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Full English Fry-Up... Where?

by LotusRapper 3 days ago

Looking to impress a visiting mate from the UK who's gonna stay in town for 2 months. Preferably a place that offers ...


Georgia Strait commented 1 day ago

Vietnamese food

by foodsnobz 5 days ago

I didn't see any recent posts about the best Vietnamese. Have not found anything yet in Burnaby so looking around Van...

Scoffier commented 2 days ago

Any decent pan fried pork dumpling Shanghaiese style in Vancouver ?

by intelguy 25 days ago

I had been checked out all the Shanghai style Chinese restaurants in Lower Mainland but none of them are using a deep...

LotusRapper commented 5 days ago

Vancouver BC Restaurant Help?

by baltymoron 12 days ago

Going to be in Vancouver in December for 4 days with a group. We love Asian food. We have several vegetarians in the ...


sobbuh commented 7 days ago

Is cheese fondue comfort food for you, too?

by ShinyTomato 9 months ago

When I find myself craving some comfort from Vancouver’s dreary and rainy days, I turn to cheesy fondue. Fondue war...


jcolvin commented 7 days ago

Pallet Coffee Roasters - 2nd location

by Scoffier 8 days ago

Just drove past Knight and Kingsway today, and I see that the old Our Town coffee shop is papered up and a sign in th...


Florentine commented 8 days ago

Vancouver Japanese cookware - omelette pan

by LotusRapper 9 days ago

I've been casually looking for one of these for several months now, with no luck. Would anyone know where they can b...


brokentelephone commented 8 days ago

Foodyworld in Richmond OMG

by jcolvin 7 months ago

Just went into Foodyworld in Richmond looking for quail eggs for my uni shooters. This brand new Asian mega mart in t...


Anne M commented 9 days ago

ISO Corn tortillas Richmond

by jcolvin 27 days ago

Having a hard time finding soft corn tortillas (fresh or pre-packaged) in Richmond. Loblaws has "corn tortillas" but ...


Georgia Strait commented 9 days ago

Duck Eggs in Vancouver ??

by intelguy 4 years ago

Hi fellows May I know where I can order or get fresh duck eggs for non commercial use ? I am just an amateur gourm...


FeatherFieldFarm commented 11 days ago

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

by islandgirl 2 years ago

Thought I would start a new thread rather than adding to the 250+ posts on the previous thread: Establishment Loun...

Sam Salmon commented 12 days ago

Baoguette Bistro moves to Kerrisdale

by grayelf 2 months ago

Early days but I had a really good banh mi nem nuong there today. Not really good for the west side, just really good...

LotusRapper commented 13 days ago

Que Pasa - dónde está la comida?!

by LotusRapper 27 days ago

Where's their foods ? They've dwindled down to just chips and salsa now ? :-O And not even tortillas (as the to...


jcolvin commented 13 days ago

Coffee & Tea Be the first to comment

TWG Tea Opening on Georgia St

by Sam Salmon 14 days ago

High end Tea continues to appear on offer today driving by on Georgia St who did I spot but TWG Tea- it turns out the...

Kerrisdale Eats

by bdachow 26 days ago

Hi guys, am going to be staying in Kerrisdale for a week and need to know what's new and/or worthy. Lunches and dinn...

grayelf commented 17 days ago

Buying morel mushrooms in Vancouver

by Dina 14 years ago

Ciao all! :) Where could I buy morel mushrooms (either fresh or dried) in Vancouver and area? Email me in addition to...


takaya49 commented 21 days ago

Evening buffets?

by LotusRapper 24 days ago

Helping to arrange a family dinner event for the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend. The group comprises of some sen...

Sam Salmon commented 23 days ago

Crystal mall dumplings Burnaby

by foodsnobz 28 days ago

Help! Someone tell me which place in the food court to go to and what to order. Staying across the street for 3 days.


jerkstore commented 26 days ago

raw/unpasteurized milk in Vancouver?

by willow72 7 years ago

Greetings Foodies, In my endless search for Icelandic skyr I have come to the sad realization that I am going to h...


jcolvin commented 27 days ago

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