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Tasty Mexican downtown, and a fine cup of coffee (Vancouver)

by grayelf 1 year ago

I stopped by Molli for lunch today, which is the first retail storefront past the gas station on the southwest corner...

grayelf commented 2 minutes ago

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

by islandgirl 2 years ago

Thought I would start a new thread rather than adding to the 250+ posts on the previous thread: Establishment Loun...

Sam Salmon commented 3 hours ago

Restaurant suggestions for Parksville BC on Vancouver Island

by ShinyTomato 3 days ago

Hi Folks! Does anyone have suggestions for good food in Parksville? Headed there for the BC Family Day long weekend a...

ShinyTomato commented 7 hours ago

Ramenman in West End

by 1newyorkguy 20 hours ago

I was excited to see a picture of a very tasty-looking vegetarian ramen. Tried it tonight and was super satisfied by...

1newyorkguy commented 20 hours ago

Is cheese fondue comfort food for you, too?

by ShinyTomato 5 days ago

When I find myself craving some comfort from Vancouver’s dreary and rainy days, I turn to cheesy fondue. Fondue war...


damiano commented 1 day ago

Best deals at Costco in Vancouver/Lower Mainland

by VanGrrl 3 months ago

Would love to have an updated thread on great finds at Vancouver's Costco. Always looking for new things to try ther...

ShinyTomato commented 2 days ago

8 Hour layover in Vancouver

by markadamowicz 1 month ago

Hi, I have an 8 hour layover 3pm - 11pm on Saturday January 15. Any advice on where to go and eat/see in that shor...

grayelf commented 7 days ago

LF the Best Curry Laksa in GVR

by i_shaw_i 2 years ago

I'm looking for the best Curry Laksa the GVR has to offer! I had a bowl at Tamarind Hill in North Van, and it was goo...

grayelf commented 7 days ago

TK Sub - SOS

by Philx 2 months ago

Some of you will probably remember the positive response to TK Sub (on Knight near Kingsway). http://www.chowhound.co...


Scoffier commented 8 days ago

Chewy Peppers-Great Little Find Down on Robson

by Sam Salmon 14 days ago

Located street front in the Robson Market building this operation features Korean street food-small place/small menu ...

grayelf commented 12 days ago

Refood.ca connects unsaleable food with hungry folk

by grayelf 20 days ago

I've been hoping for years we'd get something like this in the lower mainland after seeing what Foodrunners was doing...

grayelf commented 13 days ago

Ice-fried yogurt comes to Vancouver

by grayelf 21 days ago

http://www.straight.com/food/617836/ice-fried-yogurt-served-new-dessert-shop-town I could be down with crunchy yog...

LotusRapper commented 14 days ago

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

by grayelf 1 year ago

Thanks to a tip from Calgary CH miss foodie, I will be checking out the Knifewear road trip stop in Vancouver Kni...


Anne M commented 14 days ago

Granville Island Happenings 2015

by Sam Salmon 1 year ago

First significant Granville Island development of 2015 South China Seas is moving into the space formerly occupied by...

Sam Salmon commented 17 days ago

Ideas for quiet dessert-y /dinner spot, East Van

by LotusRapper 20 days ago

I have dinner with two peers next Saturday. They are both somewhat soft-spoken so I'm looking for a place that is con...

LotusRapper commented 18 days ago

Dekopons -hot new citrus- do we have them yet?

by eatrustic 4 years ago

Probably a week early but I'd like to try this cross between a Mandarin and an Orange as they sound pretty darn tasty...


eatrustic commented 19 days ago

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Steveston Farmers Market Challenges & an Opportunity

by Sam Salmon 20 days ago

The long troubled Steveston Farmers Market is once again looking for a manager-is someone here up to the challenge? ...

Where do you get your meat?

by Zedlic 4 years ago

Just curious. I usually get my: - Hamburgers from Save On Meats. I find $6 for a pack of 6 delicious store made...

LotusRapper commented 20 days ago

La Brasserie

by Peter Rodgers 9 months ago

Looks like the restaurant is about to reopen. Anyone have details?

grayelf commented 20 days ago

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