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Sous Vide Roasts

by nmr2002 5 years ago

I have a Sous Vide Supreme and, while I know I can make 48h tender short ribs, I want to try to maximize flavor/textu...

delberti commented 4 days ago

Homesick Texan's Chili Recipe

by walker 6 days ago

Has anyone made this? I've been gathering all the dried chiles I need to make this; one recipe says to buy Costenas ...


suburban_mom commented 5 days ago

What's Your Best Chili Recipe .. no beans?

by walker 16 days ago

I was thinking of trying Homesick Texan's 7 Chili recipe; have to go hunting for all the chilis tomorrow. I won't be ...


treb commented 16 days ago

Chuck roast - Canadian translation, please

by Sweet Pea 7 years ago

I'm appealing to my fellow Canucks to please tell me what the hell a chuck roast is called up here. I've never made a...

Veggigal commented 4 months ago

Need new ideas for chuck roast

by krisrishere 6 years ago

Every time chuck roast goes on sale, I feel compelled to buy one. I always end up making the usuals - chili and pot ...


San Antonio Sam commented 7 months ago

Persian or Turkish Beef Stew (or Beef Filling)?

by opinionatedchef 1 year ago

I have a 3-5 lb. chuck roast in the freezer. I had bought it to make my annual big batch of boeuf bourgignon, but I h...


lastZZ commented 8 months ago

chuck cut shenanigans!

by tr3buchet 9 months ago

I decided to flex my roasts and stews muscles as we're nearing fall and to that end I purchased a few cuts from Whole...


fourunder commented 9 months ago

Smoking a 6-7 pound chuck roast

by Njchicaa 11 months ago

I got punked at the grocery store yesterday. I could have sworn that I was buying brisket but tonight, upon closer i...

MGZ commented 11 months ago

Best burger meat mixture

by Pwelsh4 3 years ago

Now that summer is around the corner, I want to be outside as much as possible and that means grilling. So whats one ...


Senya commented 1 year ago

Chuck Roast - Recipes other than the usual - Asian perhaps?

by jacquelyncoffey 1 year ago

Do you have any favorites other than the brown gravy/carrots/potatoes etc? Any interesting preparations/cooking metho...


sparky403 commented 1 year ago

Prime Chuck roast

by carrytheone 1 year ago

I bought a 3.5 pound prime chuck roast that was absolutely gorgeous at Costco yesterday. It is so incredibly marbled....


Tom34 commented 1 year ago

Chuck Roast past its sell by date???

by kblady 1 year ago

I have a chuck roast that I want to stick in the crock pot...the sell by date was March 5th. No wierd smell with it b...


kblady commented 1 year ago

chuck roast

by lovefood4 1 year ago

I cooked my roast at 350 in the oven for an hour and a half and it's dry and tough and dosnt really have a

dave_c commented 1 year ago

Chuck roast on a stovetop and tender... is this possible?

by Katie Nell 9 years ago

I made Marcella's Pot Roast of Beef with Garlic, Anchovies, Vinegar and Pancetta from Marcella Says last night. It c...


Janet from Richmond commented 1 year ago

Eye of the round vs chuck for beef stew?

by MsBees 3 years ago

My local store has eye of the round on sale for 3.99 a lb and chuck for 4.99 a lb. I figured I would buy a few roasts...

wekick commented 1 year ago

2 lb chuck roasts in dutch oven tough and dry

by pleasantandchad 2 years ago

Hi! I need help .. I'm making a chuck roast in a Dutch oven (baking it after browning it on the stove). It's about 2 ...

C. Hamster commented 2 years ago

Help with chuck steak so I don't chuck "it".

by Cheese Boy 9 years ago

I can't pass up the great deal my local supermarket is having on first cut chuck steaks at a $1.99/lb. Traditionall...


kemi5 commented 6 years ago

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