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West Coast Alternative to Striped Bass?

by rubigeorge 4 days ago

I grew up on the East Coast but moved to California earlier this year. My brain is telling me its rockfish (striped ...


ricepad commented 3 days ago

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CF Cheng in Sacramento

by night07 3 days ago

Hey everybody, I just recalled having some delicious food at CF Cheng (no its not PF Chang's...) in Sacramento an...

Any recent reports from 1833?

by cjd260 2 months ago

My wife and I have been fans of the restaurant in the old Stokes Adobe house in its last couple of iterations, and ha...

Melanie Wong commented 4 days ago

San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles

by megmt 4 days ago

Heading for a few days post Thanksgiving. I didn't see any recent posts on great spots in the area. Would love the la...


mike0989 commented 4 days ago

What's Chow-ish in Palm Springs?

by liu 8 years ago

I am a Los Angeles 'Hound headed for Palm Springs at the end of the week. We enjoy great food of any kind; we will be...

bigjeff commented 6 days ago

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Where to buy cases of liquid eggs (yolk) and fresh cut produce

by Mul 11 days ago

Where can I buy several cases of liquid eggs yolk ( not egg whites ) and few cases of fresh cut produce in Fresno are...

Sacramento in February 2015

by m_montoya 10 months ago

Hi Everyone, my husband and I will soon be out in Davis/Sacramento for business. We'd love to get some recommendation...


gooster commented 14 days ago

Brioche Pasquier Imported from France

by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

A few months ago I stopped in Big John's, my locally owned market in Healdburg, to get a loaf of brioche. This was wh...


Lindarita commented 14 days ago

Central Coast Red Oak Wood - where to buy?

by RSMBob 5 years ago

Not sure if this is should go in Home Cooking but it is SO area specific that I think it belongs here... We're mak...


usc1985 commented 18 days ago

BAKERSFIELD: Best tacos?

by saradez 10 months ago

Looking for quality, authentic tacos in and around Bakersfield. Aiming to do a road trip down 99. If anyone has thoug...

Agrippa commented 21 days ago

Any recent recommendations on the road to Yosemite?

by zinfanatic 5 months ago

Leaving tomorrow and would love to have some local hole in the wall places to eat either on Highway 120 or 132 east t...

Agrippa commented 21 days ago

Surf Supermarket in Gualala [Mendocino County]

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

When we hit town, we pulled into first big parking lot to get our bearings and stretch after the drive up Hwy 1. It h...

Melanie Wong commented 22 days ago

Pork Tamales from Leal Bakery, Salinas

by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

Dinner tonight were some hot pork tamales we picked up from Leal Bakery (Panaderia) on East Alisal St. They're steam...

Melanie Wong commented 23 days ago

Thanksgiving dinner + 2 days after

by buttdrunk 29 days ago

My wife and 6 year old daughter and I will be staying in Union Square over the Thanksgiving holiday and would like su...

buttdrunk commented 26 days ago

Taqueria Super Pollo! #2 (Salinas)

by Melanie Wong 11 years ago

William and I grabbed lunch today at Taqueria Super Pollo! #2 on the advice of a trusted friend. It's actually the c...

Ttrockwood commented 29 days ago

Palm Springs Food Shopping

by Paliman 1 month ago

I am moving to Palm Springs in December, and would very much appreciate Chowhound advice as to where to buy meat, fis...


stamfoodie commented 29 days ago

A Rose like any other Cafe [Venice]

by VenusCafe 30 days ago

Eater just posted a review of what is happening at Rose Cafe. The Cafe was a feast of many cool and tasty food items...

macdog commented 30 days ago

3 days in North Lake Tahoe? Dinners, coffee, bakeries, lunch? Jackrabbit Moon--where else?

by meganinlosfeliz 3 months ago

Hi, we are visiting my brother--in-law in North Lake Tahoe this weekend. He is in Truckee and we will be renting in ...


toncasmo commented 1 month ago

Mai Thai Cuisine | Salinas, Marina, Pacific Grove farmers markets

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Usually I steer clear of most attempts at Thai cooking. But at Wednesday's farmers market at Natividad Medical Center...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Mt. Signal Cafe - "puffy" quesadillas

by ibstatguy 8 years ago

This was/is on the old highway into Calexico, stopped there frequently as a kid (ok, a long time ago); they made a "p...

hannaone commented 1 month ago

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