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Name of 90s East Van Restaurant?

by mendicity 10 hours ago

Hoping someone will remember the name of a Vancouver restaurant on Renfrew around Pandora (across from PNE) from the ...

LotusRapper commented 2 hours ago

A Grandpa Restaurant to replace Tops?

by Jacquilynne 2 days ago

My 80-something father really likes Tops restaurant, which is apparently closing in August. It is Greek-ish, generous...

LotusRapper commented 11 hours ago

Mid priced restaurants in Vancouver

by Adam_In_London 2 days ago

We are a couple spending a few days in Vancouver in early September. Its part of an overall longer vacation and won't...


Adam_In_London commented 1 day ago

Dim sum on carts in Vancouver proper?

by grayelf 8 years ago

We are looking for a carts dimsum place for a group of eight on a Saturday at 11 am, where two have only been for di...

grayelf commented 2 days ago

Vancouver Pizza Culture

by existential_crisis 1 year ago

Hey Vancouverites! I'm doing a little bit of Canadian pizza research from afar (Halifax) and I was hoping you guys co...


brokentelephone commented 3 days ago

Anyone remember a rotisserie Mexican chicken place on Commerical Drive?

by brokentelephone 8 days ago

As per the topic - next door to the Belgian frites place was a Mexican rotisserie chicken place? Does anyone remember...

Scoffier commented 4 days ago

Big Smoke Burgers comes to Vancouver from TO

by grayelf 12 months ago

http://goodlifevancouver.com/big-smoke-burger-giveaway/ Didn't go for the freebies today but I will try this place...

dennisthefoodie commented 5 days ago

best store or retailer carrying wild mushrooms in Vancouver

by ume 7 years ago

Just wanted to know if anybody can suggest a good wild mushroom store or retailer in Vancouver - I'm looking for some...

Sam Salmon commented 7 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Fun walking tour of Mt Pleasant

by grayelf 7 days ago

I have done variations of this (and indeed, options are included).

Breka Upping Their Donuts Game

by LotusRapper 11 days ago

Stopped off the Fraser store for a bienenstich. The'vey ran out (and it's only 3:30pm). Looked over their donuts sel...

LotusRapper commented 9 days ago

Where to buy hotdogs in Vancouver (like to take home)?

by brokentelephone 12 days ago

Who sells good beef hot dogs anymore? The supermarket brands are so bad in Vancouver, the Eppies or Omnitzsky aren't ...

Scoffier commented 10 days ago

Supermarine gone?

by grayelf 18 days ago

Y*lpers report it closed. Website links to placeholder for LuckyTaco.ca Any intel?

LotusRapper commented 12 days ago

Looking for tea / coffee / product testers

by sobbuh 16 days ago

Hi All, I'm looking to get some local product tasters to get feedback for new products we are looking to import /...


sobbuh commented 13 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Penang Bistro in Riley Park/Little Mountain/Fraserhood

by LotusRapper 13 days ago

The Penang Delight empire grows once again, now planting a biggish establishment on Fraser, in the space that was Bod...

Vancouver Gem -- Bauhaus

by Verole 17 days ago

This was the best meal I had in Vancouver. I was surprised by how light and refreshing the German style cooking cooki...

ShinyTomato commented 17 days ago

Reno's Restaurant: adieu ..... hello Fable Diner

by LotusRapper 7 months ago

I had no idea Reno's closed :-( Yes it's a total dive of a greasyspoon, but also an icon in its own right. The C...

LotusRapper commented 19 days ago

Cuu Long - Closed

by Scoffier 23 days ago

On my way into TK Subs today, I noticed that their neighbour, Cuu Long, is no longer. In it’s place is a new restau...

dennisthefoodie commented 20 days ago

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

by islandgirl 2 years ago

Thought I would start a new thread rather than adding to the 250+ posts on the previous thread: Establishment Loun...

LotusRapper commented 20 days ago

Vikram Vij puts up a possible $10k to help our food environment

by grayelf 1 month ago

Vikram Vij will say goodbye to $10,000, if 750 people join the David Suzuki Foundation as monthly donors by July 1/16...

prima commented 21 days ago

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