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Toronto Hound seeking chow input from fellow Chicago Hounds

by Charles Yu 8 days ago

My family of 4 will be making a short trip to the windy city this coming summer. Most of our meals and eating itinera...


Smarttyparty commented 36 minutes ago

(Food) Stops between Chicago and Detroit?

by elvinc 8 years ago

I've tried my best to do some web research and catch up on some old threads, but I think it's time to put this back o...


foodlover828 commented 2 hours ago

Balut in Chicago.

by Paulgrahn 4 years ago

I have many Philo friends and I need to eat balut in order to be truly accepted. Pls help me find balut in Chicago. ...


Marmles commented 5 hours ago

Corned Beef Shoot Out: Manny’s vs AP Deli (Long)

by G Wiv 13 years ago

Chowhounds, So there I was driving along South Wabash this morning, happily humming along to Timbuk3’s Tarzan was a...

nsxtasy commented 16 hours ago

One Night in Chicago - Alinea, Tru, Grace, or?

by irishmom 3 months ago

I have planned one night in Chicago (in June) and would like to choose the best possible dining experience for my hus...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Hungarian Sausage - Huka or Hooka????

by PJcigars 12 years ago

Not sure of the spelling (Huka), but my mother's friends at church used to make this sausage. Casing was stuffed with...


collardman commented 4 days ago

Chicago recs?

by kickerconspiracy 5 days ago

I go to Chicago a couple times a year from SF Bay Area. This trip I'll be there June 3-10, but the weekend days are b...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Turkish Delight candy in Chicago?

by mel711 7 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some really authentic Turkish Delight, a.k.a. lokum or lokoum, in Chicago? I have ne...


Dani_Banani commented 4 days ago

Chicago Bakeries and Patisseries

by zinfanatic 7 days ago

I am a retired pastry chef from the SF Bay Area. I always like to seek out great pastry and bakery items when traveli...

nsxtasy commented 5 days ago

Cheapish eats near the airport

by seattle_lee 7 days ago

Next week my wife will be working out of a hotel at the Donald Stevens Convention Center in Rosemount near ORD, and w...


masha commented 5 days ago

Hounds!!! Does anyone remember "La Choza?"

by rhiannon 14 years ago

this was a mexican restaurant on paulina, not far from the howard el stop. it was run by a man named sylvester from o...


rtprops commented 6 days ago

Restaurants for weekend away from the kids

by selena03 2 months ago

We are from Vancouver, Canada and will be going to Chicago for 3 nights near the end of May. We are not bringing our ...

nsxtasy commented 9 days ago

Opinions on MFK?

by zinfanatic 10 days ago

We are trying to narrow down dining options for our trip at the end of May- early June. A neighbor who loves food rec...


zinfanatic commented 9 days ago

Breakfast/lunch near the Palmer House

by matika 18 days ago

Hi, Heading out to a conference at he Palmer House and wondering about great breakfast/lunch spots within a 10-15 ...


masha commented 10 days ago

Temp Tee in Chicago?

by puckpeople 15 days ago

Is Kraft's Temp Tee whipped cream cheese sold anywhere in Chicago? I've tried Treasure Island, Plum Market, and Potas...


puckpeople commented 14 days ago

Chicago basics

by BTaylor 17 days ago

Hi! I'll be in Chicago from NYC for work. What is the current assessment of the quality of old favorites: Fronte...

Gonzo70 commented 15 days ago

Homemade Indian food delivery/pick-up options

by greatd9 6 years ago

NYC or the Bay Area have lots of Indian women/men who make homemade Indian meals for delivery or pick-up on a daily o...


aplove commented 15 days ago

Specific recs near Talbott hotel on East Delaware

by zinfanatic 17 days ago

We will be arriving late on a Saturday night from the SF Bay area. We would like to eat GOOD food near the Talbott ho...


zinfanatic commented 17 days ago

Fri night dinner with Bay Area guests

by violin 3 months ago

Looking for an interesting place to take visiting cousins from the Bay Area. They are very good home cooks. Would l...


masha commented 17 days ago

Ole Salty's Potato Chips From Rockford, IL

by Joe H. 12 years ago

Last week I found these while stopping at Woodman's nea Kenosha to buy Tenuta's gardiniera. Unbelievably good. I ev...


Haugstad commented 19 days ago

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