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lingham chili sauces

by Kootenaychow over 2 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find linghams chili sauces in Vancouver. They're made by a malaysian company. They used ...

Sam Salmon commented about 2 hours ago

Where to buy fresh bay leaves in Vancouver

by rachel83706 2 days ago

I will be spending some time in Vancouver at the end of the month. Where is a good place to buy fresh bay leaves?

grayelf commented about 24 hours ago

Nice, special Father-Daughter meal in Vancouver?

by LulusMom 3 days ago

Lulu and her dad will be going to visit his parents in Vancouver in late December, and he'd like to take her someplac...


Anne M commented 1 day ago

Need suggestion for thematic food pairing to a movie

by twinkienic 20 days ago

My friends and I enjoy watching movies and pairing the viewing with appropriate foods. For example, creme brulee and ...

KarenDW commented 1 day ago

One night in Vancouver

by heinous 2 days ago

Hi, all! I'm in Vancouver for one night on business. Unfortunately, I'm already committed to a business dinner at the...

Sam Salmon commented 1 day ago

Masayoshi - new sushi spot on Fraser

by 1newyorkguy 28 days ago

In the closed Co-Zi Cafe. Had takeout. The menu struck me as overpriced. And some strange pricing like a $4.5 tuna ...

grayelf commented 2 days ago

Where's the coffee, vancouver ?

by bbulkow 2 months ago

COFFEE, PLEASE ! I thought I'd wait a few days before posting --- but I'm now getting desperate. * Downtown. My...

twocents commented 3 days ago

Dock Lunch mt pleasant

by 1newyorkguy 6 days ago

Has anyone been? Yelp info makes it seem interesting to say the least, odd service, interesting food, hit and miss f...


Miss Lily commented 3 days ago

Where would I eat if I lived here?

by applehound 8 days ago

A move to Victoria in 2016 is possibly in the cards for my family, and my wife and I will be out visiting on a reconn...


Miss Lily commented 3 days ago

One dinner, one lunch in Kelowna - suggestions?

by islandgirl 11 days ago

Husband and I are getting a rare, kid-free night away from home and are looking for suggestions on where to go for a ...


rhysalbrecht commented 5 days ago

L'Abattoir vs Farmer's Apprentice

by mikebmrx 6 days ago

Heading up to Vancouver from Seattle this weekend for my wife's birthday. I had decided Farmer's Apprentice was the ...


mikebmrx commented 5 days ago

Quality cafes and coffee shops in Vancouver and nearish by

by grayelf 9 months ago

Just a list, with addresses and in some cases roasters. Places I like are marked with an asterisk; the others are pla...

grayelf commented 6 days ago

Wang's Shanghai Cuisine returns!

by YVRChow 10 days ago

I was dismayed when several years ago one of my favourite spots for xiao long bao - Wang's in Crystal Mall - closed d...

LotusRapper commented 6 days ago

Fat Mao Noodle Bar (coming to E. Georgia/Main)

by LotusRapper 8 months ago

To be opened by Angus An: http://scoutmagazine.ca/2015/02/18/diner-celebrated-chef-angus-an-to-open-fat-mao-noodle...

grayelf commented 6 days ago

Bistro Verde (@ Nordstrom)

by LotusRapper 8 days ago

Hmm, sounds pricey. https://www.zomato.com/vancouver/bistro-verde-at-nordstrom-downtown-vancouver

grayelf commented 6 days ago

G Straight's Best of Van restaurants etc 2015

by grayelf 7 days ago

http://www.straight.com/bov/2015/winners/3881 As always a cornucopia of oddities, some good calls and some wackine...

LotusRapper commented 7 days ago

Old Bay seafood seasoning?

by J and V 8 days ago

Looking for this spice to make crab and shrimp cakes--have not seen anywhere local and hoping someone can help out

Sam Salmon commented 7 days ago

Sea urchin fresh from the uni factory

by jcolvin almost 4 years ago

If you're like me then sea urchin is one of the Best Things. Creamy goodness from the sea with a certain durian/choco...

Sam Salmon commented 8 days ago

Cheese/charcuterie plates

by waylman 14 days ago

I had a surprisingly good cheese plate on the weekend over at the Alibi Room and it got me thinking about other possi...

grayelf commented 10 days ago

"Boys night"

by waylman about 1 month ago

Heh all - I'm organizing a reunion of sorts with some old pals. There will be about 8-10 of us. Heavy drinking and bo...

LotusRapper commented 12 days ago

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