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Family Trip to Chicago

by MrsBear 1 day ago

Hi! I'm planning a family trip to Chicago in mid-August. Coming from Toronto, we have 6 adults in our party (my par...

nsxtasy commented 11 hours ago

Italian for anniversary dinner - western suburbs

by wineaux 16 hours ago

Any suggestions for a good Italian restaurant for an upcoming anniversary dinner in the western suburbs (Lombard and ...

nsxtasy commented 16 hours ago

First time in Chicago, Would Love Some Feedback

by kmcg302 4 months ago

Hello! Hubs and I are planning a 4-day trip to Chicago (Thursday through Sunday) in early August and, though it's ...

nsxtasy commented 23 hours ago

Restaurant recs and Eataly?

by Traveling_teacher 5 days ago

Hi! Hubby and I are coming Aug 18-23 for a 3rd visit coming from LA. Main trip reason is to see Pearl Jam but also fo...


Autumm2 commented 1 day ago

Chicago old school steakhouses

by Traveling_teacher 1 day ago

Hi! We're coming in for a quick visit in August from the LA area. We've been to Chicago twice but haven't been to a r...

nsxtasy commented 1 day ago

G-Shaft Candy

by Petes 11 years ago

Looking for a place that makes/sells G-shaft candy. Please let me know if you find or know of a place that sells it.


solpockets commented 1 day ago

TomTom Tamales

by jimtak 9 years ago

Do these still exist? Back when I was a kid we used to buy these paper wrapped tamales at a snack bar under the IC tr...


sheroots commented 1 day ago

Authentic Kouign Amann in Chicago

by fcale 3 days ago

Does anyone know where one can get authentic kouign amann in Chicago? All the versions I've found so far have been pa...


fcale commented 3 days ago

Grass-fed beef in Chicago?

by aelenoach 7 years ago

I have had a hard time finding raw, unfrozen, grass-fed beef for purchase in Chicago. Whole Foods on North Ave occas...

nsxtasy commented 3 days ago

How do these cities compare for non-European food?

by chowhoundy 15 days ago

These are the 10 largest urban agglomerations in North America according to Wikipedia: Rank Name 2015 population 1 ...

estufarian commented 6 days ago

Homemade Indian food delivery/pick-up options

by greatd9 6 years ago

NYC or the Bay Area have lots of Indian women/men who make homemade Indian meals for delivery or pick-up on a daily o...


vibha commented 8 days ago

Private Party at Little Goat

by masha 9 months ago

Has anyone attended -- or better yet, hosted -- a private event at Little Goat? Would love to hear your experience i...


lbs commented 8 days ago

Joe's Shrimp House (near Armitage?)

by rachelbhungry 6 years ago

Does anyone remember Joe's? It used to be a great place to get fried shrimpt (the kind you eat out of the bag) in Chi...


trixielynn68 commented 12 days ago

Montreal people... what is hard food to find?

by pinkpajamas 28 days ago

We have an American friend who lives in Montreal and, as a gift, we might send him some "hard-to-find-in-Montreal foo...

heybaldy commented 15 days ago

Bowl & Roll

by ALbert the eater 13 years ago

ANyone remenber this place on Wells Street? ANy ideas what was in their bean and hamhock soup?


jgphillips commented 18 days ago

Old timey Italian Chicago NW Suburbs?

by cajungwailo 1 month ago

Looking for old-timey traditional Italian restaurant in the NW or W Chicago burbs. No fusion, no nouveau, no focuse...


Bothrops commented 19 days ago

First Time Chicago - Dinner x 3 + Brunch

by DDewil 25 days ago

I am meeting my daughter in Chicago next Thursday and staying until Sunday night. I have mapped out an itinerary wit...

nsxtasy commented 22 days ago

Brunch and drink options in Chi-Town

by nsm08 25 days ago

Hi, My husband and I are headed to Chicago in late August for our anniversary. We have reservations at Lena Brava...


nsm08 commented 22 days ago

Weekday Birthday Brunch?

by emiliewasmyeve 23 days ago

Looking for a fun/nice-ish place to take my wife for brunch tomorrow. Yes--a Tuesday brunch. Would like to be down...

nsxtasy commented 23 days ago

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