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Coming Soon: Oriole (by the Sandovals, formerly of Senza)

by Gonzo70 about 8 hours ago

News broke today that Chef Noah Sandoval (formerly the head chef at the now shuttered Senza) and his wife Cara (who r...


masha commented about 5 hours ago

elliots bbq

by varothe over 13 years ago

any information available on the above. last known address was in riverside and before that on 55th street in chicago.


skj commented about 6 hours ago

Western Suburbs - carry-out fried perch?

by wineaux about 10 hours ago

I'm hoping to find a great place to do carry-out fried perch for about 20 people for Friday night. I know there's a ...


masha commented about 8 hours ago

Chicago River North Local Places

by holtk 22 days ago

Coming in this Friday for 5 days. I have a reservation for Friday night at Rosebud on Rush. Can you point out some go...

firecooked commented 1 day ago

Michelin Chicago 2016 Predictions

by Gonzo70 9 days ago

Time for my annual Michelin star predictions. While several extremely promising venues hopefully opening in the somew...

Gonzo70 commented 1 day ago

Looking for a BYOB for Briday Party

by msoloria1125 1 day ago

I am asking my friends to be my bridesmaids, I was hoping to do it over some BYOB Brunch in Chicago. Anywhere in Chic...


lbs commented 1 day ago

Restaurant for upcoming special occasion

by masha 3 days ago

After perusing OpenTable for availability on the date and time that we have in mind, I've tentatively narrowed the ch...

Gonzo70 commented 1 day ago

Next Terroir or Grace

by updose 6 days ago

I know it's early since Next Terroir just started a few weeks ago, but I have a friend visiting in 1.5 months so I wa...


Possumlad commented 1 day ago

Merguez Sausage

by Polly Prospect 2 days ago

Hi all. Any ideas for where I may find merguez in Chicago. Mariano's Bucktown and Pete's on Madison didn't have it.


GourmetWednesday commented 2 days ago

Upscale diners and sandwich shops

by werdsdrew 3 days ago

Hello everyone, A group of us are headed to Chicago in early November to do research on upscale diners and sandwich ...


masha commented 2 days ago

Food-centric shopping, activities and experiences in Chicago?

by chappamom 11 days ago

Greetings from India! Having sorted out where we are going to be staying and the restaurants we'd like to try on ...


Querencia commented 3 days ago

What ever happened to laurent gras?

by Polisax 7 days ago

He was the chef at peacock alley in the late 90s... And was great. Then he went to 5th floor in sf for several years....


GourmetWednesday commented 7 days ago

Great dining experience in Chicago between $50 and $70 a head?

by chappamom 23 days ago

Greetings from India! I will be travelling to Chicago at the end of October (brrrrrr). One of my most memorable dinin...


ferret commented 7 days ago

Conversation friendly restaurants

by masha 7 days ago

In response to the frequent inquiry as to conversation-friendly restaurants, see this article from Crain's Chicago, h...

nsxtasy commented 7 days ago

Moto - anyone planning to eat there soon?

by chicago_foodie about 1 month ago

I just went recently and it was a fantastic experience - Chris Anderson and team have really maintained the restauran...


turbowine commented 8 days ago

Group Dinner - Downtown, Nov 11

by peechfish4 10 days ago

Hello All, The filtering system wasn't working so I couldn't do a search on "Group Friendly", so please forgive me...


peechfish4 commented 9 days ago

Source for Patak products in or near Oak Park

by masha over 5 years ago

Can anyone identify a grocer that sells Patak's products in or near Oak Park besides the Jewel and the Priya Market o...


masha commented 11 days ago

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Fresh Ramen noodles in Chicago?

by iphonechica 11 days ago

Hello - Does anyone know if these are available for the home cook? I do have a car, but prefer to stay within city, i...

West Loop Lunch

by salesgirl19 16 days ago

I am headed to Chicago for a meeting and have time for one lunch. Thought italian would be a nice change and found M...


ferret commented 14 days ago

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