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Freshly Ground Brisket & Sirloin in Main Line Philly Area

by dreamer54 6 days ago

Hello All - Does anyone know of a butcher/store that grinds fresh brisket and sirloin? I would like to attempt to...


Buckethead commented 21 hours ago

Where to buy whole brisket in NY?

by terasec 8 days ago

Been looking for years on where to buy Whole brisket in NYC socalled butchers will only have prepped flat, no point ...

_emilie_ commented 7 days ago

Health & Wellness Be the first to comment

Texas A&M researchers say beef brisket has health benefits

by Melanie Wong 23 days ago

"...Brisket has a high level of oleic acid which regulates cholesterol levels, according to Dr. Stephen Smith, a prof...

Burgers from Brisket - will it work?

by rjwellman 27 days ago

So, I have some cooked brisket in the freezer. I thought I might grind it up with some raw meat from some short ribs ...


rjwellman commented 23 days ago

BBQ, Smoking, & Grilling Be the first to comment

Brisket and Butt on the REC TEC

by woodburner 23 days ago

Don't remember doing both at the same time before. Gotta love this REC TEC.

Has anyone tried Ina Garten's Brisket?

by drewb123 9 years ago

Here is a brisket dish from Ina Garten has anyone tried it?,1977,FO...


lnguageldy commented 2 months ago

Trolley Car Rotisserie | Castroville

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Yesterday I only made it as far as Castroville on my homeward drive before my progress came to a halt. Impenetrable t...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Cooking a 12-pound brisket in the oven

by joyfulc 3 months ago

Hello, I am serving brisket tomorrow -- it's a 12-pounder -- and am cooking it in the oven. (No other alternative.) I...

Slow-Cooking Brisket in an Oven

by mborghese 5 years ago

Hi there; I just bought a whole beef brisket (10lbs). I created a Texas-style dry rub from a recipe I found on...


joyfulc commented 3 months ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Chuck's Butcher Shop in MD??? Anyone Been?

by millart 3 months ago

Hey everyone, Chuck's advertises that it keeps whole PRIME packer briskets in stock at all times for $5.99/lb. Has a...

Too Much Leftover Smoked Brisket!

by thegirlwholovestoeat 6 years ago

We smoked a 14 lb brisket on Saturday (7/31) and have about 6 lbs leftover - any ideas for what to do with these left...


sisterfunkhaus commented 3 months ago

Salinas City Barbeque Opens in Salinas

by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

For the last month, I've been watching progress on Salinas City Barbeque toward opening. The restaurant has taken ov...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

What cut of beef is brisket? - Alternate name??

by traceym 10 years ago

In Canada we don't seem to have a cut of meat called brisket. Does anyone know another name for this cut of meat?


KathyKathy commented 4 months ago

Brisket Cooked Sous Vide Tough

by lukfam 4 months ago

Yesterday I used my Anova sous vide for the third time. The first 2 times I cooked turkey breasts and was very impre...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 4 months ago

How to cut a whole brisket?

by Nyleve 5 months ago

I bought a whole brisket today, with a plan of doing it in the smoker next week. It turned out to be quite a bit bigg...


Nyleve commented 4 months ago

Where to buy 2nd cut brisket in Manhattan?

by olympusnyc 6 months ago

Hi. Looking to make brisket next week for the holiday and from what I've read, 2nd cut brisket is the way to go by l...


olympusnyc commented 5 months ago

Brisket coming out too dry

by FoodExpression 4 years ago

Just bought a bing green egg and smoked 2 flats of brisket. Both had seemingly the right amount of fat, about a 1/4 i...


seanspec commented 6 months ago

Under cooked brisket

by jsg31883 6 months ago

At Coscto today I purchased an 11 lb and 6 lb brisket to cook today for Passover in a month. The goal was to cook, le...


jsg31883 commented 6 months ago

where to buy brisket

by Zengarden 9 years ago

Is brisket a cut of meat that I can get at a grocery chain or will I have to go to a butcher for it?


jl_1978 commented 6 months ago

12 pound "packer brisket" with a 2/13/2013 sell by...what would you do?

by Shrinkrap 3 years ago

From Lucky's in N. Cal, in cryovac,not labeled choice, but I liked the marbling. Sort of an impulse buy, $2.99/po...

Shrinkrap commented 6 months ago

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