinionatedchef commented 8 months ago

coconut cake

by tweetie 9 months ago

so I just got back from Savannah and Charleston where I ate every piece of coconut cake I could find. Is it possible...

Chris VR commented 8 months ago

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