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Upcoming Melbourne Trip Early April

by mikey8811 12 days ago

Hi Returning to Melbourne after 3 years for a week in early April and wondering where to go to eat. I've gone thro...


mikey8811 commented 2 days ago

Indian supermarket - what to get?

by lightyouonfire 8 days ago

I've just moved a short walk from an Indian food supermarket. This is a treat because where I live, speciality ingred...


gemuse commented 3 days ago

Help me name my family cookbook!

by alainab 6 days ago

I'm going on a high school exchange program to New Zealand in 6 (!!) days. As part of my host family gifts, I'm putt...

Multifoiled commented 5 days ago

Restaurant Search for Upcoming Trip to Australia

by curiousgeo 29 days ago

This will be our very first visit to Australia, staying in the Sydney CBD and South Wharf area of Melbourne. We've di...


curiousgeo commented 19 days ago

Nora (Melbourne)

by debbieann 7 months ago

Just back from eating at Nora for a second time - degustation w matched non-alcoholic juices. The chef is SO creative...

syoung commented 22 days ago

Philippe [Melbourne CBD]

by mr_gimlet 29 days ago

But of a quick review. Finally managed to get to Philippe as an end of year meal with Mrs_G after being on the list f...


mr_gimlet commented 28 days ago

Sorrel in Sydney

by mrmathew 1 month ago

I'm trying to find fresh herbs - Sorrel - in Sydney. Called Harris Farm and Norton St Grocer and neither have any. ...

PhilD commented 1 month ago

Foods/dishes NZ does best?

by bloodboy 2 months ago

What are the foods, delicacies, etc. that are done especially well here in NZ? Some things I've just tried today w...


bloodboy commented 2 months ago

Wine shipped as gift to Auz PO box?

by LulusMom 2 months ago

I have a good friend who lives in Australia and uses a PO box for his mail. I'm wondering if I would be able to send ...

LulusMom commented 2 months ago

Sydney 2 days of FOOD!

by aliciace 3 months ago

Hello all! We are hoping for some insider recommendations for some good/best trendy new/staple places to eat in Sydn...


caprimulgus commented 3 months ago

Restaurant hits back at disgruntled diners, reviewing them

by Vinnie Vidimangi 1 year ago

From the New Zealand Herald . Hope that the link will work. The restaurant is Molten in Mt Eden, Auckland, the site ...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 3 months ago

Adelaide recommendations?

by caprimulgus 4 months ago

I'm going to be visiting Adelaide from Melbourne. Unfortunately won't have as much opportunity for dining as I'd like...


caprimulgus commented 3 months ago

Shepherd's Pie in Esky for 7 hours?

by estyFel 4 months ago

Hi everyone, am new here but have nowhere to go, that explains why I'm here in the first place. I have a situation. H...


estyFel commented 4 months ago

Visiting Auckland, then Queenstown---seeking local restaurants

by tracer 2 years ago

Heading to New Zealand---Auckland, then Queenstown specifically. Seeking local, fresh restaurants that will give us ...


teaka123 commented 4 months ago

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Canberra - brief reviews

by mr_gimlet 4 months ago

Canberra doesn't get a lot of mentions on this board, but there are plenty of visitors with money to spend and an aff...

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

The Langham Auckland - Eight Buffet

by polishjeweatswonderbread 4 months ago

The Langham is a five-star hotel and has virtually unlimited resources. Nevertheless, their buffet- their main re...

High End Dining Sydney

by Chadsie 4 months ago

I am wondering about dining in Sydney. I am from Brisbane and thinking of staying at the Park Hyatt. I am currently ...

PhilD commented 4 months ago

Casual mid-priced restaurants in Sydney CBD

by whimsey 6 months ago

Hi Hounds, I'll be making my first trip to Australia next week, and will be spending several days in Sydney, based i...


caprimulgus commented 4 months ago

4 days in Auckland, New Zealand

by abigail0729 6 months ago

I'm spending 4 days on a solo trip to Auckland in mid-August, staying in the CBD/wharfs area. Having now realized how...


abigail0729 commented 6 months ago