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Dinner for 8, 20 something ladies

by Rachael5000 20 minutes ago

Epic girls weekend planned for June 11-13. We want to get a nice dinner in on Saturday for 8 but not sure exactly whe...

Fri night dinner with Bay Area guests

by violin 2 months ago

Looking for an interesting place to take visiting cousins from the Bay Area. They are very good home cooks. Would l...

Gonzo70 commented 22 hours ago

Brewery/brewpub with great food?

by Whigsboy 2 days ago

I'll be in Chicago in early June and looking for a brewery/brewpub/Gastropub (a term I admittedly hate) with great fo...


masha commented 1 day ago

Solo Diner/First Timer in Chicago

by bartholomeu 16 days ago

This is my first trip to Chicago from April 23-26, coming from New York. After having done some research on these boa...


masha commented 3 days ago

Solo Diner/First Timer in Chicago Trip Report [Super Long]

by bartholomeu 3 days ago

This is a trip report from my first time in Chicago, coming from New York. Day 1: - Pilsen doughnut from Glazed &...

nsxtasy commented 3 days ago

Homemade Indian food delivery/pick-up options

by greatd9 6 years ago

NYC or the Bay Area have lots of Indian women/men who make homemade Indian meals for delivery or pick-up on a daily o...

ninrn commented 3 days ago

frozen mail order chicago style pizzas

by APPLEI 8 years ago

i thought i would ask the experts which one these frozen mail order chicago style pizzas are the best and which one ...


yuppicide commented 7 days ago

Need Restaurant Input

by Querencia 22 days ago

I have people coming to town and need a restaurant that serves in an unusual format---not just each person ordering h...


Querencia commented 11 days ago

New in River North (or River West)

by RichInMV 27 days ago

I'm heading to Chicago April 12-15, returning after a couple of years' absence. I used to be a regular monthly visito...


GourmetWednesday commented 11 days ago

Breakfast in Chicago

by barnes7817 17 days ago

If i stay on the 300-400 block of Ohio Street in Chicago, what are some great breakfast places near that location? A ...

nsxtasy commented 12 days ago

Restaurants for cousin's first visit to Chicago and USA

by velvetdc1 1 month ago

Hello, my cousin, her husband, and two kids (age 13 and 8) are coming to the United States for the first time from In...


masha commented 15 days ago

2 recommendations

by Saabiar 22 days ago

Trip to Chicago in June, looking for 1) place to watch a Cubs game with chow worthy food. It doesn't necessarily...


rhododendron commented 20 days ago

Good Value Chicago Restaurants of the day

by shark bait 2 years ago

We will be in Chicago for 3 days on Labour Day weekend. We are looking for good value, fun, interesting food spots. W...

nsxtasy commented 24 days ago

TomTom Tamales

by jimtak 9 years ago

Do these still exist? Back when I was a kid we used to buy these paper wrapped tamales at a snack bar under the IC tr...


kglewman commented 25 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Spring ginger season

by applepandowdy 27 days ago

where can I find young/spring/pink ginger in chicago markets?

Chicago Pizza Baby

by barnes7817 1 month ago

We are staying downtown area, close to the magnificent mile area. I want to eat some great Chicago Pizza, where shoul...


barnes7817 commented 29 days ago

First time in Chicago, Would Love Some Feedback

by kmcg302 1 month ago

Hello! Hubs and I are planning a 4-day trip to Chicago (Thursday through Sunday) in early August and, though it's ...

kmcg302 commented 30 days ago

Restaurants for weekend away from the kids

by selena03 1 month ago

We are from Vancouver, Canada and will be going to Chicago for 3 nights near the end of May. We are not bringing our ...

nsxtasy commented 1 month ago

Chicago In June for 3 Days

by JENNYBEEAY 1 month ago

Hello Chowhounders! I am going to Chicago for the first time ever in mid-June and I would like to know your preferen...


JENNYBEEAY commented 1 month ago

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