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4 days solo in Sydney

by abigail0729 6 days ago

I'm a 27-year-old woman, traveling alone in Sydney in August, on a Saturday recovering from jetlag (New York), and th...

International Dinner Pot-Luck

by Emmalilly 17 days ago

Hello! I'm hoping for a few ideas or inspiration. My friend is having an international pot luck where everyone brings...


Ama658 commented 11 days ago

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Nora (Melbourne)

by debbieann 29 days ago

Just back from eating at Nora for a second time - degustation w matched non-alcoholic juices. The chef is SO creative...

Moving to Australia

by halleroz 1 month ago

Hello, I'll be emigrating to Sidney, Australia from South Africa soon, and would like assistance on safe and family n...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Dinner in Mosman - Sydney

by twinkie 2 months ago

We are planning to go to Taronga zoo in the afternoon and return in the evening for Vivid. Since we're staying in the...


twinkie commented 2 months ago

McDonald's Fries-only Pop-up

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Apparently McD's set up a fries-only pop-up, Fries With That, in Sydney for the weekend. Maybe the chain is getting i...

PhilD commented 2 months ago


by PhilD 2 months ago

I have a surprise two night trip to Melbourne next week and need some recommendations. Looking for a couple of cu...

PhilD commented 2 months ago

Three Days in Sydney - How Does This Look?

by nygel44 2 months ago

Hi all. I thought I was only going to have a less-than-24-hour stopover in Sydney but I've managed to turn that into ...


nygel44 commented 2 months ago

One fine dining meal in Sydney - help me pick!

by dianneats 3 months ago

Hello all - Will be in Sydney for the first time in July and need help picking one to two fine dining experiences...


gemuse commented 2 months ago

Sydney and Melbourne with kids

by manny6 5 months ago

I'm looking to put together a list of places to eat and drink good coffee in Sydney and Melbourne. We will be in each...


mr_gimlet commented 5 months ago

Tourist in Brisbane - Need Recs

by demigodh 1 year ago

Hi All, I'll be visiting from the U.S. next month for an education conference in Brisbane. I'll be staying at the ...


Chadsie commented 5 months ago

Long-life cheap snacks

by lanie1996 5 months ago

Hello! I am moving next year to uni & my meals are fully-catered. I need to make some healthy-ish snacks that are...


lanie1996 commented 5 months ago

Australian tour: Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney (long)

by T.O. Diner 6 months ago

We’ve returned home from an Aussie adventure that included Canberra, Melbourne, Mount Gambier, Barossa, Adelaide, Bri...

kersizm commented 6 months ago

Orana (Adelaide)

by debbieann 1 year ago

WOW - ok when everyone says they want Australian food, this is where they should go, as long as they book a couple mo...

kersizm commented 6 months ago

Firedoor in Sydney (Surry Hills)

by BaconBits 6 months ago

I searched chowhound Australia/New Zealand and didn't see any mention of this restaurant. So I thought I'd let anyone...

BaconBits commented 6 months ago

Best brand saucepan for scalding milk (and hopefully not scorching it!)

by juliaanna1701 7 months ago

Hi I am at a loss as what sort of saucepan/pot to buy that will make my weekly milk scalding for yoghurt much easie...

rasputina commented 7 months ago

Bugs at Billy Kwong's, Sydney, Australia

by DoftWT 9 months ago

Billy Kwong Restaurant Oct 20, 2015 The flight from Melbourne to Sydney was smooth until the muffled announcement th...


mybigfatfriend commented 7 months ago

Tipping -- Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

by KarenDW 7 months ago

Dear all. Thank you for your helpful suggestions in so many past threads. I'm headed back to Victoria, NSW, and hope...


mybigfatfriend commented 7 months ago

what American candies are not in New Zealand

by monathebanana 1 year ago

I'm sending a friend in New Zealand candy/snacks and i was wondering what candies or snacks do we have that they don'...


Billy33 commented 7 months ago

Please help with recommendations!

by synergy 7 months ago

Hi Chowhounders! My husband/I are traveling to Australia this January/February. We are both foodies and haven't ...


mr_gimlet commented 7 months ago

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