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Celebration trip to Chicago

by jvan 7 days ago

Four 50ish guys travelling from Toronto to Chicago for a weekend in February to celebrate a special occasion. Hawks a...

Gonzo70 commented 5 hours ago

Cotechino in Chicago

by Doug Mose 11 years ago

anybody know where I can by real Italian cotechino sausages in Chicago? thanks


Ciao_76 commented 9 hours ago

Great lunch and dinner spots near Palmer House/Art Institute?

by Susan54 2 days ago

We've got less than 24 hours in Chicago, and staying at Palmer House. Anything great nearby for one lunch and one din...

nsxtasy commented 1 day ago

justnoms: Helping You Find Great Food

by mdpilam 13 days ago

Hey fellow CHers! I’ve been a lurker (and occasional poster) of the forums here at CH since 2013 (CH - SF since 2005...


mdpilam commented 2 days ago

Next Terroir or Grace

by updose 2 months ago

I know it's early since Next Terroir just started a few weeks ago, but I have a friend visiting in 1.5 months so I wa...


updose commented 2 days ago

Pizza on Paulina--Does Anyone Remember?

by Fred 11 years ago

Way back in the 60's there was an outstanding pizza restaurant on Paulina just north of Howard St. The name was 'Vil...


Querencia commented 3 days ago

Trip Report from a bunch of visitors from NYC!

by indiefoodie 5 days ago

Hello everyone, thank you very much for helping us plan a great trip to Chicago. We had a delicious time and plan to ...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Turkish style pizza?

by cajungwailo 19 days ago

In restaurants or frozen ones in grocery stores? Thanks for any assistance!


Querencia commented 6 days ago

Frozen raw shrimp w/o TSP

by micam 15 days ago

I am looking for raw frozen shrimp without TSP in the Chicago area. So far, no luck


micam commented 14 days ago

Vegan options in River North?

by RosemaryHoney 18 days ago

I have to organize a dinner for 7 in River North (or more specifically, within about 1 mile of the Hyatt Regency, so ...


RosemaryHoney commented 15 days ago

Rosemont Restaurants or nearby

by owlwoman 19 days ago

Going to a convention, any suggestions for dinner in the area, really like local, farm to table, creative American cu...

owlwoman commented 16 days ago

From the NYT: Dale Talde's tour of Must-Eat Chicago

by masha 17 days ago

Aside from Sun Wah, I've not tried any of the restaurants mentioned in the piece. Would be interested in hounds' view...


sunbrace commented 17 days ago

Our (Very Lengthy) Chicago Trip Report

by chappamom 17 days ago

I am writing this sitting in the O'Hare departure lounge. Chicago has managed to knock Boston off my "Top 3 Cities I'...

nsxtasy commented 17 days ago

Great dining experience in Chicago between $50 and $70 a head?

by chappamom 2 months ago

Greetings from India! I will be travelling to Chicago at the end of October (brrrrrr). One of my most memorable dinin...


chappamom commented 17 days ago

Gold Coast lunch

by Francis 19 days ago

Taking my mom to lunch and she is requesting to eat in Gold Coast/Streeterville,MI Ave.. Not my first choice of area...


HoosierFoodie commented 18 days ago

Grace Reservation on 11/14

by x5love 20 days ago

Hey! I'm trying to score a reservation to Grace on the evening of 11/14. I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking ...


x5love commented 20 days ago

Trip to Chicago October 22-25. Please confirm my restaurant picks!

by cassis99 2 months ago

My girlfriend and I are coming to Chicago for a week-end in October. We are in our forties and this is our first trip...


masha commented 22 days ago

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