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Food Festivals

by chilibeanpaste about 2 months ago

Getting quite fed-up with these food festivals in metro Halifax. We went to the Indian Food Festival on the weekend....


chilibeanpaste commented 18 days ago

Halifax report back

by pâté chinois about 1 month ago

Just came back from Halifax and wanted to share my experiences as I had a hard time finding information before we hea...


CanadaGirl commented 27 days ago

Chateau Cola...Anbody Remember?

by james over 12 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to find any information about a soft-drink I remember drinking as a kid in the mid-to-late 80s - Chate...


devilsapricot commented about 1 month ago

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PEI September 19-26

by Duster17 about 1 month ago

I just saw that the Malpeque Oyster Barn is closing for the season this week. I am nervous that we will not be able ...

West Coaster Heading East

by squeegeeboy 9 months ago

Currently Vancouver foodie considering a big leap, moving to New Brunswick. So here is where my fellow Hounders can h...


jhalifax commented about 1 month ago

Halifax: Chinese Food

by LJS about 5 years ago

Newbies to Halifax, we are looking for a good source of Chinese which I mean the old-fashioned kind (I real...


jhalifax commented about 1 month ago

EDNA - outstanding restaurant!

by biggreenmatt about 2 months ago

The missus and I just came back from an Atlantic Canada trip (we live in Toronto), and I wanted to drop the collectiv...


CanadaGirl commented about 2 months ago

Montreal-style smoked meat?

by TnTinCT 3 months ago

We'll be taking a driving trip through Nova Scotia and PEI and would like to love to find a good example of Montreal ...


TnTinCT commented about 2 months ago

Corner Brook Newfoundland Suggestions?

by LJ over 10 years ago

Yes, I know, you have never heard of this place. But we are Chowhounds and we are moving there. Any locals with infor...


NorthTorontoJoe commented 3 months ago

Nova Scotia Trip next week

by Tboy 5 months ago

Hi, My wife and I are traveling to Charlottetown next week, then driving from there and around Nova Scotia. We ha...


Tboy commented 4 months ago

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Deer Lake restaurant recommendations for the first night we arrive in Newfoundland?

by slcohen 4 months ago

We're excited to be travelling for 10 days in Newfoundland. Not sure to go in Deer Lake on our arrival. Any other r...

The Oldest, Continuously Operating Eatery/Pub in Canada?

by DockPotato almost 7 years ago

Your response may all province and territories prior to joining Confederation. Pics, comments, reviews and history wo...


angelinn commented 4 months ago

Forbidden City

by chilibeanpaste about 1 year ago

Got rather excited to see a sign on Dresden Row in Halifax announcing the impending opening of this restaurant. Purp...


chilibeanpaste commented 5 months ago

Torontonians in Newfoundland

by KAYLO 5 months ago

The Newfoundland board is moribund, but I'm betting there are lots of experienced Newfoundland travellers among the O...


Attknee commented 5 months ago

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Gallant's fish and chips [Nova Scotia]

by spazita 5 months ago

Hello people!! Does anyone here know when Gallants at the Hubbards campground opens for the season? Craving their fis...

Four days in Nova Scotia/PEI/NB

by famdoc 5 months ago

We're flying into Halifax and then driving to PEI, perhaps with a stop in Francophone New Brunswick. No itinerary, w...


CanadaGirl commented 5 months ago

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Looking for Beef Wellington in Halifax/Dartmouth

by Vini_b_53 6 months ago

I have a hankering for beef wellington every time I see it on Chef Ramsey. Does anyone know where it is served around...

Great Places for Fish and Chips (aka fi' n' chi')

by im_nomad over 7 years ago

The St. John's post inspired this one....great places for fish and chips in Newfoundland..but i suppose you mainlande...


Aerotus commented 7 months ago

East Coast Style Potato Skins

by existential_crisis 8 months ago

Does anyone have any idea why potato skins on the east coast are different than the rest of Canada - or, to what exte...


existential_crisis commented 8 months ago

Montreal in Halifax

by CMT 9 months ago

Bonjour, We are looking for quality fish/seafood lunch or dinner and Italian for "flip side" Thoughts please Merci...


existential_crisis commented 8 months ago

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