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Boston Globe article on the site redesign

by bear about 4 hours ago

Hopefully this will hit the relevant community for the Boston area since I, too, am confused by some of the new chang...


deweyweber54 commented about 1 hour ago

Boston Public Market is here

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

Seems like we no longer need a thread dating back years entitled "Boston Public Market Proposal", since it actually o...

Chris VR commented about 3 hours ago

Espalier Recommendations: RECENT

by VivreManger 3 days ago

In protest I haven't initiated a new post since the idiots ruined this website, but at this point there is no option ...

hotoynoodle commented about 4 hours ago

Irish Bangers

by somethin_gd 1 day ago

Does anyone know where I can buy authentic Irish Bangers locally (Dracut, MA) or online?


donlan commented about 4 hours ago

Shout out for Sir Kensington's Mayo!

by Science Chick 7 days ago

Has anyone tried this stuff? Best mayo EVER....! Very yolky taste and nicely seasoned. Rivals my homemade, for sur...


Madrid commented about 6 hours ago

Has anyone seen gyros with french fries in them?

by devilham about 2 years ago

I know that they add fries to gyros in Greece, and I just saw a post on Serious Eats that had a falafal roll up with ...


devilham commented about 8 hours ago

Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

by foodisme about 13 hours ago

Has anyone seen this in any bars around Boston? Any brand. I have some at home but would love to try it mixed with ...

Infomaniac commented about 12 hours ago

Best banh mi in Chinatown 2014

by Jenny Ondioline about 1 year ago

Turns out we haven't discussed this topic in years. What are the current contenders for banh mi in Chinatown? Hints o...


eatingjoy commented about 22 hours ago

October 2015 Openings and Closings

by MC Slim JB about 2 months ago

Per Eater Boston, a few hoped-for October 2015 openings: SRV, in the stye of a Ventian bacaro, in the South End. ...

Chris VR commented 1 day ago

Mulan Waltham Expanding Next Door; Closed May 4- ?

by opinionatedchef 5 months ago

sorry, we were pre-occupied and didn't read the whole sign. (expanding into space left of them.) Yay for Mulan!


kronictonic commented 1 day ago

Dinner for 9 in MetrowestBoston

by jogill 6 days ago

In Boston area for son's Parents Weekend and Head of the Charles. Meeting foodie family members for dinner afterward...


jogill commented 1 day ago


by Swankalicious almost 3 years ago

I have found paradise, and it is in Waltham. Mr. Swank and I went to TEA today after running errands, and I enjoyed w...

Ferrari328 commented 1 day ago

Cocktails and apps for a crowd

by fenway68 3 days ago

Arranging our Grad School 20th Reunion; we have about 20 of our classmates joining us with spouses so around 30-50 pe...

yarm commented 1 day ago

Coppersmith, South Boston

by calisson 18 days ago

Has anyone tried it yet? I am finding the new Chowhound layout kind of confusing at best. Locating the search bar was...

C. Hamster commented 2 days ago

Anniversary recs?

by ClippyZ 3 days ago

My husband and I would like to celebrate our anniversary next weekend with some delicious food and a semi-special atm...

C. Hamster commented 2 days ago

Burlington: Take-out empanadas, opening date for Wegman's

by greygarious about 1 year ago De...

opinionatedchef commented 2 days ago

Empanadas Report: Capone's, Tango 8/29/08

by opinionatedchef about 7 years ago

Well, you learn something new everyday. Last month? I expounded on Boston and other city's empanadas. I came down to ...

opinionatedchef commented 2 days ago

Seta Caters Up a Storm

by teezeetoo 3 days ago

A thank you to Seta for catering a family event: lots of vegetarians so a perfect choice. Everything was fresh, del...


bear commented 3 days ago

Banyan Bar and Refuge-Anyone been?

by Crazy Egg 7 days ago

I saw that Banyan Bar and Refuge opened in the old Hammersley space. I was wondering if anyone has been. Any insight ...

MC Slim JB commented 3 days ago

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